India has one of the top 5 space programs in the world. Intellectually, we have proved ourselves time and again, but we never really tested the limits of our physical abilities. We are sports fans just like you who want India, with 125 cr+ people, to be one of the top sporting nations.


KreedOn-#Voice of Indian Sports

Kreeda in Sanskrit means ‘to play’. Hence, the formation of KreedOn (literally meaning: play on) undertakes the undying spirit of sports in India.  The indomitable spirit of KreedOn aims to redefine how Indian Sports can bind the entire nation into one thread – of unity, power, recognition and respect.  

What Drives us Through

Through its efforts – be it Content, Digital Marketing, Branding and Technology, KreedOn aims to imbibe a better sports ecosystem structure in India. A hardcore sports fan firm, KreedOn is on its mission to put the best foot forward in order to make India one of the top sporting nations.

Our Motto

Be the ultimate voice for Indian Sports via Money and Recognition

The journey of KreedOn started three years back in 2015, when two technology experts from IIT Kanpur – Piyush Sharma and Prateek Goyal,  got together to solve the big black box of information on Indian sports.

Apart from a fanatic obsession with Cricket, what they say is that people around show less passion for sports. While there is certainly better infrastructure available today, Indian Sports(Athletics), is not that popular part of Indian culture and curriculum and most of the budding dreams – to become an athlete die at the nipping bud – all due to lack of trust for a prominent future in Indian Sports. A unified, strong platform that can help in solving the sustainability of Indian sports and athletes was majorly missing. Athletes who make their hard way to top levels, also get lost somewhere in mid-way, thus the future becomes unpromising.

KreedOn’s Mission

We at KreedOn identified major problems faced by athletes in their journey to represent India.

  • Some were  talented but never identified,
  • Some were identified but not nurtured,
  • Some were nurtured but couldn’t match the International standards,
  • Some got lost in the wind of survival, politics & corruption

And hence the journey started. We set out to solve these problems for athletes and Indian sports ecosystem. KreedOn aims to develop a trust, develop a financial and untangible sustainability via the power of money and recognition.

" खुदके गान तो बहुत गाए,
पर इन खिलाड़ियों की राग कुछ अलग सुरीली थी,
फिर बस, काफिला चल पड़ा उस गाने को पूरा करने,
जिसकी इस देश में धुन अधूरी थी "

- #KreedOn












Since technology & digital media is enabling modern India, we started our journey with an exclusive media for Indian sports to make our society aware.


We are developing a technological platform to make it easier for athletes to make money.



We are on the way to our mission in making a difference in the Indian sports ecosystem. The journey so far has been made possible – thanks to our remarkable partners at KreedOn.

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