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Blazing Batsmen | Top 20 Cricketers to Score Fastest 5000 Runs in ODI Cricket History

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Reaching the milestone of 5000 ODI runs holds immense significance for cricketers, symbolizing their professionalism and skill. The faster a player achieves this feat, the greater their consistency in the game. Scoring 5000 ODI runs demands remarkable persistence and participation in a substantial number of matches. This list showcases the players who have achieved the fastest 5000 runs in ODI cricket, including some of the finest ODI batsmen of all time.

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Cricketers to Score Fastest 5000 Runs in ODI Cricket

Babar Azam (PAK) v New Zealand Karachi 5 May 2023 31 May 2015 7y 339d 99 97 ODI # 4574
HM Amla (SA) v West Indies Durban 16 Jan 2015 9 Mar 2008 6y 313d 104 101 ODI # 3579
IVA Richards (WI) v England Melbourne 30 Jan 1987 7 Jun 1975 11y 237d 126 114 ODI # 428
Virat Kohli (IND) v West Indies Kochi 21 Nov 2013 18 Aug 2008 5y 95d 120 114 ODI # 3436
DA Warner (AUS) v India Wankhede 14 Jan 2020 18 Jan 2009 10y 361d 117 115 ODI # 4231
JE Root (ENG) v West Indies Bridgetown 20 Feb 2019 11 Jan 2013 6y 40d 122 116 ODI # 4096
Q de Kock (SA) v England Cape Town 4 Feb 2020 19 Jan 2013 7y 16d 116 116 ODI # 4234
BC Lara (WI) v South Africa Lahore 3 Nov 1997 9 Nov 1990 6y 359d 120 118 ODI # 1249
Shikhar Dhawan (IND) v New Zealand Napier 23 Jan 2019 20 Oct 2010 8y 95d 119 118 ODI # 4082
KS Williamson (NZ) v England Wellington 3 Mar 2018 10 Aug 2010 7y 205d 125 119 ODI # 3982
CG Greenidge (WI) v Pakistan Multan 13 Nov 1990 11 Jun 1975 15y 155d 122 121 ODI # 641
AB de Villiers (Afr/SA) v England Southampton 28 Aug 2012 2 Feb 2005 7y 208d 129 124 ODI # 3298
F du Plessis (SA) v Sri Lanka Centurion 6 Mar 2019 18 Jan 2011 8y 47d 131 125 ODI # 4107
S Ganguly (IND) v Pakistan Adelaide 25 Jan 2000 11 Jan 1992 8y 14d 131 126 ODI # 1547
AJ Finch (AUS) v India Sydney 27 Nov 2020 11 Jan 2013 7y 321d 130 126 ODI # 4265
DM Jones (AUS) v Zimbabwe Hobart 14 Mar 1992 30 Jan 1984 8y 44d 131 128 ODI # 743
GC Smith (Afr/SA) v Bangladesh Mirpur 14 Mar 2008 30 Mar 2002 5y 350d 133 131 ODI # 2692
MJ Guptill (NZ) v Australia Sydney 4 Dec 2016 10 Jan 2009 7y 329d 135 132 ODI # 3811
PR Stirling (IRE) v West Indies Kingston 13 Jan 2022 1 Jul 2008 13y 196d 135 132 ODI # 4340
ML Hayden (AUS/ICC) v South Africa Basseterre 24 Mar 2007 19 May 1993 13y 309d 137 133 ODI # 2552

Fastest 5000 runs in ODI cricket: Babar Azam (Pakistan)

Image Source- ICC Cricket

A true embodiment of elegance and precision, Babar Azam has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, mesmerizing audiences with his extraordinary talent and rewriting the record books along the way. He is an extraordinary cricketer and the fastest to 5000 runs in ODI. He achieved this milestone in total of 99 ODI matches.

Fastest 5000 runs in ODI cricket: Hashim Amla (South Africa)

Hashim Amla | Fastest 5000 runs in ODI - KreedOn
Image Source: The Cricket Times

The fastest to 2000,3000 and 4000 ODI runs is also the fastest 5000 runs in ODI. Hashim Amla’s elegance and consistency as an opener are amazing. He is one of the best batsmen to exist in the present-day cricketing world. The process opener has many other records to his name too such as the fastest to 10 ODI centuries. He reached the milestone in only 101 innings.

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Fastest 5000 runs in ODI cricket: Vivian Richards (West Indies)

Top Ten Players Fastest to 6000 ODI runs
Picceredits: CricTracker

Sir Vivian Richards will always be remembered as a legend of the game and probably one of the greatest batsmen to ever live. He is often considered as probably the greatest ODI batsman to exist. Vivian Richards is also often mentioned as one of the greatest batsmen from the West Indies. The legend stands number three on the list for fastest to 5000 ODI runs. He achieved the milestone in only 114 innings.

Fastest 5000 runs in ODI cricket: Virat Kohli (India)

Fastest 10000 Runs In ODI KreedOn

Probably the greatest modern-day batsman to exist today, Virat Kohli has proved himself as a legend already. With over 12,000 ODI runs, he justifies his ‘Run-Machine’ nickname completely. Virat Kohli is not a stranger to breaking records and he comes on number 4 on the list for fastest to 5000 ODI runs. It took him 114 innings, the same as Vivian Richards to reach there.

David Warner (Australia)


Warner is one of the most explosive batsmen today. He is one of the best openers to play today. Warner was always regarded as someone who will be one of the best limited-overs batsmen when he plays. While he proved to be a great player in the test format too, there is no doubt that he did turn out to be a natural for the limited-overs format.

It took the explosive batsman 115 innings to reach 5000 ODI runs. He is the 5th in the list of fastest to 5000 ODI runs.

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Joe Root (England)

Joe Root | KreedOn

Joe Root is one of the best players who had ever played the game of cricket. His consistency and technique have impressed everyone. He is probably the most reliable batsman on the English team right now and also probably one of the best English batters to ever play the game.

While there was a worry about how impactful Root will be in the limited-overs format, Root has managed to remove all such questions with his consistent performance. He is at number 6th in the list of fastest to 5000 ODI runs. It took him 116 innings to reach the milestone.

Quinton De Kock (South Africa)

Quinton De Kock - KreedOn

Quinton De Kock is a South African left-handed opener. He has also captained the South African team on occasions in all three formats of the game. The left-handed batsman had become quite a sensation after consecutive centuries against India on South African soil. He had impressed many with his shot-making skills and brilliance on the cricket field.

It took him 116 innings to cross the 5000 runs threshold. He is the seventh-fastest on the list for the fastest to 5000 ODI runs.

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Brian Lara (West Indies)

Brian Lara | fastest 5000 runs in ODI | KreedOn
Brian Lara ( Image credits: Sportstar The Hindu)

The former Trinidadian cricketer Brian Lara is often recognized as one of the greatest batsmen of all time. His shot-making skills and brilliance with the bat had impressed a lot during his days and continue to inspire many even today.

Brian Lara is mostly known for scoring the highest runs in an innings in both Test and First-Class Cricket. He completed 5000 ODI runs in 118 innings.

Shikhar Dhawan (India)

Shikhar Dhawan - Fastest 5000 runs in ODI - KreedOn
Image Source: GettyImages

Shikhar Dhawan, also known as ‘Gabbar’ among the cricketing fans is an Indian left-handed explosive opener who is often compared to the likes of Virender Sehwag.

Famous for being the Man of the Tournament in the 2013 Champions Trophy which India won, Shikhar has been one of the best players in India in recent times. He reached the milestone in only 118 innings.

Kane Williamson (New Zealand)

pic credits: sky sports

Kane Williamson is one of the calmest and most consistent players in modern-day cricket. The New Zealand captain has always impressed everyone with his excellence and reliability in high-pressure matches.

Kane Williamson usually plays the role of the anchor for the New Zealand team in the limited-overs format and also helps the team recover if they lose quick early wickets. It took him 119 innings to complete 5000 ODI runs. He is the tenth fastest to achieve this feat.

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CG Greenidge (West Indies)

Gordon Greenidge | Detailed ODI Batting Stats | Stat Sensei

CG Greenidge is often regarded as one of the best openers to ever play cricket. He played for the West Indies during the 1970s and 1980s and was a very important player for his team. He is in the list for fastest to 5000 ODI runs. It took him 121 innings to reach the milestone.

AB de Villiers (South Africa)

Image Source- The Indian Express

With a combination of power, finesse, and innovation, Ab de Villiers has etched his name in cricketing folklore as a true maestro of the ODI format. In total of 124 innings, he scored the fastest 5000 runs in ODI.

All the players mentioned above were very valuable to their teams and are some of the most skilled ODI batsmen. They are a true inspiration to anyone who wants to learn the skill of ODI batting.

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