Top 10 Biggest Cricket Scandals: From Ball Tampering to Match-Fixing

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Monkey Gate Controversy
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The Britishers invented Cricket in the late eighteenth century. Since then Cricket is called a gentleman’s game but often ungentlemanly things take place on the field.

Fights and quarrels on the field, match fixing, spot fixing, ball tampering, we have seen some of the biggest cricket scandals who took the cricket world by storm.

Let us remember some of those cricket scandals today.


10The Sydney Test (2008)

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The 2008 Sydney Test match between India and Australia is remembered for all the wrong reasons. The test match saw spats between Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds and Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh.


Symonds accused Harbhajan of using racist term towards him. Harbhajan was banned for three games but later acquitted at an ICC hearing.

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