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Cricket Codebreaker: A Fan’s Dictionary of Essential Terms

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The Cricket Dictionary: Cricket has more idioms and terminology than most sports. It can be confusing to novices and even experienced fans. There are many cricket phrases that are unknown to most fans. Therefore, we have compiled a cricket glossary, the dictionary of cricket, in order to clarify some of the stranger terminology. Next time you watch a cricket game, let’s hope the collection answers some of your questions.

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Essential Terms of Cricket

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  1. Arm Ball: A slow, non-spin bowler’s ball that stays straight and does not turn as expected (continues with the arm).
  2. Asking rate: The number of runs required per over for a team to win, which is especially important in a limited-overs game.
  3. Ball tampering: It’s an illegal act of modifying a ball’s state by artificial means. This can be done by causing scratches on its surface, lifting or picking at its seam, or adding materials other than saliva or perspiration.
  4. Bat-Pad: A close-to-the-batsman fielding posture meant to grab balls that bounce up off the bat, frequently via the batsman’s pads.
  5. Beamer: A ball that hits the hitter at or close to head height without bouncing (usually by accident). A fast bowler could pose a serious threat if they send this delivery straight to the batsman.
  6. Belter: A surface that greatly benefits hitters while offering little support to bowlers.
  7. Bye: The batsman scores a run without touching the ball with either his bat or body.
  8. Carry your bat: When all his team-mates have been dismissed, an opening batsman remains unbeaten.
  9. Chest-on: A bowler that faces the batsman with his chest when tossing the ball.
  10. Chinaman: A slow bowler’s ball from the left arm that spins into the right-hand batsman. In essence, it’s a left arm leg spinner.

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11. Chin music: fast bowlers hitting the batsman on the head. The word came from the Caribbean.

12. Corridor of uncertainty: A popular term among commentators that refers to the area immediately outside the batsman’s off stump when he is confused about whether to leave or play the ball.

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13. Dead ball: A ball that cannot be used to score runs or claim wickets.

14. Doosra: A Hindi/Urdu word that means “second” or “other,” the doosra is the off-spinner’s equivalent of the googly, delivered out of the rear of the hand and turning away from the right-hand batsman.

15. Economy rate: The typical amount of runs a bowler gives up in an over.

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16. Hawk-Eye: A tracking system that aids in explaining the complexities of the sport, Hawk-Eye is useful in evaluating LBWs.

17. Heavy ball: A delivery that appears to be faster than it is and strikes the bat higher or harder than anticipated.

18. Inside-out shot: A batter approaches the leg side and hits the ball towards the offside, round the leg stump.

19. King pair: It’s scarcely worth playing if you can get one of them out for 0 on the first ball in both innings.

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20. Leading edge: When a batsman mishits the ball, and it edges forwards against his intended play.

21. Long hop: A short pitch that stands up and cries out to be hit.

22. Mankad: A term used primarily in indoor cricket but also outdoor cricket in Australia. Mankad is when the bowler wraps his arm around and, instead of releasing the ball, whips off the bails to run out the non-striker. This style of dismissal is uncommon, and the batsman is normally warned beforehand. named after Vinoo Mankad, who used this method to dismiss Australian Bill Brown twice.

23. Minefield: Minefield is a challenging hitting surface. Because of how badly the pitch is maintained, it is almost hard to play accurate shots because the ball keeps popping up.

24. Nelson: There’s an English superstition that the numbers 111 and their multiples are unfortunate. The sticks are shaped like 111 and are vaguely associated with Lord Nelson’s physical characteristics. The value of Double Nelson is 222.

25. Night watchman: A non-batsman promoted to the top of the order near the end of a day’s play to protect a recognized batsman in the closing overs.

26. On the rise: establishing contact with the ball prior to it reaching the peak of the bounce. Viv Richards was a notable proponent.

27. Off to a good start: When a batter hits for the first runs.

28. Pinch-hitters: Lower-order batsmen are promoted to the lineup to try to score a few runs quickly. A few quick runs will lower the asking rate when a team is chasing a large total in an over-under, and if the pinch hitter gets out, the specialist batters are still available.

29. Plumb: The batsman is considered to be plumb in front when he is LBW, even at full pace.

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30. Ring Field: A traditional fielding formation in which guys form a circle around the bat to save the single.

31. Shoulder arms: In an effort to keep his hands and bat out of harm’s path, a batsman may decide to elevate the bat high over his shoulder rather than risk being dismissed from a ball.

32. Sitter: The easiest, safest, and most unstoppable catch a fielder has ever been able to make.

33. Two-paced: A wicket that is starting to crumble, usually after three or four days in a test match; this results in deliveries that can clear the fence at shin height and others that can jump off a length.

34. Wrong ‘un: Aussie slang for a googly A delivery by a leg spinner that turns in the other direction, i.e., from off to leg.

35. Wagon-wheel: A line or circular graph that shows the region in which a batter has scored runs.

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