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Comparing Indian sports infrastructure with the rest of the world

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India is a nation of more than a billion people. Surprisingly, even in the wake of being such a storehouse of human resources, only 2% of our masses take part in sports routinely. Is it the absence of chances, or does the interest of Indian society lack interest in sports? Or on the other hand, has it something to do with the affordability and availability of proper guidance for aspiring sportspersons? To Excel in sports, any country’s infrastructure plays a vital role. It is what decides the future outcomes. A good sports infrastructure plays as a backbone of a healthy and successful sports industry. 

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Comparison: Indian Sports infrastructure to that of other countries

Attention towards a single sport

Image Source- India Today

In our country, other sports like kho kho, kabaddi, gymnastics, wrestling, etc are not propelled much like cricket. Generally, people do not opt for games like this due to a lack of ground-level promotion and career uncertainty. In India, if we say sports, it is generally Cricket that pops up in mind. Its popularity can be measured by the craze Indian fans show by breaking their TV sets when India loses an important game. Unfortunately, any other sports do not even catch India’s attention. For a game like Hockey sadly such fanfare and support are never shown. Basketball, boxing, and football have a very low number of fans in India. But when talking about America, our culture contrasts with the prevalent culture in the US. Although in the US, cricket has no such mass appeal, many other sports like baseball, basketball, boxing, and soccer are played and cheered at both national and international levels.

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Corruption & bungle of sports authorities

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Sports administration in India also made headlines for the incident of corruption. No matter how well-known the sport is, the greater part of game experts has encountered some allegations of corruption. While mostly developed or developing countries do not face such issues because they have proper management and authority to run things appropriately.

Insufficient allocation of resources

Comparing India to other developing nations the allotment of financial resources is inadequate in India to that of other nations. For now, it has undergone some changes; it seems aware of the development of the sport all across the world. But to build a proper infrastructure the journey is long enough. 

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Substandard and minimal Sports facilities

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This could be denoted as the most prominent argument that separates Indian and US sporting cultures. The quality offered in other developed countries is way better than in India. This is the reason many children at their initial stage give up playing or do not show much interest in sports because they could not get the proper environment and guidance. Other countries that are successful at the Olympics level offer facilities to kids from a very early age, which definitely helps them succeed.

Not seen as a career choice

There is also a difference in several social perceptions and the economic situation between other countries and India. In India to date, some Indian families do not see sports as a career option. Even today, sports are mostly seen as a hobby or pastime. In other countries, the perception is more liberal regarding sports. They admire athletes and sportspersons a lot, regardless of their fame and success.


India has the potential to grow globally if the right changes are made at right time. There is always room for improvement and India definitely can become one of the best sporting nations. India has absolutely shown many changes and amendments in their sports development and we believe it will always be preceding this way.

Narendra Modi quoted “Sports must become an indispensable and inseparable part of our social life. Competitiveness is just a by-product”, this should be followed and believed.

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What does sports infrastructure include?

The sector includes sporting events and sports-related infrastructure. It also includes training facilities and sports retail. A large part of the industry is also made up of the production of sporting goods.

What are the five components of infrastructure?

The 5 components in infrastructure are: Hardware, software, data management technology, network infrastructure, and information systems comprise IT infrastructure components.

What is the importance of sport infrastructure?

Any country’s sports infrastructure plays a vital role. It is what decides the future outcomes. A good sports infrastructure plays as a backbone of a healthy and successful sports industry. It not only helps in producing athletes of international standard but also encourages the young population of a country to participate in different sports events.

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