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The XXI Commonwealth Games to witness 225 members Indian Contingent

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With just over a month left for the XXI Commonwealth Games, the sport’s governing body has announced a strong Indian contingent of 225 members. An increased number of Indian athletes will visit Gold Coast, Australia, to participate in this year’s Commonwealth Games, which is slated to be held from April 4 to April 15.

Can the Indian Contingent deliver this time as well?

indian contigent kreedon
The Indian contingent will consist of 225 members participating in 15 sports disciplines. (Source)

While the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has decided to raise the number of quota places for Indian sportspersons in two disciplines – boxing and athletics, it has reduced the number of quota places for the country’s athletes in other disciplines, notably gymnastics, shooting and cycling.

India’s official contingent size of 225 athletes will participate in a total number of 15 sports disciplines in the tournament; as compared to the total number of 215 participants at the Glasgow CWG in 2014.These are good signs from the sports development point of view as it gives maximum exposure to our athletes. Next up will Asian Games and the Indian contingent will look to win big there as well.   

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Earlier, the CGF had urged the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) as well as the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) to raise the number of quota places for the Indian pugilists.

After accepting the request, the CGF has increased the quota number to 12 in boxing – an increase of one quota place in women’s category, which means the BFI could now send one more woman boxer in contrast to three women boxers in Glasgow in 2014.

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Meanwhile, a total of seven more quota places have been offered in athletics, thus taking the Indian sport’s contingent size to 37 as compared to Glasgow’s 32 in the discipline.

In basketball, the CGF has decided to straightaway add 24 quota places (12 men and 12 women) to the country’s overall contingent size. It will be after a gap of eight years that the basketball teams would participate at the CWG.

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However, there is a fall in the number of quota place in gymnastics as it has been reduced from 10 at Glasgow to seven (2 men and 5 women) this time around.

Here is the entire list of Indian contingent break-up:

  • Aquatics: Men -3 (Total: 3)
  • Athletics: Men- 23, Women -14 (Total: 37)
  • Badminton: Men -4, Women -5 (Total: 9)
  • Basketball (qualification): Men- 12, Women-12 (Total:24)
  • Boxing: Men-8, Women-4 (Total:12)
  • Cycling: Men-6, Women-3 (Total: 9)
  • Gymnastics: Men-2, Women-5 (Total: 7)
  • Hockey (qualification): Men-18, Women-18 (Total: 36)
  • Lawn Bowls: Men-5, Women-5 (Total: 10)
  • Shooting: Men-15, Women-12 (Total: 27)
  • Squash: Men-5, Women-2 (Total: 7)
  • Table Tennis: Men-5 , Women-5 (Total: 10)
  • Weightlifting (qualification): Men-8, Women-8 (Total: 16)
  • Wrestling: Men-6, Women-6 (Total:12)
  • Para sport: Men-3, Women-3 (Total:6)

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