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Cometh the hour, cometh the King! Virat Kohli Brilliant Innings Against Pakistan In T20 WC 2022

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The stadium was packed to its fullest and more than 90 thousand people waiting for the most awaited clash between India and Pakistan. It was the biggest of all battles. The match was against the arch-rivals Pakistan at the iconic ground: The MCG- Melbourne Cricket Ground. India put Pakistan to bat on a pitch that offered some swing and Pakistan scored 159 runs on that pitch. The stage was set for a close encounter and the pressure was paramount. While India was batting, after the fall of the first wicket, Virat Kohli entered the stage and scored a sensational unbeaten 82-runs against Pakistan on Sunday. This innings from Virat Kohli will be etched in the minds of the Indians for many generations to come. It was not a thing that could be done by an ordinary man.

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Ind vs Pak T20WC: Virat Kohli Entered The Stage With Confidence

Virat Kohli Innings Against Pakistan- KreedOn
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At the fall of the first wicket, Virat Kohli touched the feet of the MCG turf and strode out on the field, as if he owns it. It was his favorite opposition and a happy hunting place. This wizard was ready for another battle. But the wounds are still fresh from the humiliating defeat last year. The Pakistani fast bowlers are bowling immaculate lengths making the Indian batsmen dance to their tunes. But this man knows no nerves as if he was destined to bail his team out of trouble, yet again. He was determined to fight till the end no matter what. There was a different determination in his eyes. The one that could even derail the opposition.

The Pressure on Kohli 

Kohli- KreedOn
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India lost three wickets and these three quick wickets meant that he had to play within himself and not take undue risks. The Pakistani bowlers were not giving any freebies to score. It was all hard work, the situation required him to soak in the pressure. At one point, Virat was 12 off 21 balls. The runs were difficult to come by. The run-out of Axar Patel was playing on his mind. The spinners weaved a web around the Indian batsmen. Kohli was relying on his biggest strength: hitting the gaps and converting the ones into twos.

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Virat Kohli: The Game Changer

The required run rate was creeping over 12 runs at the halfway mark. Then comes Nawaz and Hardik broke the shackles by hitting a six. Now it was Virat’s turn to flex some muscles. Nawaz bowls a good length delivery and Virat skips down the track and hits the ball over the long-on boundary for a huge six. He was off and running, and never looked back since then.
What followed was a perfect masterclass. A masterclass on how to chase down totals. Virat was sure about what to do and whom to target. He then flicked Shaheen for a boundary with his rubber-like wrists followed by a fist pump. The fist pump meant that Virat was in the zone. The zone in which he was at the peak of his powers to get the job done. The sight was scary for the opposition.
Tight overs from Naseem and Rauf ensured that the run rate was well above 15 an over. 48 runs were needed off 3 overs. Pakistan was the clear favorite with an over each from Rauf and Shaheen remaining.
Virat starts the 18th over in style scoring a boundary off Shaheen pulling him for four over through mid-wicket and completing his fifty. He hits another couple of boundaries and India could at least dare to believe now.
Rauf is playing at his home ground of the BBL. He knows the ground and the pitch very well. Haris Rauf keeps bowling the hard length making it difficult for Virat and Pandya to hit boundaries. Now 8 balls and 28 were needed, and the match was quickly slipping away from India. But not until the chase master was here. What followed was a total dream and things that only superhumans could do.

Virat Kohli Innings Against Pakistan- KreedOn
Source: Cricket Addictor

Harris bowls another back-of-the-length delivery, and Virat Kohli backs away from this delivery and thumps it over long on with disdain for a maximum, and all gasp in awe. The sheer audacity with which he played this shot was enough to crush the bowler mentally. The poor bowler had no clue what to do after. He follows Kohli and bowls one on the pads and Virat said, thank you very much and flicks it over the fine leg boundary with utmost ease. Virat was single-handedly crushing the hopes of millions of Pakistani fans.

Hardik Pandya gets dismissed on the first ball of the final over. It was all on Virat now. 3 balls 13 needed. Nawaz bowls a high waist full toss and Virat hit another six. The ball is called a no-ball. The free-hit ball results in Virat getting bowled and the ball trickles away to the third-man boundary and India runs 3. Pakistan team is appealing for the ball to be called dead and it was all chaos. Everything was unbelievable, no one could hide their emotions.

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1 run is needed off 1 ball

Dinesh Karthik gets dismissed trying to finish the game. Now 1 run is needed off 1 ball. Ashwin is on strike and all fielders are inside the 30-yard circle. Ashwin clears the mid-off fielder, and India completes the single. The match was won. Redemption was well and truly complete. The chase master pulled another heist from the jaws of defeat.
He is down on the ground and celebrating and yells out a huge roar. The roar of redemption. The champion finally lets out his emotions and his eyes are a little teary. The team members run on the field like little children on a playground. The skipper embraces Virat and lifts him in the air. The atmosphere is electric, the crowds are gone berserk. It is more than a fairy tale ending. You couldn’t even dare to dream about such things.

Virat Kohli agauinst Pakistan
Image Source- Hindustan Times

From losing the captaincy last year, and people questioning his place in the T20 side to playing such unreal innings, this innings from Kohli made a statement worldwide.
This innings from Virat Kohli will be etched in the minds of the Indians for many generations to come. This folklore will be passed on from one generation to another until the sport is being played.
After the post-match presentation, Virat described that he is lost for words to describe the innings. When all chips are down, you can only rely on one man: Virat Kohli. The man, the myth, the legend. Thank you for putting up a show and making us believe.

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