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Nostalgic Joy: 10 Best Indian Classic Childhood Games

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Childhood games are more than just activities; they’re windows to a world of imagination, laughter, and growth. These games, cherished across generations, transcend cultural boundaries and technological advancements. They shape social interactions, build physical skills, and cultivate cognitive abilities. From the excitement of Hide and Seek’s suspenseful pursuits to the strategic camaraderie of Tug of War, each game carries a unique charm. As technology evolves, these games stand as reminders of simpler times, urging us to embrace the joy of unplugged play. Childhood games encapsulate the essence of carefree days, where learning and laughter intertwined seamlessly.

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10 Best Childhood Games

Names Of Names
1.   Hopscotch
2.   Kho Kho
3.   Marbles
4.   Gilli Danda
5.   Chhuppan Chhuppai (Hide & Seek)
6.   Lattu
7.   Ice and Water
8.   Tug of War
9.   Book Cricket
10.  Chor Sipahi


Nostalgic Joy: India’s 10 Best Classic Childhood Games | Stapoo- KreedOn
Source: Vecteezy

Nondi, stapoo, and kith-kith are other names for this game. Chalk is used to form a grid on the ground, with numbers written inside the squares. The players hurl a flat stone or tile into the grid, and then they have to hop to the square that has their tile, pick it up, and hop back. Hoping on one leg may significantly increase the heart rate, making this game a fantastic form of workout. To stay within the grid’s lines, players must maintain superb balance and coordination.


Nostalgic Joy: India’s 10 Best Classic Childhood Games | Kho Kho - KreedOn
Source: Twitter

The team game Kho-Kho is well-liked in schools and at large gatherings. It is an Indian adaptation of the game “Run Chase,” in which players must follow another player to touch another player. The available participants are divided into two teams, the first of which sits on the ground with its members alternately facing in opposing directions. The opposing squad weaves through this group while attempting to avoid being touched by their adversaries.

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Marbles are also called Goti, Golli, Lakhoti, and Kancha. This game is thought to have started during the Harappan period. The glass marbles used in the game are widely available and affordable, so anybody can play with them. There are several marble games, but the majority of them require striking one marble with another using a precise strike method. While this game does not require a lot of physical activity, it does necessitate a lot of focus and concentration.

Gilli Danda

Nostalgic Joy: India’s 10 Best Classic Childhood Games - Gilli Danda- KreedOn
Source: Hindustan Times

This game has practically become associated with street play in India. Gilli Danda refers to using a Gilli, a small stick, and a Danda, a longer stick. The game is comparable to cricket but simpler. The Danda is used to lift the Gilli off the ground and strike it while it is still in the air. After striking the Danda, the player must race to a specific spot before the opponent catches the Gilli. The game may be played by any number of people, and it’s a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and speed.

Chhuppan Chhuppai (Hide & Seek)

Source: Duck Duck Cat

The rules of Chhuppan Chhuppai are similar to those of Indian Hide and Seek. This is a game that is most likely played all over the world under various names. Another no-equipment game, you only need a place to play and hide.  One person is chosen to be the denner, and he is required to count to 100 with his eyes closed before venturing out to find the others who have gone missing. The game continues with the first person discovered becoming the new denner. It’s a game about planning, locating the best area to hide, and figuring out where the other players have hidden.

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Source: Twitter

You’ll need a Lattu (spinning top) to play this game. The goal of the game is to see who can keep the top spinning for the longest time. The top, on the other hand, is distinctive in that it includes a rope that must be tied around the top and tugged to make it spin. The top is constructed from a variety of materials, including clay and wood. Light and sound elements are often included in modern tops. Some individuals add their own spins to the game, such as taking the top off with the string.

Ice and Water

Nostalgic Joy: India’s 10 Best Classic Childhood Games- Ice and Water - KreedOn

This game is comparable to Lock and Key, a famous game we used to play as children. It’s a basic game with only one goal: Run after the following individual! One youngster is selected as the denner and which has to run behind the others and try to catch whoever is closest to them while saying ‘Vish’ and touching them. A player must touch the frozen caught player and utter “amrit” in order to free him. It’s a fun game that includes a lot of running and chasing, and it also helps youngsters improve their spatial abilities as they try to figure out who the closest person is.

Tug of War

Image Source- Ravenox

Tug of War is also a competitive team sport. Two teams compete by tugging in opposite directions on opposite ends of a thick rope. The goal is to drag the other team over a predetermined line or marker. As participants sink their feet into the ground and pull with all their might. This classic game encourages teamwork, healthy competition, and strategic thinking. Tug of war is a symbol of teamwork, and whether played on rural fields or in metropolitan parks, it draws people together in a test of physical skill and teamwork.

Book Cricket

Image Source- Youtube

Book Cricket is an imaginative twist on the classic game. Players take turns flipping pages of a book and selecting a number. The last digit of the chosen number corresponds to runs scored. If the last digit is zero, it’s an out. It’s a quiet, brain-engaging game that can be played anywhere using any book. Book Cricket encourages strategic number selection, literacy, and creative play. As players decipher the digits, they embark on a mental cricket match, adding a unique charm to leisure moments. This game showcases how creativity and innovation can turn a simple book into a playground for the mind.

Chor Sipahi

Nostalgic Joy: India’s 10 Best Classic Childhood Games - Chor Sipahi - KreedOn

After each thief’s decision, a number is written in front of their name on the slip that is given to all the players. For example, the one who receives the slip of the King gets 1000 points next to their name, and similarly for the Thief, Soldier, and Minister. In the end, the points of all are added up. The one with the highest points becomes the winner.

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What are some popular indoor childhood games?

In India, popular indoor childhood games include Ludo, Chor Sipahi, Book Cricket, Name Place Animal Things, etc.

What types of childhood games are there?

Physical Games: Outdoor activities like tag, hide-and-seek, jump rope, and ball games.
Imaginative Games: Pretend play, such as playing house, superheroes, or creating imaginary worlds.
Board and Card Games: Games like Monopoly, Chess, and Uno that encourage strategic thinking and planning.
Video Games: Electronic games played on consoles, computers, or mobile devices, offering various levels of engagement and learning.

What benefits do physical childhood games offer?

Physical games help develop gross motor skills, coordination, and physical fitness. They also provide opportunities for children to learn about teamwork, communication, and fair play.

What are the impact of video games on children?

Video games can offer cognitive benefits, such as improved hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition, and strategic thinking. However, it’s important to manage screen time and choose age-appropriate games.

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