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Can Pakistan meet India in Semi-Finals of ICC World Cup 2019?

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The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has reached its most interesting stage with the attention of every cricket fan around the world trained at only one question: How will the knockouts turn out to be?

With Australia, India and England already qualified for the Semis, the seedings are yet to be finalised in the left matches. The fourth spot for the semi-finals is still up for grabs with New Zealand and Pakistan being the only takers. 

If you ask any Indian or Pakistani fan about their best moments of Cricket, the answer would certainly include Ind and Pak in the same sentence for the majority of them. With New Zealand losing its last league match to England yesterday, Pakistan has very unsubstantial chances to make it to the Semis. Although New Zealand sustained great damage to the net run rate due to the disappointing 119 run loss against the home team, they still are way ahead of Pakistan in the category. 

How Pak can still make it to Semis? 

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The Pakistani Cricket team will have to pull the absolute wonder to make it to the 4th spot. The damaged NRR of Pak team in the tournament is demanding a lot from the Falcons. To put it in numbers, they need to score at least 308 while batting first against Bangladesh and then dismiss the Tigers for 0. In fact, even if they manage to pile up a score of 400 runs, they need a win by a margin of 316 runs to make it happen. However, everything depends on luck this time around, as Pak does not even stand a chance if they bat second. 

How will India meet Pakistan in the Semis?

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Assuming that Pakistan magically manages to make it to the 4th spot, there are some other things that need to occur for another Ind-Pak meetup to take place on 9th July in Old Trafford.

India will need to make it to the first spot in the table. Now for that to happen, India needs to win its last match against Sri Lanka and Australia should either lose or tie (or no result). Also in case of a tie, India needs a better NRR to end up 1st in the table. 

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So the answer to the billion-dollar question ‘Would Pakistan meet India in semifinals?’ 

A Big NO. Too many variables need to end up perfectly to make this matchup happen. This makes it virtually impossible to see an Indo Pak clash in Semis.

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Raghav Heda
Raghav is a sports enthusiast and a content writer at Kreedon. Being a former state-level cricketer and Captain of the Basketball team at IIT Patna, he understands the problems faced by a student-athlete in India. He is also a die-hard NBA fan and has been following the league and American Sports Media for long. Comparing the Indian sports economy to American Sports' was something that motivated him to work for the development of Indian Sports.


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