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Brain Buff: Sculpt Your Memory, Cognition, & Creativity with Engaging Exercises

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As we look for ways to improve our overall wellness, physical health is usually at the top of our list, but we should equally focus on our mental wellness. Just like keeping the bodies fit through regular exercises, it is important to keep our minds active by doing certain types of activities for the maintenance of the brain functioning. Imagine it as gym for our brains – much like lifting weights. We are exercising our muscles; in the same way we could build up our mental abilities by doing brain exercises.

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Recent studies demonstrate that a healthy lifestyle has a huge impact on our body as well as mind. Activities such as exercising, doing brain-challenging exercises, and adopting healthy habits can positively impact our brains and keep it sharp as we age. For example, a study conducted by The Journal of the American Medical Association which followed almost 196,000 participants aged 60 and older, for 8 years. The researchers collected lifestyle data from participants through assessing their exercise habits, diet, and smoking status. What they found was remarkable, the risk of developing dementia was highest among those who had an unhealthy lifestyle, including a lack of physical activity and cognitive stimulation, irrespective of whether they were genetically prone to Alzheimer’s disease or not.

In brief, how we live, where we live, and what we do every day has much to do with the way our brain performs. Though genes do play a role, they aren’t all that matters. We have to give special attention to what we do daily. Science reveals that our decisions count for not only how efficient our brains are but also how healthy our bodies become. Therefore, taking care of our body and mind is essential in staying active and doing things that keep the brain engaged. 

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In today’s hectic world, our brain functions have to be kept up to date. Just as we use exercise to keep our bodies strong, performing brain exercises can help us maintain mental fitness and good cognitive functioning.


Brain Buff: Sculpt Your Memory, Cognition, & Creativity with Engaging Exercises - KreedOn
Image Source- Everyday Health

Meditation is a technique that aims at relaxing the mind and focusing the attention. It’s a technique that helps our brains to reach a state of relaxation and mindfulness at the same time. Meditation is a practice where people sit quietly and focus on their breathing or a repetitive mantra.

How to practice meditation 

Choose a peaceful space and sit comfortably, then close your eyes. Focus only on breathing, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Let thoughts come and go without creating any judgement.

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Meditation helps to reduce stress, increase concentration and promote good emotional state. As well, it stimulates neuroplasticity which means our brain can grow and develop.

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Playing Games

Brain Buff: Sculpt Your Memory, Cognition, & Creativity with Engaging Exercises - KreedOn
Image Source- India TV News

Playing card or board games offer not only enjoyment but also benefits your brain. Games serve as puzzles that engage our cognitive skills and keep the mind active. Whether it is a session of playing chess or a round of card matching, playing games strengthens the brain as well as provides amusement.

How to practice 

Invite friends and family, set the game, and follow the instructions. Use your strategic mind, memory, and adaptability to edge your rivals.


Games activate brain functions, allow social interactions, and develop problem-solving skills. They also provide a mental break from the daily pressures.

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Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzle Solution - KreedOn
Image Source- pharmacist.com

Being one of the classical mind games, the crossword puzzles require vocabulary, memory and analytical skills. They present an excellent mental challenge and an opportunity to learn new words. This is a set of puzzles with grids that are intersected by horizontal and vertical clues. Players need to solve this puzzle to fill in the grid with the right words.

How to practice 

You can play this puzzle on your mobile phones as well as in books. Take time to analyse the clues and come up with possible words. Complete the grid by entering the right letter into the corresponding box and watch out for the intersecting letters.


Finishing crossword puzzles helps strengthen the vocabulary, it also improves memory, and it increases analytical thinking. They’re a great way of keeping our brains active and busy.

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Jigsaw Puzzles

Brain Buff: Sculpt Your Memory, Cognition, & Creativity with Engaging Exercises - KreedOn
Image Source- Wentworth Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are not only a hobby, they are also a brain exercise. They make us think spatially and visually as we are putting the puzzle together. Each puzzle is made up of interconnected pieces that, when assembled correctly, result in a complete picture.

How to practice 

Begin with the edges and then work inward, matching colours and shapes to fit the pieces. It needs patience and accuracy.


Jigsaw puzzles not only enhance spatial awareness, but also improve visual-spatial skills and strengthen your patience and perseverance. They’re relaxing but also mentally challenging activities.


Sudoku: Wikipedia

Sudoku puzzles are numerical brain-teasers that need logical thinking and problem solving skills. Solving sudoku is very interesting but sometimes it becomes infuriating too. The grid is divided into nine 3 by 3 squares and some squares are already filled with numbers.

How to practice 

Insert the digits from 1 to 9 into the empty squares following the rule that each row, column and 3×3 square has all digits without repetition.


Engaging in the activity of solving sudoku puzzles improves the logical thinking process, develops problem-solving skills, and increases concentration. They give you a tough but an exciting mental workout.

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Learning New Skills

Learn a new skill: Earth.com

Lifelong learning helps the brain to stay active and agile. Whether you are learning a new language or musical instrument, or taking up a new skill, cognitive health is promoted. Learning involves the entire brain and stimulates growth and brain development.

How to practice 

Pick a skill that you are interested in and allocate some time to study and practice. You can take help from instructors, books, or online resources. Divide the skill into smaller steps and practice on a regular basis.


Learning new abilities stimulates brain growth, strengthens neural networks, and improves cognitive flexibility. It also gives a feeling of achievement and satisfaction which consequently enhances the overall well-being.

Listening to Music

Listening to Music: Small Business Trends

Music affects the brain deeply, producing emotions, strengthening memory, and enhancing cognitive functioning. Listening to music can trigger our most profound feelings and memories. 

How to practice 

Choose your favorite music songs and pay close attention as you listen. Focus on melodies, rhythms, and lyrics. You can listen to music while doing other activities or just sit and enjoy the whole process.


Listening music can decrease the stress level, lifts the mood and improves the cognitive functions including memory and concentration. It is a therapeutic type of activity that also produces relaxation and mental clarity.

Playing Musical Instruments

Brain Buff: Sculpt Your Memory, Cognition, & Creativity with Engaging Exercises - KreedOn
Play a Musical Instrument: Lafayette, CA

Playing a musical instrument demands coordination, concentration, and creativity, thus being a complete ‘brain workout’. It’s an interesting process that provides opportunities to show one’s creativity and interact with others.

How to practice 

Find an instrument that you like and start working on the basics. Do your repetitions often and move forward to higher level techniques as well as pieces. You can join classes or seek guidance from online resources.


Playing musical instruments reinforces hand-eye coordination, broadens the auditory span, and works the brain. It is also a stress buster and relaxant, therefore, its overall outcome is enhanced well-being.

Regular Exercise

Brain Buff: Sculpt Your Memory, Cognition, & Creativity with Engaging Exercises - KreedOn
Daily Exercise: joe.ie

Regular exercise is essential for keeping both our bodies and brains healthy. Participating in physical activities regularly is necessary for the proper physical and mental functioning of the body. The blood vessels are enlarged by exercise, which increases the blood flow to the brain, oxygen and nutrients are led, which support brain function.

How to practice 

Take up aerobic exercises such as walking, running, swimming and biking at least three times per week. Aim at least for thirty minutes of moderate-intensity exercises.


Regular physical activity promotes better mood, decreases stress, and improves cognitive skills, including memory and attention. It also stimulates formation of new brain cells and prevents age-related dementia.


Brain Buff: Sculpt Your Memory, Cognition, & Creativity with Engaging Exercises - KreedOn
Making Socializing: Inc.com

Social interaction encourages brain activity, fosters positive emotions, and improves cognitive performance. We are social beings, and social relationships are vital for our mental health and happiness. Socializing can come in many shapes and forms, such as talking with friends and family, doing things as a group, or joining clubs and associations.

How to Practice 

Participate in the social events that make you happy and enable you to socialize with others. Ensure to make time for meaningful interactions and keep up relations with friends and loved ones.


Socialization boosts mood, lowers stress, and improves cognitive abilities. It offers grounds for intellectual engagement, emotional support, and individual development. Social connectedness is one of the key elements for good mental and physical health.


In conclusion, including some brain exercises to our daily routine would surely result in remarkable improvements of our memory, cognition, and creativity. By indulging in activities like solving puzzles, practicing meditation and learning new skills, we can boost our cognitive capabilities and foster overall brain wellbeing. In addition to that, living a disciplined lifestyle that incorporates physical exercise, socialization, and proper nutrition also promotes cognitive function.

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