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Top 5 Bowlers with Most Wickets Powerplay in T20 Cricket: Unstoppable in the Early Overs

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T20 cricket has changed the game by making matches faster and more exciting for fans worldwide. During the powerplay, teams try hard to score lots of runs and stopping the other team from scoring freely. For bowlers, the powerplay is tough. They can only have two fielders far away, so they can’t make many mistakes. Bowlers have to be very accurate and creative to confuse the batsmen. Getting wickets during the powerplay is hard because batsmen are usually very aggressive. But if bowlers can do it, they can really change the game and set the tone for the rest of the match. In this blog, we’ll discuss about top 5 bowlers with most wickets in Powerplay in the T20 Format.

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Most Wickets in Powerplay in T20 Cricket

Sr. No  Player Wickets
1 Mohammad Amir 121
2 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 114
3 Tim Southee 106
4 Trent Boult 105
5 Sunil Narine 86

Mohammad Amir (121 wickets)

Mohammad Amir - Top 5 Bowlers with Most Wickets Powerplay in T20 Cricket | KreedOn
Image Source: Getty Images

In the world of T20 cricket, one figure towers above the rest: Mohammad Amir, the formidable fast bowler from Pakistan. Bursting onto the scene in 2009 against England, Amir’s debut marked the beginning of a remarkable journey in the shortest format of the game. What makes him truly exceptional is his mastery of swing and the uncanny ability to unleash a plethora of deceptive deliveries, including the elusive slower balls and lethal yorkers, leaving batsmen in a quandary.

Amir’s dominance is most evident during the powerplay overs, where he has amassed an impressive tally of 121 wickets. His adeptness at seamlessly altering his pace, generating prodigious swings, and bamboozling batsmen with his array of variations has not only earned him acclaim but also instilled fear in opponents worldwide. Mohammad Amir is not just a cricketer; he is a force to be reckoned with, a symbol of excellence on the T20 stage.

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Bhuvneshwar Kumar (114 wickets)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar - Top 5 Bowlers with Most Wickets Powerplay in T20 Cricket | KreedOn
Image Source: BCCI

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the Indian fast bowler, is famous for his skill in making the cricket ball swing right from the start of the game, often getting crucial wickets. He began playing T20 international matches for India back in 2012, facing Pakistan in his debut match. What makes him particularly dangerous is his ability to make the ball move in different directions during the early overs of the game, making it hard for batsmen to predict. Over time, he has also mastered tricky deliveries like the knuckleball and slower ones, which make him even more effective in T20 matches.

In the powerplay overs of T20 cricket, Bhuvneshwar Kumar has taken a remarkable 114 wickets. His first international wicket came with his very first ball, showcasing his talent for swinging deliveries. Many consider him to be one of the finest swing bowlers India has ever seen.

Tim Southee (106 wickets)

Tim Southee | KreedOn
Image Source: Getty Images

Tim Southee has been absolutely outstanding in fast bowling ever since he started playing T20 Internationals back in 2008. He’s achieved something truly remarkable by taking 150 wickets in T20 international matches, a feat no one else has accomplished. Currently, he holds the coveted top spot on the list of players with the most wickets in T20I cricket. Despite the challenges that fast bowlers face in T20 games, Southee has excelled tremendously.

He’s not just a star cricketer in New Zealand but also one of the finest fast bowlers worldwide. Southee has claimed 106 wickets in the initial six overs of T20 matches, known as the powerplay, placing him third on the list of players with the most wickets during this phase of the game.

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Trent Boult (105 wickets)

Trent Boult - Top 5 Bowlers with Most Wickets Powerplay in T20 Cricket | KreedOn
Image Source: Associated Press

Trent Boult is a really famous cricket player known around the world. He’s super good at playing cricket in all different ways! People mostly talk about how awesome he is in Test and ODI cricket, but he’s also really good at T20 cricket.

In T20 cricket games, he’s amazing at stopping other players from scoring lots of runs. He’s great at getting people out with his tricky bowling moves, like making the ball swing in different ways or throwing it really fast or slow. He’s so good at it that even the best players have a hard time hitting the ball when he’s bowling. Trent Boult has taken 105 wickets in T20 cricket during the powerplay part of the game. That shows just how great he is at bowling! Teams love having him because he’s awesome, but other teams find him really tough to play against.

Sunil Narine (86 wickets)

Sunil Narine | KreedOn
Image Source: Getty Images

The spinner from the West Indies has had a big impact on T20 cricket because of how different his bowling is and how often he troubles the batters. Sunil Narine is famous for his tricky spins, like the knuckleball, off-spinners, and the carrom ball. What makes him so good is that he can fool batters by changing how fast and where he throws the ball, making him really dangerous in T20 games.

In the first part of T20 matches, he’s taken 86 wickets. His special way of bowling, combined with how well he controls the game’s pace, makes him super important in T20 cricket.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which bowler has picked up the most number of wickets in powerplay in T20Is?

Tim Southee has picked up the most number of wickets in powerplay in T20 Internationals. (52)

Which bowler has scalped maximum wickets in T20Is for India?

Indian Spinner Yuzvendra Chahal has bagged 96 wickets in T20Is, the most by any bowler in India.

Which bowler has bagged most wickets in powerplay in Indian Premier League (IPL).

Bhuvneshwar Kumar holds the record for taking the most number of wickets in powerplay in IPL. (61)

Which type of bowlers are more effective in the powerplay?

Thе еffеctivеnеss of bowlеrs in thе powеrplay dеpеnds on conditions and thе opposition, with fast bowlеrs еxcеlling in swing and pacе, whilе spinnеrs thrivе on accuracy and variations.

How to bowl in the powerplay?

Consistеncy in linе and lеngth, utilizing movеmеnt in thе air or off thе pitch, can inducе еdgеs or catchеs. Varying pacе and lеngth on thе stumps can lеad to lbw or bowlеd dismissals. Bowling yorkеrs and bouncеrs can rеstrict scoring options.

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