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Top 20 Best Volleyball Ball in 2022: Buyers Guide by Experts

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Volleyball is one of the primary games that most of the students and even adults love to play. Be it school, college, or vacation, everyone loves playing volleyball for fun. People enjoy this game as it is easy to play, and involves flexibility, stamina, technique, speed, and power, all wrapped in one game. It’s an incredibly fun game that has a great history of itself (Volleyball History). But one can’t play volleyball without a perfect volleyball ball.

For amateurs and beginners, it’s quite difficult to find the best volleyball ball.

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Thus, we are here to help you out, we have made a complete list of the top 20 best volleyball balls available in the Indian market.


List of top 10 best Volleyball Ball

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S. NoBest Volleyball balls
1Nivia Kross Rubber Hand Stitched
2Nivia VB-540 Spiral Volleyball
3Nivia Hi-Grip Volleyball
4Vector X Spike Rubber
5Mikasa Squish Volleyball
6Mikasa Sports FIVB Beach Champ Game Ball
7Nivia VB-492 Spot Volleyball
8Cosco Shot Volleyball, 4
9Mayor Ultra Match Volleyball
10NIVIA Spikester (Encounter) 494 Polypropylene Volleyball

Nivia Craters Molded Volleyball


NIVIA Spikester (Encounter) 494 Polypropylene Volleyball, 4 (Multicolour)


Cosco Super Volley Volleyball, Size 4 (Multicolour) (15002)


Nivia G-2020 Rubber Volleyball

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Nivia Storm Football – Size 5


Cosco Acclaim PU leather Volleyball


jaspo PU Volleyball


Nivia VB-540 Spiral Volleyball


Cosco 15010 Rubber Volley Ball


GRS® Hand Stiched Rubber VOLLYBALL Size-4

Details/Price/Features of top 10 volleyball Balls in India

Nivia Kross Rubber Hand Stitched Volleyball Ball

Volleyball Ball - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Nivia Kross is a hand-stitched rubber volleyball ball that is one of the best volleyball balls available online.

This ball is currently at the top position in Amazon’s Best Sellers list and has a rating of four stars after 3,000+ reviews.

Needless to say, it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a volleyball. You won’t regret buying this product by Nivia.

Great air resistance Quite heavy
Perfect balanceThe stiffness of the ball can be an issue
High bounce

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Nivia VB-540 Spiral Volleyball Ball

Image Source: Amazon

A 20 Panels Adhesive Construction volleyball, this ball from Nivia truly lives up to the hype.

The Nivia VB-540 is an Amazon’s Choice product and one of the best-sellers. It is a leather laminated volleyball ball for all indoor surfaces. It is suitable for soft and wet outdoor surfaces too.

Made of great material and high-quality thread, it truly is a great choice for all volleyball lovers.

Professional volleyball also recommended in international matchesCan feel too lightweight 
High air retentionSize can be an issue
Great shape retention

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Nivia Hi-Grip Volleyball Ball

Volleybll Ball - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Hand-stiched to ensure great quality and appearance, the Nivia Hi-Grip Volleyball can make your game even more fun.

The outer surface of the Nivia Hi-Grip Volleyball is made up of rubber whereas the mid-layer is reinforced fabric for better shape retention.

The core is made of a latex bladder for high bounce. This volleyball ball is a great choice for senior as well as junior players.

Great shape retentionSize is smaller
Great for both senior and junior players
Great bounce 

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Vector X Spike Rubber Volleyball Ball

Volleyball Ball - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Developed with a butyl rubber bladder, this lightweight volleyball ball is very easy to play and control due to its easy flight.

The Vector X Spike Rubber Volleyball is not only water-resistant but also allows players to have a better gripping.

Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, this volleyball ball will surely make any game incredibly fun.

Easy flight Less thick
Water-resistantSmall size
Great for both outdoor and indoor surfaces Not durable

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Mikasa Squish Volleyball

Volleyball Ball - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Mikasa is a trusted sports brand that has made its name in various sports products like Volleyball balls, Badminton rackets etc.

The MVA200 synthetic volleyball by Mikasa has an eight-panel design. This design is helpful in more hand contact of the players with the ball. 

This incredible design not only makes the game more enjoyable but makes it more accurate as well. 

This volleyball ball is undoubtedly a great choice and will definitely add more fun to the game. 

More hand contact Not many cons
Better feel
Incredibly accurate

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Mikasa Sports FIVB Beach Champ Game Ball

Volleyaball ball - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Another volleyball by Mikasa, the Sports FIVB Beach Champs Game Ball is an exclusive volleyball ball of the FIVB.

A preferred volleyball ball by top players, this ball has a very durable and supple cover. 

Mikasa has improved its ball control feature with this ball and has also made it more water-resistant.

With its 10-panel design and superior shape retention, this is a volleyball ball you should not ignore.

Very durable A little less heavy
Great shape retentionNot too many cons
Great accuracy

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Nivia VB-492 Spot Volleyball

Volleyball Ball - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

With a core of butyl bladder, this Nivia volleyball has high air retention and an 18-panel universal design.

The top layer of this incredible volleyball ball is made of natural soft leather. This makes the volleyball durable and abrasion-resistant. 

The mid-layer is made of reinforced yarn. This helps in maintaining the shape of the volleyball.

Made for all surfaces, this high-quality durable volleyball is one of the best volleyball balls available online.

High air retentionDurability might be an issue
Abrasion-resistant Finishing is not that good
Great shape retention 

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Cosco Shot Volleyball, 4

Image Source: Amazon

Cosco, one of the most popular sports brands in India. The brand has made its name as a trustworthy global brand that produces high-quality products and ensures customer loyalty.

The shot volleyball is a great product by Cosco which functions as an excellent outdoor volleyball ball choice. 

Made of soft and durable cost flex material, the Cosco shot volleyball has a strong backing to maintain a good shape. In short, it is a great volleyball ball by Cosco.

Great for outdoor volleyballThe colorwork is bad
Durable materialStitching is a problem
Molded constructionToo much weight

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Mayor Ultra Match Volleyball

Image Source: Amazon

India’s premier football manufacturing company with an experience of over 60 years, Mayor has come up with this incredible volleyball ball.

This volleyball by Mayor is made of butyl bladder with a 12-panel configuration. It has a polyester and cotton wound inner carcass which helps in the perfect rebound.

This volleyball ball has a balanced aerodynamic design for better and improved control. 

Great reboundToo much weight
Well balancedDurability might be an issue
Nice control

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NIVIA Spikester (Encounter) 494 Polypropylene Volleyball

Volleyball Ball - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

With its 18-panel construction, this ball from Nivia makes playing volleyball incredibly fun.

Made up of polypropylene material, this PU laminated volleyball is fit for all surfaces, be it outdoor or indoor. It is good for soft and dry surfaces as well.

The material used in this volleyball is very durable and long-lasting, while the weight and the size of the volleyball ball adhere to official game norms.

It is highly recommended as a training ball.

A great training ballMostly for beginners
Durable and long-lastingThe coating around the bladder can be an issue
Fit for all surfacesMaterial can be an issue

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