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Top 10 Best TT Balls | Buy Today & Have A Fun Table Tennis Session

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Table Tennis is perhaps one of the most underrated sports, yet it has been loved by millions of people. The simplicity of the game and fewer prerequisites make this game very likable. Simple might be its form and easy might it look, but it is not at all easy as it seems. The tiny TT ball comes at a very rapid pace and can perform different tricks to fool you. Table Tennis or simply known as TT is a skill game rather than a game of power and speed. Well, with proper development of skills, you can up the ante with extra power in the shots and extra speed to beat your opponent.

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Table Tennis racket and TT ball are the most important components of this fantastic game. In this article, we will look at the top 10 best table tennis balls and their features.

Vital insights on TT ball

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Well, many of us would have used any small plastic ball as a TT ball in our childhood. However, in practice, not every small plastic ball is a TT ball. It does have some specifications and rules, so let’s dive into them.

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A TT ball is a ball of mass of 2.7 grams and a diameter of 40 millimeters. The rules say that the ball should bounce up 24–26 cm when dropped from a height of 30.5 cm onto a standard steel block thereby having a coefficient of restitution of 0.89 to 0.92.

The TT balls are made up of flammable celluloid plastic with a hollow interior. They are hollow to ensure their light weight. There isn’t any specific rule when it comes to the color of the TT ball. Generally, the ball’s color is decided based on the surroundings within which the game or matches are going to be conducted. For example, a white ball is easier to see on a green or blue table than it is on a gray table.

How Table Tennis Balls are Made

  • Table tennis balls are manufactured using injection molding.
  • Materials such as celluloid or ABS plastic are selected for their properties.
  • The chosen material is melted and mixed with additives.
  • Molten material is injected into spherical molds under high pressure.
  • The molds create seamless balls in two halves.
  • The material cools and solidifies within the molds.
  • Excess material is trimmed for uniformity and smoothness.
  • Quality control checks ensure standards for size, weight, and bounce are met.
  • Finished balls are packaged for distribution and sale.

Top 10 Table Tennis Balls

Sr. No. Table Tennis Balls
1. JOOLA Training 3-Star TT Balls
2. KEVENZ 50 Counts 3-Star Practice Table Tennis Ball
3. Mapol Regail 50 Yellow 3-star Table Tennis
4. GKI Superb 3 Star ABS Plastic 40+
5. PRO SPIN TT Balls
6. Champion Sports Tournament 3 Star Table Tennis Balls
7. Franklin Sports 1 Star Table Tennis Balls
8. REGAIL 60 Practice Assorted Color Ping Pong Balls
9. Butterfly R40+ TT Balls
10. Jedulin 40MM Ping Pong Balls

JOOLA Training 3-Star TT Balls

best tt ball - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

JOOLA Training 3 Star TT Balls come in sets of a different number of balls. Right now, the company offers 3 packets containing 12, 60, or 120 balls. If you have friends who love to play TT, then you can go for a 120-ball pack. The balls are orange in color.

Pros Cons
Good visibility due to the orange color Not good when it comes to weight distribution
Perfect spin  

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KEVENZ 50 Counts 3-Star Practice TT Ball

TT Ball - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

KEVENZ 50 Counts 3-Star Practice Table Tennis Ball, as the name suggests, a single pack contains 50 balls. They are all orange in color similar to previously seen TT balls. The orange color is very vibrant and attractive. They are pretty durable, so you can smash them with all the power.

Pros Cons
Vibrant orange color The bouncing sound is not uniform
Top quality product at an affordable price  
Cheaper than competitors  

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Mapol Regail 50 Yellow 3-star TT Balls

ping pong ball - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Mapol Regail 50 Yellow 3-star Table Tennis balls come in two color options viz. orange and yellow. You can use these at the stadium, club, school, backyard, and even at your home. They are good even for professional players. So, you can give this to your budding TT superstars.

Pros Cons
You can use them whenever you want Bounce is not as good as it should have been
Professional exposure at lower rates  

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GKI Superb 3 Star ABS Plastic 40+ TT Balls

Image Source- Amazon

The GKI SUPERB 3 Star ABS Plastic Table Tennis balls, designed with the latest material technology, feature a seamless ABS construction, conforming to the standards set by the Table Tennis Federation. These balls boast exceptional roundness, providing consistent bounce and superior durability during gameplay. Each box contains 48 high-quality ping pong balls, ensuring ample supply for extended practice sessions or competitive matches

Pros Cons
Excellent roundness & bounce No Cons
As per the latest Table Tennis Federation Regulations  
Good quality material  

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PRO SPIN Ping Pong Balls

PRO SPIN Table Tennis Balls come with a total of 6, 12, 24 balls in a single pack. The packaging of the product is very attractive with attractive colors. So, the company Pro Spin does a fantastic job to have a good first impression. The balls are extremely durable and are white in color. We would recommend you to go for these if you want to swing the racket as fast as you can.

Pros Cons
Extremely durable No Cons
Nice packaging  

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Champion Sports Tournament 3 Star TT Balls

best tt ball - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Champion Sports Tournament 3 Star Table Tennis Balls are available in 3 colors and they are white, yellow, and orange. There are also options when it comes to the number of balls per package. There are two options for it, a 6-ball pack and a 38-ball pack. So do choose wisely. These are approved by the Chinese Table Tennis Association and IITA.

Pros Cons
Multiple colors for multiple surroundings The huge price difference between various colored balls
Can be used for recreational as well as professional play  

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Franklin Sports 1 Star TT Balls

Ping pong ball - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Franklin Sports 1 Star Table Tennis Balls all come in white. There are 3 types of packages. One comes with 18 balls, the second is with 36 balls and the last one is with 144 balls. Depending upon your needs, they have all the things covered.

Pros Cons
Can reinflate them very easily They can’t withstand even the slightest pressure
Perfect weight  
Ideal bounce  

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REGAIL 60 Practice Assorted Color Ping Pong Balls

TT Ball - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

REGAIL 60 Practice Assorted Color Ping Pong Balls are also orange in color. They are great for the game of Table Tennis, but users are finding these more useful as a toy for toddlers and their pets. Cats are enjoying their bouncy nature along with the typical TT ball sound. Kids have fallen in love with them.

Pros Cons
Great deal for cats, dogs, and kids Professional players could find the product not up to the mark
Good quality  
Vibrant orange color  

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Butterfly R40+ TT Balls

Butterfly R40+ Table Tennis Balls are all white in color with a beautiful company logo on them. The pink-colored company logo on the white background does look fascinating. The balls are perfectly round and approved by ITTF for tournament play. The packaging has two options: one has 3 balls in it and the other has 12 balls in it.

Pros Cons
High uniformity Not any cons
Stable rotation  
Good speed and balance  

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Jedulin 40MM Ping Pong Balls

Image Source- Amazon

Jedulin 40MM Ping Pong Balls are the only ones in this list that have multiple color options. The color options are white, blue, green, pink, and yellow. The fascinating thing is that all these color options have very small price differences between them. This makes these balls affordable to everyone and really adds meaning to having the number of color options.

Pros Cons
Multiple color options Not any cons
Affordable price  
Very little price difference between differently colored balls  

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How long do table tennis balls typically last?

The durability of table tennis balls depends on factors like usage, conditions, and quality. ABS plastic balls, known for their high quality, outlast celluloid balls and can maintain performance through many matches with proper care.

Why are table tennis balls orange?

Table tennis balls are often orange for better visibility against the green table and surroundings, aiding players and spectators. This color choice ensures easier tracking of the ball, especially indoors where lighting conditions may vary.

Are ping pong balls flammable?

Yes, ping pong balls, which are typically made of celluloid or ABS plastic, are flammable. Celluloid, the traditional material used in ping pong balls, is highly flammable and can ignite easily if exposed to flames or high heat. ABS plastic, which is increasingly used in modern ping pong balls, is less flammable than celluloid but can still catch fire under extreme conditions.

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