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Top 15 Best Tracksuits For Women | Upgrade Your Athleisure Game

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Women and girls have been faring well in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to competing in this male dominant society. However, things are changing as nowadays there are no barriers for women, they can explore any field they want and can support their families. Among all the departments of life and career, the department which has experienced the highest surge in women participation is none other than the sports field and sports-related activities. An integral part of sports is a sportswear and when it comes to sportswear, tracksuits are an inevitable part. Hence to help out budding girls/women to follow their passion for sports, here is the list of the top 15 best tracksuits to buy.

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Girls and women contributed much to society with their skills and knowledge and if they have a desire and passion for sports, they can even go for a career in sports as well. This is the new India, and everybody should be proud of this fact.

Difference Between Male & Female Tracksuits

man women tracksuits- KreedOn
Image Source- Man of Many

Well, to be honest, there isn’t any significant difference in the tracksuits for men and women. The ultimate aim is to provide comfort while doing athletic activities and protect the body from cold. So, men can use female tracksuits and vice versa, there isn’t much difference as long as the size of the tracksuit perfectly fits you. If you are still worried about it, go for unisex tracksuits!

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Best Tracksuits for Women

Sr. No Women’s tracksuits
1. Adidas women’s Tracksuit
2. Nike Women Academy 18 Tracksuit Jacket
3. Puma Women’s Tracksuit
4. Nike Women Nsw Essential Pique Tracksuit
5. CHKOKKO Women Sports Zipper Running Winter Track Suit Set
6. Alan Jones Women’s Tracksuit
7. RIGO Tracksuit for Women
8. TEMPEST Women’s Full Zipper Tracksuit
9. Clovia Women’s Tracksuit
10. Puma Women’s Track Suit
11. RIGO Long Sleeves Printed Track Suit For Women
12. YHA Women’s Regular Fit TrackSuits
13. Pink Puma Women’s Track Suit
14. Monte Carlo Women’s Polyester Tracksuit
15. Adidas Women’s Track Top

Adidas Women’s Tracksuit

Adidas womens Track Suit

This beautiful colour tracksuit for women is designed to have a regular fit, providing a comfortable wear. It’s made primarily of polyester fabric, with a composition of 94% recycled polyester and 6% elastane. The color is described as Viccri and the design features a solid pattern. The sleeves are long, and the neckline is styled as a high neck, ensuring a regular fit throughout the garment.

Pros Cons
Unique color Costly
High-quality polyester material  

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Nike Women Hooded Sweatshirt

Nike Women Hooded Sweatshirt - KreedOn
Image Source- Amazon

This garment is crafted from cotton, offering comfort and breathability. Designed with a hood for added style and functionality, this jacket features a hooded neck for a snug fit. Care for this item is easy as it is machine washable. Originating from Vietnam, this AS W NK ESSENTIAL JACKET comes in Arctic Orange/Reflective Silver, with the style code CU3218-800, available in size Large.

Pros Cons
Color looks amazing No Cons
Hooded Neck  
Slim Fit  

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Puma Women’s Tracksuit

Puma Women’s Tracksuit comes in black and the Puma logo is in white color which attracts attention, and you would never want to take your eyes off it. The material used for this tracksuit is polyester.

Pros Cons
The black color looks fantastic Expensive
High-quality polyester  

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Nike Women Nsw Essential Pique Track Suit

Nike Women Essential Pique Track Suit - KreedOn
Image Source- Amazon

This attire facilitates comfortable movement and layering. The trousers are designed in a jogger style, featuring a standard fit completed with an elastic cuff for added convenience. The relaxed, easy feel is achieved with a standard fit, ensuring comfort throughout wear.

Pros Cons
Stylish Highly Expensive
Soft and comfortable fittings  
Closure Type- Zipper  

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CHKOKKO Women Sports Zipper Running Winter Track Suit Set

CHKOKKO Women Sports Zipper Running Winter Track Suit Set

CHKOKKO Women Sports Zipper Running Winter Track Suit Set comes up with 26 color options. The tracksuit is made of 100% breathable Polyester fabric that imparts a softer texture to provide comfort with strength. The designs are also quite attractive.

Pros Cons
100% breathable polyester fabric Material quality is not up to the standards
Side pockets for both jacket and pants  

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Alan Jones Women’s Tracksuit

Alan Jones Clothing Womens Cotton Track Suit - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Alan Jones Women’s Tracksuit comes in a color called Dusty Pink. In simpler words, it is a slightly lesser bright pink. The tracksuit is made of blended cotton. Most of the time, there are a lot of restrictions on how a tracksuit should be washed. But to everyone’s delight, this tracksuit will maintain its quality even with a machine or normal hand washing techniques.

Pros Cons
Made of blended cotton Not any cons
Can be washed in a machine  
Can withstand any wash  

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RIGO Tracksuit for Women

Track Siut for women - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

RIGO Tracksuit for Women is one of the cheapest tracksuits on this list. However, there hasn’t been any compromise when it comes to the quality of the product. The tracksuit has a pretty color combination of black and pink. Well, the pink strip on the black background looks terrific.

Pros Cons
Low price high quality Washing restrictions need to be followed
The unique and equally attractive color combination  

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TEMPEST Women’s Full Zipper Tracksuit

Image Source: Amazon

TEMPEST ladies Full Zipper Tracksuit has a total of 3 color options; however, the color changes are only limited to zipper colors. The zippers are available in three colors viz. red, green, and orange. The green zipper with black color gives you a glowing look.

Pros Cons
Lightweight There could have been some designs on the tracksuit
Keeps sweat away  

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Clovia Women’s Tracksuit

Clovia Women's Polyester Activewear Sports Zipper Sweatshirt

Clovia Women’s Tracksuit comes in two color options, and they are green and blue. The tracksuit is made of polyester and spandex. The neck is polo-type. So, if you are slightly tight on budget, but still want to have a career in sports, this is the tracksuit for you.

Pros Cons
Affordable Not any cons
Two color options  

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Puma Women Track Suit

Puma Womens Track Suit | KreedOn
Image Source- Amazon

The track suit, known as the Classic Tricot Suit OP, boasts a brand color of Dark Night. Crafted from polyester, it offers durability and comfort, making it suitable for basic activities.

Pros Cons
Attractive Not any cons
It Has Utility Pocket  

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