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Top 10 Best Tennis shoes in India to uplift your performance

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You don’t need to be a professional tennis player or a hardcore lover of the game if you want to buy a perfect pair of tennis shoes. Be it professional or amateur, every athlete deserves and wishes to have the most comfortable pair of shoes which suit them and their game style. But finding a perfect pair that fulfill all your parameters can be an overwhelming and difficult job at times.

One needs to consider so many aspects while buying a good pair of shoes. Then you have to browse various shoes to decide which one fits best your criteria. Don’t worry, we are here to cut short your efforts.

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We’ve made your quest much easier by making a list of the best tennis shoes. This list will help you decide how to buy a perfect pair of tennis shoes and what are the parameters that should be kept in mind while buying a shoe.

Factors to consider while buying Tennis shoes

Following are the factors one must consider while buying a perfect pair of shoes, be it for walking, running, or Tennis. These factors will help you choose the best and most affordable tennis shoes.

  • Comfortability
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Price 

List of best tennis shoes for men & women 

S.NBest Tennis shoes
1ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis
2Reebok Classics Men’s Reebok Royal Techque T Ce Leather Tennis Shoe
3Adidas Men’s APAC Halo M Tennis Shoe
4Adidas Men’s Rush M Running Shoe
5Nike Men’s Court Royale Ac Sneakers
6Nike Women’s WMNS Court Royale Ac Se Sneakers
7ASICS Women’s E850n Gel-Court Speed
8Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2
9Reebok Prince Club C 85 Shoes
10Adidas Women’s Courtjam Bounce W Tennis Shoe

ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis: Asics Tennis Shoes

Best Tennis Shoes - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon
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ASICS Gel Resolution, one of the finest pairs of tennis shoes, it ranks 1st on our list. Despite being quite expensive, the quality of these ASICS shoes can’t be denied. 

It is one of the most prominent tennis shoes which is currently available in the Indian market, the Asics Gel series will never disappoint you.

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The most recent version of this series is an upgraded edition of the Gel Resolution 7 pair. It is definitely a great tennis shoe for anyone who is willing to make a mark in the tennis court.

Having a distinctive design and incredible durability on hard court floors, it is one of the best options for those seeking a reliable pair of tennis shoes for themselves or their loved once.

Great tractionQuite expensive
Very durable
Incredibly comfortable for players of any skill level

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Reebok Classics Men’s Reebok Royal Techque T Ce Leather Tennis Shoe: Tennis Shoes for men

Best Tennis Shoes - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

A great pair from Reebok, these men’s tennis shoes have nice durability due to their high abrasion rubber outsole.

Not only that, but these comfortable pairs are very stable as well due to their great lateral support.

These Reebok shoes are incredibly supportive and have great breathability. These features make this pair a great pair of tennis shoes. Having this pair in your bad will definitely make a difference in your game.

Durability is good Durability can be an issue in the long term
Great lateral supportThe fitting can be a problem
Great Stability and BreathabilityNot water-resistant

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Adidas Men’s APAC Halo M Tennis Shoe: Adidas Tennis Shoes

Adidas Men's APAC Halo M Tennis Shoe
Image Source- Amazon

Adidas is a brand that has gained immense popularity by consistently delivering quality products for a long time. Be it T-shirts, lowers, shorts or shoes, Adidas has always delivered the best products. 

This pair by Adidas has great fitting and are very comfortable. These tennis shoes are made out of outer runner soles and comfort insoles.

The upper material of these shoes is made of mesh and these shoes offer great value for their money. 

Undoubtedly, these Adidas tennis shoes are among the best tennis shoes for men.

Great fittingA bit expensive 
Very comfortableThe width can be increased
Very technical shoes 

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Adidas Men’s Rush M Running Shoe: Adidas Tennis Shoes for Men

Roll over image to zoom - KreedOn in Visit the Adidas Store Adidas Men's Rush M Running Shoe
Image Source: Amazon

Another great pair from Adidas, the Men’s Rush M running shoes are the most durable and comfortable shoes in an affordable price range.

They have great cushioning and offer grip on multiple surfaces. These Adidas tennis shoes also have a Nova midsole which provides extra comfort. Broad lace is a specialty of this shoe.

Great cushioning and nice gripNarrow feet can cause discomfort 
Very comfortableNot water-resistant
High durabilityThe fitting can be an issue

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Nike Men’s Court Royale Ac Sneakers: Nike Tennis Shoes

Best tennis shoes - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Nike is probably the first brand that comes to mind when anyone thinks about shoes. This famous brand has cemented itself as a leading brand by building trust among its customers over the years.

This pair from Nike delivers everything that one expects from a good pair of shoes. These sneakers are not only comfortable but also very durable and long-lasting.

They are constructed with breathable mesh and a durable rubber outsole to help with traction. 

One of the best Nike tennis shoes available in the market, it is undoubtedly a great buy.

Great qualityA size larger might be a better choice 
Incredibly comfortableNot for thick feet
Nice breathability Toes too narrow

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Nike Women’s WMNS Court Royale Ac Se Sneakers

Best Tennis Shoes - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Incredibly stylish with a retro vibe, this pair from Nike has a very unique and old-school design.

With a traditional look and classic clean lines, this pair is a great choice for those who have a retro taste.

Not only that but the pair stands high on comfort and durability as well. One of the best tennis shoes for women, these Nike tennis shoes do not disappoint.

Classic design and retro styleA bit too stiff
Incredibly comfortable A little too tight
Durable traction

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ASICS Women’s E850n Gel-Court Speed

Tennis Shoes - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

A great option for both advanced and intermediate players, these Asics tennis shoes will be a great choice if you are looking for tennis shoes for women.

Incredibly fast and durable, this shoe was designed for players who train extra hard.

This shoe has great shock-absorbing technology, and it helps during propulsion too.

Less friction and injuryFitting issue
Increased shock absorptionWeight might be a problem 
Great toe durabilityThe width is narrow

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2

Image Source: Amazon

A great pair from Nike, these Nike tennis shoes are durable and are very suitable for all types of tennis players.

These lightweight shoes have great breathability and are very supportive as compared to older versions.

Moreover, this pair has a new lacing pattern which offers a great fitting.

These features make it one of the most useful tennis shoes for women.

More supportive and comfortable The shoes are not for people looking for incredibly comfortable pairs.
Durable and lighter
Great stability 

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Reebok Prince Club C 85 Shoes: Tennis Shoes for Women


The incredibly popular brand Reebok collaborated with another brand called Prince to make highly comfortable and good-looking shoes.

These retro and stylish sneakers are made of synthetic upper material and rubbed outer sole.

These pair have great lacing which makes this pair one of the best fits for toes in high-intensity matches. This shoe has a record of performing exceptionally under the scorching sun.

Very stylishA bit heavy
Great stability
Made in collab with the state of Serena Williams

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Adidas Women’s Courtjam Bounce W Tennis Shoe: Adidas Tennis Shoes

Image Source: Amazon

Another win for Adidas, this pair by the brand lives up to its expectations. These lightweight shoes can be used everywhere but are specifically made for the local courts.

These shoes are a great choice for those who love to play on clay courts. They are also very breathable with great durability and amazing cushioning.

Great cushioningThe width of the toe cannot be an issue
Very durable outsolesNot very comfortable
Increased stability

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