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20 best tennis rackets to buy in 2022 – Rule the court with these rackets

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A racket is the most essential thing one needs to play the game of Lawn tennis. The better the quality of your racket, the more fun you will have and the better you will be at the game. While basic tennis rackets might be suitable for beginners and casual players, players who take the game more seriously might need the best tennis rackets.

Whatever your need is, this list made by us will help you find the best tennis rackets for you.

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So, without wasting any more time, let’s know more about the top 20 best tennis rackets.

Complete List of Top 20 Best Tennis Rackets

S. NoBest Tennis Rackets
1Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket
2HEAD Ti.Conquest Tennis Racquet 
3Wilson WRT30400U3 Federer Team Graphite Tennis Racquet
4HEAD Ti S6 graphite-titanium Tennis Racquet
5Nivia Attack Ti Tennis Racket
6Cosco Max Power Aluminium Tennis Racquet
7HEAD Titanium 1000 Tennis Racquet
8Babolat Pulsion 105 Tennis Racquet
9Nivia R-25 Alloy Steel Tennis Racquet
10WILSON Energy XL Tennis Racket

Wilson WRT3056003 Other Tennis Racquet, US Open 3 

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HEAD Titanium 3100 Strung Titanium Tennis Racquet


HEAD Microgel Radical Midplus Tennis Racket – Pre-Strung 27 Inch Tennis racket for Adult


Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 Tennis Racquet


HEAD Attitude Elite MX Graphite Tennis Racquet


WILSON Pro Staff Precision 100 Black Strung Tennis Racquet

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Cosco Aluminum Tennis Racquet


Nivia Pro Drive Tennis Racket 7050


Nivia G-21 Aluminium Tennis Racquet


Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket

Details/Price/Characteristics of top 10 best tennis racquets

Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung: Best Wilson Tennis Rackets

Best Tennis Rackets - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

This is the perfect tennis racket for beginners, this racket from Wilson will help you in boosting your confidence level if you are new to the game.

The racket is helpful in hitting the shots with more power and accuracy. Not only that, this racket offers extra strength through V-Matrix technology and longer strings.

A lightweight racket at a reasonable price, this Wilson tennis racket is one of the best tennis rackets for beginners.

Increased powerLess control 
Lightweight and durable Can be a bit heavier than other lightweight models
Shock absorptionA lot of vibrations 

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HEAD Ti.Conquest Tennis Racquet: Best Tennis Rackets

Best Tennis Rackets - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

This lightweight beginner’s tennis racket is designed specifically to provide more control over the ball.

Incredibly stable and reasonably priced, this tennis racket is helpful for consistent strokes and is easy to handle.

If you need a great tennis racket, and your budget is not too big, this tennis racket is a great option.

Extra power and stability Durability
Enlarged sweet spotLimited control
Lightweight racketNot the best choice for intermediate and advanced level players

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Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racquet: Best Tennis Rackets

Best Tennis Rackets - KreedOn
Image Sourrc: Amazon

As suggested by the name, this Wilson tennis racket seeks to provide stability and power at the level of tennis legend Roger Federer’s tennis racket.

With easy stroke-making and longer strings for more power, this tennis racket will be a great buy for beginners. 

This tennis racket helps in hitting the ball considerably with sweet spots and helps boost the confidence of beginners.

Easy strokesA bit on the heavy side
Ideal for beginnersNot for advanced level players
Great stability Control can be an issue

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HEAD Ti S6 graphite-titanium Tennis Racquet: Head Tennis Rackets

Best Tennis Rackets - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Weighing only 215 grams, these extremely lightweight tennis rackets generate tons of power for their shots.

Giving us a higher margin of errors and providing more consistency, this tennis racket is very easy to use.

Perfect tennis racket for intermediate players, this best-selling tennis rackets have a great swing. It is truly one of the best tennis rackets available in India today.

Extremely lightweightDurability can be an issue
Great consistency and easy to useString issues
Head heavy balance for powerful shots

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Nivia Attack Ti Tennis Racket: Lawn Tennis Rackets

Tennis Rackets - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

A great option for beginners, this racket weighs around 300 grams and has an aluminum body of 79 centimeters in length.

Extremely lightweight with great grip, this tennis racket from Nivia helps in having good control while hitting the.

A perfect combination of power, stiffness, and flexibility, this tennis racket will be a great buy.

Incredible gripDurability
Nice controlNot suitable for power shots
Great flexibility The grip can become an issue over time

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Cosco Max Power Aluminium Tennis Racquet: Racquet Sports

Best Tennis Rackets - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Value-efficient, and incredibly cost-effective, this Cosco tennis racket is one of the most suitable tennis rackets in India.

Great balance with its 260-gram weight and 320-340 mm diameter, this tennis racket doesn’t disappoint when it comes to function.

This fine-tuned racket from Cosco will ensure that you hit the ball with incredible power. It is undoubtedly one of the best tennis rackets in the market today.

Great value for moneyThe grip can be tighter
Nicely balancedDurability 
Provides extra powerA bit heavy

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HEAD Titanium 1000 Tennis Racquet: Head Tennis Racket

Image Source: Amazon

A great product from the well-loved brand Head, this tennis racket can do wonders on the tennis court.

The small grip size and shorter length provide additional control to the user. Moreover, this racket is pocket friendly too.

With a string pattern of 16×19 and a 330 mm balance, this tennis racket is a great choice for beginner players.

The user has extra control over their shotsNot for professionals 
Incredible balance and affordableFinishing is not very good
Great for beginners Not very attractive 

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Babolat Tennis Racquet: Pulsion 105

Image Source: Amazon

A great product by the brand Babolat, the Pulsion 105 is one of the best tennis rackets you can buy.

Despite being an aluminum racket, the Babolat pulsion 105 is very stable due to its composite frame.

A larger sweet spot, along with a larger head makes it easier to strike the ball with confidence. Its ability to generate great power also makes it a great option.

Very Stable tennis racketsNot any noticeable issue as of now
Can generate great power
Larger sweet spot

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Nivia R-25 Alloy Steel: Best Tennis Rackets for beginners

Image Source: Amazon

These Nivia tennis rackets are made up of alloy and are 25-inch in length. These tennis rackets are designed to provide the user with great comfort while playing intense matches.

The grip of this product is firm and helps generate a lot of strength while hitting powerful shots.

Useful for all kinds of players, the Nivia R-25 can be used as a backup racket whenever you wish to rest your main tennis racket.

Very comfortable Durability can be an issue
Firm gripA bit heavy 
Generates a lot of strength Better used as a backup racket

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WILSON Energy XL Tennis Racket: Wilson Tennis Rackets

Image Source: Amazon

Ultra-lightweight rackets suitable for beginners and recreational players, these Wilson tennis rackets reduce any margin of error while hitting powerful shots.

This feature alone makes it a great buy. But in addition to this, this racket has an extra length which allows for extra momentum in the shots.

With longer sweet spots and increased control, these Wilson tennis rackets are truly one of the best tennis rackets. 

Ultra-lightweight racketsA bit expensive
The extra length helps in momentum Not very durable 
Great control

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