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Top 9 Best Sports Podcast In The World | Enhance Your Sports Knowledge With Entertainment

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Sports Podcasts are often intriguing and keep you hooked till the end. They inspire you to achieve your goals irrespective of any difficulties. The podcasts tell you inside stories about the journey of an athlete and some exciting anecdotes along with it. You feel like you have experienced the journey of the sportsperson from very close corners. Let us have a look at some of the best podcasts that will keep you entertained, motivated, and inspired.

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Top 9 Best Sports Podcast In The World

1 ESPN Daily
2 I Am Athlete
3 Fantasy Focus Football
4 Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson
5 Cricket Unfiltered
6 The Grade Cricketer
7 That’s What she said with Sarah Spain
8 The Bill Simmons Podcast
9 30 for 30 Podcasts

ESPN Daily

Top 9 Best Sports Podcast In The World | KreedOn

It is a podcast that is released every morning from Monday to Friday and delves deeply into the major news of the day. It has been such a success that ESPN introduced its own version that is majorly focused on the sports industry. 

I Am Athlete

Image Source- Youtube

It is the first podcast showcasing athletes speaking with other athletes. The former NFL All-Pro player Brandon Marshall’s I Am Athlete is a shining example of how athletes can improve lives beyond the highlights. I Am Athlete is a group therapy session, tailgate party, intervention, and interview, and all are packed into one podcast that will alter the way you view every sport. It is hosted by Marshall and fellow former NFL stars Adam “Pacman” Jones and Lesean Mccoy.

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Fantasy Focus Football

Top 9 Best Sports Podcast In The World | KreedOn

It is an ideal podcast for people who play Fantasy Football. This show contains football analysis and interviews airing five days a week. The program even managed to air 5 days a week even during the COVID pandemic. 

Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson

Image Source- Youtube

This podcast is hosted by Mike Tyson and keeps you glued throughout each episode. In a smoke-filled studio, Tyson spills his soul into chats with brilliant thinkers, famous people, and sportspersons. The way you view the world will alter as a result of this show. It is a must-watch podcast for every sports follower.

Cricket Unfiltered

Top 9 Best Sports Podcast In The World | KreedOn
Image Source- Spotify

This weekly podcast is ideal for cricket fans. With in-depth analysis, conversation, and debate, you can get closer to the game than ever before. The podcast is created by Andrew Menczel and the media behemoth Newscorp. The national cricket reporting team from Newscorp is featured in the program. Fans of cricket must listen to this.

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The Grade Cricketer

PATREON SNEAK PEAK - The Eye Poke Story by The Grade Cricketer

Sam Perry, Dave Edwards, and Ian Higgins are three Australian cricket writers who go under the pen name “The Grade Cricketer”. It is a weekly program providing news, commentary, and interviews with prominent figures from the cricket world. The podcast infuses sports analysis with humor, millennial slang, and playfulness. This podcast is greatly popular amongst the youth. 

That’s What She Said with Sarah Spain

Top 9 Best Sports Podcast In The World | KreedOn
Image Source- ESPN

If Sarah Spain’s memorable appearances on Around the Horn on ESPN have won you over, allow us to introduce you to That’s What She Said with Sarah Spain. You’ll find out what’s happening in the sports world, including interviews with Billie Jean King and Becky Hammon, as well as recent programmes on mental health.

The Bill Simmons Podcast

Bill Simmons - YouTube

It is the remedy for anyone who cannot sit for two hours of sports conversation but yet desires to depart with sufficient knowledge to claim to be a sports fan. You’ll undoubtedly discover that The Bill Simmons Podcast is the sports, culture, and everything else podcast that you’ll keep returning to, with anything from Bachelor recaps to celebrity interviews mixed in with guessing gambling odds.

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30 for 30 Podcasts

Image Source- ESPN

The creation of a podcast that captures the beauty, immediacy, and attention to detail of the long-running TV series may have seemed unachievable when 30 for 30 Podcasts was initially imagined. Work your way back, starting with The King of Crenshaw, which examines how the NBA was affected by the passing of rapper Nipsey Hussle.

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