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10 Sports Commercials that blew our minds with Creativity!

Sports players are some of the biggest celebrities around the world. So it comes as a no surprise that names like Messi, Ronaldo, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and many more are famous amongst global brands when it comes to advertising. And in the days of the internet where marketing is the most crucial part of a business, companies have come up with some of the most creatives sports commercials you will ever see.

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Of course, brands like Nike and Pepsi are some of the most creative brands when it comes to the creativity of the advertisements.  In India, the Indian Premier League is not only the most successful T20 League but has also created a number of ads which will be remembered for years. Here are the 10 sports commercials that blew our minds with creativity:

Nike – The Switch

What if Cristiano Ronaldo had to start all over again? Put in all those hours at the training ground once again and find his way to the top. Well, that is exactly the story behind Nike’s one of the most creative and perfectly directed ad – The Switch!

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CR7 and a kid from England, somehow switch their lives but still find a way to get to the top in the changed surroundings. Only Nike could think of something like that!

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Nike – Brazil Airport

How do you kill off time at the airport? Most people read books, listen to the music for but not the Brazilian football team. The Selecao’s are known for playing football and that is exactly what they decided to do at the airport.

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Shot just before Brazil’s 1998 World Cup campaign, this classic advertisement featured the country’s top footballers dribbling past the security, passing the ball on the runways and conveyor belts only for Ronaldo to hit the post in the end.

Messi-Federer in Gillette Commercial

What if Leo Messi and Roger Federer, legends in their field, decided to opt for some other sports? In this hilarious Gillette ad, both the players experience the famous sports of different nations, like Sumo wrestling in Japan, Cricket in Indian, etc.

It eventually comes down to Argentina vs Brazil football game with Federer in the goal for Brazil. Can Messi score against him?

Messi & Kobe Bryant for Turkish Airlines

Usually a serious guy on the field, Messi seems to be a fun loving character in front of the camera. In this ad for the Turkish Airlines, Messi and one of the best basketball players of all time, Kobe Bryant is trying to impress a kid in the plane.

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How hard could it be for the legends of their games to impress a kid? Turns out, pretty hard!

Bharat Band

The IPL is pretty much every Indian’s priority over anything else. And that is what Sony tried to convey before the start of the IPL 4 in 2011.

Creating a scene of ‘Bharat Band’ due to the IPL, Sony had us believing that a guy would rather watch the IPL game than helping out a pretty girl. Well, we all know what will actually happen in that situation, don’t we?

Sachin Tendulkar and Shahrukh Khan for Pepsi

To what extent can you go for your favorite beverage? In this classic 90s commercial, Shahrukh Khan decided to dress up as Sachin Tendulkar and entered the Indian dressing room just for a bottle of Pepsi. The move eventually turned out to be a bad idea as you can see:

Manoranjan Ka Baap!

The IPL is without a doubt the most entertaining time of the year for everyone involved. Sony decided to use the same wordplay for one of their oldest IPL advertisement, calling it the mother of entertainment. (Yes, translations can be tricky)

Pepsi – Change the Game

What if Chelsea’s legendary trio – Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres, and Frank Lampard had to play the game of cricket against Kohli, Bhajji and Raina for a can of Pepsi. In yet another funny sports commercial, Pepsi mixed football and Cricket in the best way possible. And the Chelsea trio almost won the game but someone special did not let that happen. Who?

IPL Anthem 2018

While Sony had IPL’s broadcasting rights, they kept their commercials on the light side as we saw earlier. But Star Sports, legends of the modern day cricket advertisements, added a lot of intensity in the commercials. In this 2018 ad, Star recreated one of the most famous patriotic songs in India and turned it into the IPL anthem.

And trust me, you will want to listen to this song again and again.

P&G Thank You Mom (Rio 2016)

In one of the most heart touching sports commercials, P&G thanked mothers from around the world for taking care of their kids in childhood, who went on to become Olympic heroes. Really, Thank You Mom!


Well who doesn’t like Bonuses?! Here is a bonus sports commercial from Nike titled “Dream Crazy” that may arguably be one of this year’s best yet:

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