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10 Best Sports Autobiographies you should grab today!

A Legendary actor, Eddie Cantor once said, “It took me 20 years to make an overnight success”. And he couldn’t be more correct. When we, the fans, watch our beloved sports stars creating records and winning trophies, we only see the successful side of their lives. But how did they get there, at the top, where millions can only imagine? Hence the sports autobiographies, which tell us all about the difficulties faced by players, their years of hard work and fight against the odds.

Usually, a good movie is the one with a fantastic storyline and a perfect ending. And although that obviously holds true for books, sports biographies/autobiographies are more than that. Along with the difficulties faced by an athlete, those books teach us more about the game we love. A behind the scenes overview of both athletes and the sport.

Here are 10 such sports biographies that you must add to your library:

The Greatest: My Own Story (Muhammad Ali):

Sports biographies (Credits Compareraja.in)

A Shot at History (Abhinav Bindra):

Sports Biographies (Credits Amazon)

The TB12 Method (Tom Brady):

Sports Biographies (Credits The Football Girl)

The Race of My Life (Milkha Singh):

Sports Biographies (Credits Robert Books)

Unbreakable (Mary Kom):

Sports Biographies (Credits Amazon)

Playing It My Way (Sachin Tendulkar):

Credits Cricket Concern)

Soul Surfer (Bethany Hamilton):

Credits Quotesgram

The Test of My Life (Yuvraj Singh):

Credits Quotesgram

My Turn: The Autobiography (Johan Cruyff):

Credits World of Johan Cruyff

The Blind Side (Michael Oher):

Credits hpr.org
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