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Top 20 Best Skating Board Available Online | Buy Today & Learn A New Skill

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Skateboarding is no doubt an entertaining activity, especially for kids. Along with entertainment, skateboarding does have its professional forms and it is played as a professional sport in European countries. Skateboarding in India is only limited to a very small number of people, but it is an exciting activity to watch and Indians without any hesitation, will admit it. Skating board made its Olympic debut in Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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Being an outdoor sport and outdoor recreational activity, skateboarding also helps to burn calories, keeps the body flexible, strengthens the muscles, releases stress, and improves the coordination between your eyes, arms, legs, and feet.


This article will tell you everything regarding the top 10 best skating boards in the market, basic information about skateboarding, parts of skating board and types of skate board

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Basic information about a skating board


Image Source- Olympics.com

As discussed earlier, skateboarding hasn’t had a wide reach in India. Despite social media and everything, people don’t have any knowledge or know the least info about the sport of skateboarding.

A skating board is a small piece of wood in the shape of a surfboard with four wheels attached to it. A single person rides the skateboard, guiding the movement with his feet. Skateboards are mostly used to perform stunts and surprisingly, they are also used for small-distance travel.

Parts of skateboard


Image Source- Wikimedia Commons


  • Deck – This is the standing platform, made from layers of laminated wood.
  • Trucks – Allow the board to turn and provide axles for the wheels.
  • Wheels – Allow the board to roll and provide housing for the bearings.
  • Bearings – Fit inside the sides of the wheels and allow them to spin freely.
  • Grip Tape – Applied to the top of the deck to provide grip for your feet.
  • Hardware – Nuts and bolts that hold the trucks on the deck.

Types of skateboards based & their usage

Generally, the skateboard size is picked as per the size of the shoes of the skateboarder.

Following is the chart explaining the ideal skateboard size as per age and shoe size:

Deck Width Age Shoe Size (Men’s) Shoe Size (Women’s) Height
7″ or Less 8 or Younger 6 or smaller 7.5 or smaller 4’4″ or less
7″- 7.5″ 9 – 12 6 – 8 7.5 – 9.5 4’5″ – 5’2″
7.5″+ 13+ 9+ 10+ 5’3″ +

However, there is no hard-core rule about what the size of the skateboard should be. It is a completely personal choice.

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Top 20 Best Skating Board Available Online


Sr. No. Skateboards
1. Strauss Bronx Skateboard
2. Nivia Wooden Skateboard
3. Jaspo Hurricane Ollie
4. Klapp Skateboard
5. Famous Quality Wave Board Ripstick Ripster
6. RONTENO Wave Board
7. Kamachi skateboard
8. IRIS Complete Cruiser Skateboard
9. Jonex Super Tenacity Mini Skate Board
10. Leona Enterprise Complete Skateboard online

Scrap 34 Inch X 9 Inch Waveboard Skateboard


VAGHASIYA SALES ® Portable Handheld Skateboard


Strauss Kids Skateboard


WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners


METROLLER Skateboard


Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard for Kids


Strauss Cruiser Penny Skateboard


Jaspo Destructor Camouflage


Jaspo Dragon Fire Light Weight Fiber Skateboard


Sell pluse® Skateboard

Strauss Bronx Skateboard

Best Skateboard | Image Source: Amazon

Strauss Bronx Skateboard is for people who want to kick start their journey with a skateboard below their feet. There are four different color options available. Along with colors, the graphics are attractive. The board size is 31 x 8 inches, and the weight is 2200 grams.

Pros Cons
High-quality carbon ball bearing for a smooth ride Not durable
Firm wooden base  
Affordable price  

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Nivia Wooden Skateboard

Best Skateboard | Image Source: Amazon

Nivia Wooden Skateboard also comes in a size of 31 x 8 inches. The skateboard is made of wood which weighs 1890 Grams. The skating board are perfect for beginners as they have all the necessary things to help the newbie. The wheels are not smooth as they should have been.

Pros Cons
Ideal for beginners Wheels are not smooth
Lightweight as compared to other skateboards  

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Jaspo Hurricane Ollie

Best Skateboard | Image Source: Amazon

Jaspo Hurricane Ollie has a lot of options when it comes to styling. The rounded edges make the skateboard look awesome. Double pillar design provides greater control, allows for a wide range of tricks, and easy gripping control. High-angle gravity cast trucks are perfect for carving and aggressive riding. Overall, it is one of the best skateboards, so just go for it.

Pros Cons
Double pillar design Color vanishes within one month
55mm polyurethane-injected  

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Klapp Skating Board for kids

Best Skateboard | Image Source: Aamzon

Klapp Skating board is perhaps the most affordable skateboard, yet you don’t need to compromise when it comes to quality and features. The 3D graphics make it very eye-catching. The skateboard can be used by both men and women and boys and girls.

Pros Cons
Unisex use Not easy for beginners to handle
3D graphics  
Perfect for gifting  

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Famous Quality Wave Board Ripstick Ripster

Best Skateboard | Image Source: Amazon

The famous Quality Wave Board Ripstick Ripster comes in a very unique shape. Unlike a rectangle-like shape, this skating board has two bulging shapes connected by a narrow rod-like structure. The flames printed on the board give it a stunning look. Slip-resistant concave deck platforms and high-grade urethane wheels with high-grade bearings ensure a smooth ride.

Pros Cons
Slip resistant deck Not very smooth
Alloy Made Wheels Grip can hurt
Can hold a weight of more than 90 KG  

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RONTENO Wave skating board for beginners

Best Skateboard | Image Source: Amazon

RONTENO Wave Board also has the same shape as that of Ripstick Ripster. The dimensions are 34″ x 8.9″. The board has a 4-ply reinforced steel torsion bar which delivers unmatched sturdiness. With such a strong torsion bar in place, it shouldn’t be any surprise if the board can carry a person of 100 KG.

Pros Cons
360-degree caster People have experienced quality issues
Anti-slip design  
Interchangeable deck plates  

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Kamachi skating board for beginners

Image Source: Amazon

Kamachi skateboard online has quite a unique graphic of a cool DJ printed on it. The board comes in three size options and they are 17”*5″, 24”*6, and 31”*8″. The board has topline construction, with a high-density wood deck, and polyurethane wheels.

Pros Cons
Multiple size options Not made to carry heavy people
Cool graphics  
Polyurethane wheels  

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IRIS Complete Cruiser skating board for beginners

Image Source: Amazon

IRIS Complete Cruiser Skateboard comes in 5 color options and to everyone’s delight, all the color varieties have zero difference in their price. The wheels have lights embedded in them and quite interestingly the lights don’t need a battery to light up, all they need is friction between the wheels and the road surface.

Pros Cons
The deck is made of polypropylene which enhances the durability Not any cons
Bright colors and fashionable patterns  
casters are made of resistant Polyurethane  

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Jonex Super Tenacity Mini Skating Board Online Buy

Image Source: Amazon

Jonex Super Tenacity Mini Skateboard is made of alloy steel and its chassis is of steel. The board doesn’t have any color options. Yes, it lacks funky graphics, but it can be the best skating board for the one who loves simplicity. It is also very affordable.

Pros Cons
Simple yet effective design Wheels lack smoothness
Use of alloy steel  
Best for kids of age 3-5 years  

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Leona Enterprise Complete Skating Board

Image Source: Amazon

Leona Enterprise Complete Skateboard has a total of 16 color and design options. You could have your favorite cartoon printed on it or a favorite superhero or anything. The skateboard is extremely light in weight, to be precise; 400 grams. The materials used are Chinese maple, fiber, and plastic.

Pros Cons
Various options for color and design Cannot withstand weight of more than 40 kg
Extremely light in weight  
Use of quality material  

Check Price

List of Other best skating boards by experts

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