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Top 5 Best Skaters in India | The Sport Gaining Popularity Amongst the Youngsters

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The term skating is used to refer to any sport or recreational sport or activity that involves traveling on surfaces or ice using skates or bladelike runners. Though a sport that is still finding its place among the masses, skating is being taken up by the youth at a rather fast pace. Skating may be used in a broader sense to refer to both roller skating and skateboarding. In the former, wheels attached to the bottom of shoes are used to glide along the surfaces, whereas in the case of the latter, a board that has wheels attached to the bottom of its surface is used to skate and perform tricks. In this blog, we will look at the top 5 best skaters in India.

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Skaters- KreedOn
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Considered the so-called extreme sport, skateboarding as a professional sport consists of several types of competition in which the competitors try and perform aerobic and rather risky stunts. Often, they will also put the objects present in their surroundings to use, such as stairs, ledges, rails, and other obstacles. Skateboarding has become something of a youth subculture, which is used to express their individuality. Furthermore, the tricks or the combination of tricks depends on the creativity of the rider and is part of the excitement and the appeal of skateboarding.

Roller Skating

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Roller skating is also considered a recreational sport in India. Furthermore, it is rather quickly gaining popularity as a competitive sport. Often taught in some schools as a sport, and several roller skating clubs have also been established in cities and towns.

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Roller skating (or roller sports) in India is governed by the Roller Skating Federation of India. This was founded by S.P Mumick back in 1955. The way this function is as follows; all the roller skaters are registered with a club, the clubs are registered with district associations. These district associations are in turn affiliated with the state association, and finally, the state association is affiliated with the RSFI (Roller Skating Federation of India).

Popular Types of Roller Skating in India

In India, three types of roller skating are common, they are:

  • Speed skating
  • Artistic skating
  • Roller hockey.

India has managed to clinch several medals in various roller events held across the world. This has been possible because of certain skaters from the country who have mastered themselves the art. Let us familiarize ourselves with some of the pioneers of this sport from our country:

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Top 5 Best Skaters in India

S.No Name of Skater
1 Dhanush Babu
2 Sarvesh Amte
3 Anup Kumar Yama
4 Avani Panchal
5 Aadnya Borkar

Skaters in India: Dhanush Babu

Skaters of India- dhanush- KreedOn
image source-monster energy

Dhanush Babu also referred to as the fastest skater in India hails from Bangalore, Karnataka. He is an Indian speed skater who recently represented the country in the 2019 World Roller Games. He was also the first Indian to secure an international roller skating medal for India in 2016 at the Asian Speed Skating Championship and to finish fifth in the 500+D event on the track in 2019. Babu has till now won more than 14 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and five bronze medals at India’s National Championship, a huge accomplishment, nonetheless. He is regarded as one of the best skaters in India.

Babu specializes in the following events:

  • Men’s 100m sprint road,
  • Men’s 200m time trial road,
  • Men’s 500m sprint piste,
  • Men’s 1-lap circuit

For all of his accomplishments and outstanding contributions to the sport of roller skating, he has been conferred with the Karnataka Kreeda Ratna Award in 2018 by the government of Karnataka.

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Skaters in India: Sarvesh Amte

sarvesh amte
image source-urbanpro

Sarvesh Amte is an Indian inline speed skater, an inline hockey player, and an inline slalom player. He was born in Belgaum, Karnataka in 1994. Amte was introduced to the sport of skating in 2010. Soon he discovered that he had quite a knack for it. Therefore, he decided to give it his best, and thereafter, there was no looking back. He represented the country in the 2012 World Slalom Series. He is also a record holder of more than 10 World Records in Skating. Amte has represented his country and state in numerous inline hockey events.

Skaters in India: Anup Kumar Yama

Indian skaters- tama- KreedOn
image source-Deccan Chronicle

Anup Kumar Yama is one of the best skaters in India. He was born in 1984, in a family of athletes. Trained by his father, he started skating at the early age of four. What helped further was that his coach cum father, Veeresh Yama, was also a skater. A second-generation performer, he is ranked first in the world in the ‘Inline Artistic Roller Skating’ category in the 58th World Artistic Roller Skating Championship in Taiwan. He is the record-holder for most medals ever won by an artistic skater in Asia at a single Asian Championship. His achievements don’t end there. Anup has accomplished feats that are otherwise deemed impossible. He also won two bronze medals at the 2010 Asian Games held in Guangzhou, China in the Men’s Single Free Skating and Pairs Skating events with his partner Avani Panchal.

He is the only Indian to win:

  • 80 gold medals at the district level
  • 80 gold medals at the national level
  • Eight gold medals, five silver medals, and nine bronze medals at the Asian level
  • One bronze medal and one gold medal at the world level

For his accomplishments in his field, he was awarded the Arjuna award in 2015 by the Government of India.

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Skaters in India: Avani Panchal

Indian skaters -Panchal- KreedOn
image source-alchetron

Avani Bharat Kumar Panchal (born in Visakhapatnam, in 1991) is an Indian Roller Skate Athlete from the state of Andhra Pradesh. She is one of the best female skaters in India. In the Asian Games that was held in Guangzhou, China in 2010, she won a bronze medal along with her partner Anup Kumar Yama. Avani also has a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree from Andhra University, from which she graduated in 2013.

Skaters in India: Aadnya Borkar

Aadnya Borkar is an Indian-born figure skater, formerly based in Oman. She represented both India and Oman in several events, across different periods. Borkar formerly represented Oman at various international skating competitions, which include the 2001 Skate Asia championships held in Hong Kong where she won six gold, three silver, and one bronze medal. Following this, she also represented India, as she is the four-time Indian national figure skating champion, and has also competed internationally for India for three seasons at the Junior Grand Prix.

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