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List of top 15 best running shoes under 2000: Find out which pair suits you best and achieve all your fitness goals

Best running shoes under 2000 - KreedOn
Image Source: ASICS
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Running is probably the easiest way to remain fit and healthy. You don’t need a lot to run either. All you require is a good road and a great pair of shoes. But finding the best pair might not be that easy. While your friends might find a certain pair more comfortable, you might not. Also, some of you might not want to spend a lot of money on your shoes. We understand that. Here, we have made a list of the best running shoes under 2000. This list consists of the most comfortable and affordable running shoes.

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This article will not only give you choices to pick from but also tips on how to choose your perfect pair.

So without further ado, Let’s begin.

How to select the perfect pair of running shoes

Before we go into the list, here are a few tips that might help you while buying a pair of shoes.

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Comfort comes first

Comfort is the king, always remember that. While a particular brand’s name might be exciting, but choose it only if it fits your comfort standards and suits your body and toe.

Lightweights are always a good choice

Image Source: Road Runner Sports

Always prefer lightweight Shoes running shoes. They will help you walk a few extra miles more comfortably. 

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Finer details matter too

You also might want to check on smaller details. For example, the toe length, flexibility, etc. Small details matter a lot, ignoring these factors might have a bad impact on your body and performance in the long run.

Now we have a brief idea of how to select the best pair of running shoes. So, let us not waste any time, and have look at our picks for the best running shoes available for you under 2000.

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This list consists of the best running shoes under 2000, all the products are picked by our experts after going through several parameters like customer reviews, cost, material, durability, performance etc.

Complete list of best running shoes under 2000

S.N Best Running Shoes under 2000
1 Puma Men’s Jaunt Idp Running
2 Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running
3 Sparx men’s Sx0487g Running Shoes
4 Sparx Men’s Running Shoes
5 Campus men’s Maxico Running
6 Reebok Men’s Energy Runner Lp
7 Reebok Men’s Stride Runner Shoes
8 Adidas Men’s Lite Racer 2.0
9 Campus Men’s Shoes
10 Adidas Men’s Clinch-x M
11 Power Men’s Byron
12 Lotto Men’s Fausto Grey and Black Running Shoes
13 Reebok Men Guide Stride Run Shoes

Puma Men’s Jaunt Idp Running: Best puma running shoes under 2000

Image Source: Amazon

The Puma Men’s Jaunt Idp Running Shoes is a comfortable light pair. These shoes are very nice for long-distance running and even for other sports like cricket and football.

They have a soft midsole, and the upper part is made of breathable mesh material. These factors add to the comfort level, making these shoes even more desirable.

Furthermore, these shoes are very long-lasting. This is due to the sturdy rubber which is used for the sole. 

Due to its comfort and other useful attributes, this is our first pick for the best running shoes under 2000.

Pros Cons
Very light and comfortable Not completely waterproof
Have antibacterial properties
Rounded tip protects toes from injuries
Anti-slip, relaxable rubber slip
Breathable mesh upper sole
Good for running and sports

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Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running: Adidas Running Shoes under 2000

Image Source: Amazon

Durable, stylish, and a light pair of running shoes. The Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running would be a great pick for all ruining enthusiasts, as well as indoor sports lovers.

This is one of the best available running shoes under 2000, this pair is very useful for running as well as other activities. 

It comes with an air circulating outer mesh material. The soles, including the midsole, are made of lightweight EVA material.

These make the shoes flexible and foldable. They also prevent accidental falls.

Pros Cons
Lightweight and comfortable stylish Shoes Not waterproof
Flexible and foldable Not suitable for muddy roads as it absorbs and soaks mud.
The outer mesh material allows good air circulation.

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Sparx men’s Sx0487g Running Shoes: Best running shoes for men under 2000

Image Source: Amazon

If class and elegance is what you are looking for, this pair is best for you. Its high-quality mesh material makes it sturdy and beautifully elegant.

The midsole is designed to last longer, and the use of EVA polymer makes it soft and flexible.

Moreover, the tips in these are rounded to give you great ease.

One of the best running shoes under 2000 available, this pair would be a great choice.

Pros Cons
Comfortable and Classy The fit can be a bit too snug, and the heels a little extra for some people
EVA material provides softness and flexibility  The customer service might be troublesome
Good for running 

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Sparx Men’s Running Shoes: Best running shoes for men under 2000

Image Source: Amazon

A very comfortable and long-lasting product at a very affordable price. 

The use of breathable mesh material on the upper part makes the pair very relaxing. The sole is made with EVA material and in a honeycomb pattern.

This makes the shoes very strong, and durable. These are also good at preventing injuries. 

Pros Cons
Stylish and comfortable  Not waterproof
The Rebound tech feature makes the missiles very comfy Prone to getting dirty easily
The rounded and roomy tips prevent discomfort in the toes

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Campus men’s Maxico Running: Best running shoes for men under 2000 Rs

Image Source: Amazon

These shoes are great for casual running and other sports. These shoes have the soles made of phylon. 

The outer material is made of mesh. Extra cushioning is provided by thin and soft material. 

Pros Cons
Very comfortable with extra cushioning Not waterproof
30 days warranty Prone to getting dirty easily
Lightweight shoes

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Reebok Men’s Energy Runner Lp: Reebok running shoes under 2000

Image Source: Amazon

These pairs of synthetic Reebok shoes work great for those who want extra comfort and durability. 

It has an attractive upper with a speed lacing system. Extra durability and cushioning are provided by the full EVA outsole. 

With its extra durability and cushioning, it’s one of the best running shoes under 2000.

Pros Cons
EVA outsole provides durability and cushioning Not water-resistant
The PU caging for the lacing system helps keep the foot intact The tapering can cause a bit of discomfort
Good shoes for running and workout You might need a size bigger than usual for the most comfort

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Reebok Men’s Stride Runner Shoes: Reebok running shoes under 2000

Image Source: Amazon

These shoes have lace-up closure and are made of synthetic mesh material. 

They will provide you with an incredible lightweight experience. This is due to the EVA outsole, and breathable synthetic material used in this shoe.

A great pair from Reebok, this shoe is a great choice. Especially for all those who those looking for the best running shoes under 2000.

Pros Cons
A 90-day warranty for manufacturing defects Not water-resistant
EVA outsole and comfortable experience Lack of inner cushion
Provide stability and style

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Adidas Men’s Lite Racer 2.0: Adidas running shoes under 2000

Image Source: Amazon

One of the most classy and sturdy running shoes available, the Adidas lite racer 2.0 is great for workouts and everyday activities.

These shoes are super comfortable, and the rounded tip prevents extra pressure on the shoes. 

Moreover, the EVA material protects the shoes from being torn. Not only that but also the sole is made of non-slippery, strong EVA material.

Pros Cons
The orthologs sock liner in the midsole prevents fungus and reduces bad odour Might be on the slightly more expensive side
Very comfortable Non-Waterproof
Great for running and workout

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Campus Men’s Shoes

Image Source: Amazon

Pylon-made lace-up closure-type running shoes. While these shoes may not be the most stylish, they make up for that in other attributes.

These shoes are very comfortable, and also provide extra cushioning to runners while running on hard surfaces. They can be a great choice if you want regular comfortable running shoes.

Pros Cons
Very comfortable with extra cushioning Not waterproof
30 days warranty Not very stylish
Lightweight shoes

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Adidas Men’s Clinch-x M

Image Source: Amazon

These are men’s running shoes with a rubber outsole material. The material used here is mesh, and it has a lace-up closure style.

These light and comfortable shoes have their upper sole made of mesh material. 

Moreover, The midsole is made up of a light strike IMEVA midsole which helps in providing protection.

Pros Cons
Adiprine in the midsole protects from harmful impact force Not waterproof
Mesh upper provides breathability Might be tighter than normal for some people
Lightweight shoes

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Power Men’s Byron

Image Source: Amazon

These trendy pairs of shoes are made of high-quality mesh and are very comfortable.

From extra durability to sturdy grip, this pair will give you maximum comfort at an affordable price. 

Casual styling at its best, these pairs ensure flexibility and freedom of movement. They do so through their responsive cushioning and enhanced lightweight feel.

Pros Cons
They provide an enhanced lightweight feel and extra flexibility Not waterproof
Specifically designed to be a soft and comfortable fit Styling is more on the regular side
A 60-day warranty The shoes might squeak a bit on smooth surfaces

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Lotto Men’s Fausto Grey and Black Running Shoes

Image Source: Amazon

While lotto is not the most popular brand in India, it is well known in Europe. They provide nice, comfortable shoes across the world.

This specific pair will help you in bringing back the sports enthusiast you always had inside you. 

From road running to rough terrains, this pair works everywhere. The aggressive outsole helps to have traction even on slippery and rocky surfaces.

Pros Cons
A 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects Not very popular in India
Great for road and off-road running Not very rugged or strong
Nice comfort quality

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Reebok Men Guide Stride Run Shoes: Best running shoes under 2000

Image Source: Amazon

Our last pair in this list of the best running shoes under 2000 is Reebok’s men stride run shoes. It is a trendy and comfortable pair, suitable for all those running enthusiasts who need the best pair of running shoes for their daily fitness run.

A great combination of style and engineering, this shoe has an average rating of 4.1 stars based on 18k+ reviews. 

Synthetic sole material with outer mesh material is used in the making. The closure is lace-up, and the shoe is available in 5 different sizes.

Pros Cons
A 90-day warranty Cushioning effect is not as good as other Reebok shoes
Comfortable and stylish The Outer fabric is softer than the inner one
Trendy and affordable

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