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Top 9 Best Players in Pro Kabaddi League | Know About Your Favorite Kabaddi Player

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Pro Kabaddi League has been a very successful tournament so far, for the fans and organizers as well. Who would have thought to provide the glitz and glamor to a game like Kabaddi? Well, the PKL organizers thought about it and delivered it in the best way possible. Initially, question marks were raised on the sustainability of the league, because how many seasons would fans watch the league was a big question. But PKL has done a brilliant job to maintain the fan base. Well, to every Kabaddi fan’s delight, the people have developed a love and passion for their kabaddi team similar to their backing, support, and emotional attachment to the football and cricket team. This is the real success of the Pro Kabaddi League. In this article, we will see the best player of the Pro Kabaddi League and how much they have contributed to the team.

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Top 9 Best Players of Pro Kabaddi League 2022

Player Name
Rohit Kumar
Rahul Chaudhari
Sandeep Narwal
Naveen Kumar
Maninder Singh
Deepak Niwas Hooda
Ajay Thakur
Pawan Sherawat
Pradeep Narwal

Best Player of Pro Kabaddi League: Rohit Kumar

Best Kabaddi Player- rohit Kumar- KreedOn
Image Source- Telangana Today

Rohit Kumar is regarded as one of the best raiders Pro Kabaddi League has ever seen. He made his debut in this wonderful league in season 3. He was off the blocks straightaway with 102 raid points in 12 games. This is the season where Patna Pirates won the first of their three consecutive titles and Rohit Kumar played a vital role in it.

Rohit was awarded ‘Most Valuable Player of the Season. He then moved to Bengaluru Bulls and had a wonderful time there as well with a total of 568 raid points in mere 79 games. He now plays for Telugu Titans.

Rohit Kumar Stats

Matches Played 92
Total Raids 1293
Raid Points 619
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 61.22
Avg. Out Rate (%) 23.56
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 46.57
Effective Points 356

Best Player of Pro Kabaddi League: Rahul Chaudhari

Best kabaddi Player- KreedOn
Image Source- ABP Live

Rahul Chaudhari is perhaps the most familiar name when it comes to PKL’s most famous and renowned Kabaddi players. Not only for the PKL teams, but he has also been a terrific player even for India’s National Kabaddi Team. He is the first player and raider in the PKL to surpass 700 points. Surprisingly, he was a defender at first, but with a grind and hard work, he converted himself into a productive raider. In a total of 139 games, Rahul has scored 1040 raid points and when it comes to defending, he has 97 tackle points in the same number of games.

He plays for Puneri Paltan after some successful years with Telugu Titans and Tamil Thalaivas.

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Rahul Chaudhari Stats

Matches Played 139
Total Raids 2198
Raid Points 1040
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 47.05
Avg. Out Rate (%) 22.46
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 46.21
Effective Points 604

Best Player of PKL: Sandeep Narwal

Image Source-

The name Sandeep Narwal does have a kind of aura and flair to it. Well, that’s how good a player he has been. Sandeep turned himself from a corner defender to one of the top all-rounders PKL has ever produced. Sandeep is famous for his Bloke move. He was also a part of Indian Contingent which won the gold medal in the South Asian Games in 2016. The man has big muscles, and they help him to wriggle out of the grasp of defenders.

Sandeep Narwal Stats

Matches Played 158
Total Raids 852
Raid Points 297
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 55.95
Avg. Out Rate (%) 22.91
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 39.65
Effective Points 168

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Best Player of Pro Kabaddi League: Naveen Kumar

Best Kabaddi Player- Naveen Kumar- KreedOn
Image Source- News18

Naveen Kumar is still quite new to the PKL world as he made his debut just three seasons earlier. Despite the sort of newness, the man has made the PKL of his own. He is agile and has a lot of speed, which makes it very difficult for the defenders to tackle him. In the debut season, he was Dabang Delhi’s top scorer with 177 points. The next season, he won the Most Valuable Player award. Naveen is the fastest player to reach 600 points in the history of the league.

In the 8th season of PKL, despite the injuries, he still managed to win the MVP award. However, he cherished his team’s success rather than the MVP award, as Dabang Delhi won their maiden PKL Title.

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Naveen Kumar Stats

Matches Played 81
Total Raids 1411
Raid Points 917
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 74.17
Avg. Out Rate (%) 19.64
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 65.87
Effective Points 689

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Best Player of Pro Kabaddi League: Maninder Singh

Image Source- News9live

Maninder Singh is one of the biggest and most reverential names in the PKL. The man has his name on the top 3 spots of most of the lists; most raid points, most successful raids, average raid points, etc. He is a raid machine that keeps on manufacturing points in bulk. Incredibly, he missed seasons 2, 3, and 4 of the PKL due to injury and still he has managed to rank at the top of these lists, that is a marvelous achievement. Maninder now plays for Bengal Warriors. 

Maninder Singh Stats

Matches Played 102
Total Raids 1638
Raid Points 1003
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 58.14
Avg. Out Rate (%) 22.97
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 61.51
Effective Points 689

Best Player of PKL: Deepak Niwas Hooda

Best Kabaddi Player- KreedOn
Image Source- Facebook

Deepak Niwas Hooda has always been one of the talking points of every PKL season. Well, he is regarded as one of the best all-rounders in the history of PKL after all. The man is captain of the India National Kabaddi Team and was a crucial part of the Indian team which won the gold medal at the 2016 South Asian Games.

Deepak was the sole earner in his family due to the sad demise of his father. Well, he worked as a part-time teacher and practiced Kabaddi whenever time permitted him. Life was never easy for him, but a gold-winning feat at the All-India University tournament made him decide to become a professional kabaddi player.

Deepak Niwas Hooda Stats

Matches Played 153
Total Raids 2152
Raid Points 1042
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 55.12
Avg. Out Rate (%) 21.24
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 48.02
Effective Points 681

Best Player of PKL: Ajay Thakur

Image Source- Tribune India

It is impossible to discuss PKL without mentioning the one and only Ajay Thakur. This Padma Shri and Arjuna award winner is considered India’s best raider. The man was superb with Bengaluru Bulls. This 185 cm tall Kabaddi player is known as Flying Thakur for his mastery of frog jump and running hand touch.

Ajay was part of the Indian team when they won the bronze medal at Jakarta at Asian Games 2018. Ajay is now a member of the Himachal Pradesh Police Service cadre and currently serves as Deputy superintendent of police.

Ajay Thakur Stats

Matches Played 125
Total Raids 1704
Raid Points 801
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 44.53
Avg. Out Rate (%) 24.31
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 45.95
Effective Points 411

Best Players in PKL: Pawan Sherawat

Best Kabaddi Players- Pawan Sherawat- KreedOn
Image Source- Quora

Pawan Sherawat has always been one of the most sought-after players thanks to his prolific career and ability to pick a bunch of defenders every time he raids. With twenty-two attack points from twenty-five raids, Pawan Kumar single-handedly assisted the Bengaluru Bulls in winning the PKL 2018.

He has been a productive player season in and season out without even the slightest slump in the form. That’s why Tamil Thalaivas picked him for the whooping 2.26 crores which makes him the most expensive player in the history of PKL. The man also holds the record for the most raid points in a Pro Kabaddi match and the most points by any player in a single half of the Pro Kabbadi match (39 and 18 points respectively).

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Pawan Sherawat Stats

Matches Played 123
Total Raids 1789
Raid Points 1246
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 51.74
Avg. Out Rate (%) 32.28
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 68.63
Effective Points 826

Best Players in PKL: Pradeep Narwal

Image Source- The Statesman

Pradeep Narwal is no doubt a PKL legend. Well, to win PKL for once is a great achievement, but to win it three times and that too as a captain for three straight seasons, that’s an extraordinary achievement. Pradeep was a highly important member of the three times PKL winning squad of Patna Pirates.

The man is at the top of most of the lists like total points, most raid points, most successful raids, average raid points, most super raids, etc. Pradeep is also a legend when it comes to the Indian Kabaddi team and has won many laurels wearing Indian blue.

Pradeep Narwal Stats

Matches Played 140
Total Raids 2381
Raid Points 1408
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 54.23
Avg. Out Rate (%) 27.37
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 55.12
Effective Points 881

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