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Top 20 Best Plant Based Protein Powder | Stay Fit In A Healthy Way

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Going ‘Vegan’ is the new trend going around amongst celebrities and fitness enthusiasts. This vegan wave has lasted surprisingly longer and the most benefited entities of this wave are the vegetarian fitness freaks who hesitate to consume any animal products. Vegetarian food also contains enough protein to fulfill bodily requirements, but not as much as that non-vegetarian food provides. The by-product of this vegan wave is plant-based protein powder.

Vegetarian people are loving the concept of plant-based protein powder because this powder gives the same or nearly the same amount of protein as an animal product gives. This article will give you insights into the top 20 best plant-based protein powders.

What is plant based protein powder?

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Plant-based protein powder can be used as an alternative to whey protein or any protein product derived from animal resources. This is the best thing that could have ever happened to vegetarians and vegan people.

Plant protein is simply a meaningful food source of protein which is from plants. This group can include pulses, tofu, soya, tempeh, seitan, nuts, seeds, certain grains, and even peas. Pulses are a large group, which include chickpeas, lentils, beans (such as black kidney, and adzuki beans), and split peas.

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Along with protein, plant-based protein powders also contain enough vitamins, minerals, and fibers. This powder is generally low in calorie and fat content. So this could be a great option if you are looking for fat or weight loss. 

Whey protein or plant based protein powder: Which to prefer?

Well, studies have shown that both products are equally good when it comes to fulfilling the protein needs of the body. The choice is completely a personal one. If you are comfortable with animal and dairy products, go for whey protein and if you are not, then plant-based protein will also serve your purpose.

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However, it must be noted that whey protein products are available everywhere, and someone may find it difficult to get a particular plant-based protein product, especially if the person belongs to a smaller city or a town.

Top 10 Best Plant Based Protein Powder


Sr. NoPlant-based protein powders
1.Joy Layer Plant Protein Powder
2.Mypro Sport Nutrition Plant Protein Powder
3.Fast&Up Plant Protein
4.Sunwarrior Warrior Blend
5.Nutrafirst 100% Natural Plant Protein Superfood
6.BBETTER Plant Protein
7.Nutrierr Plant Protein Powder
8.Zest Women Health & Nutrition
9.Orgacia Plant Protein Powder

bGREEN by HealthKart Vegan Plant Protein Powder

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Origin Nutrition 100% Natural Vegan Protein Powder 


MuscleBlaze Plant Protein


AS-IT-IS Nutrition Pea Protein Isolate


Urban Platter Pure Pea Protein Powder


Halesaga 100% Vegan Plant Protein Powder for Women & Men


Dr.NUTRA 100% Plant Based Protein Powder


OZiva Organic Plant Protein Powder for Men & Women


Man Matters VEGAIN Plant Protein Powder for Men


Bigmuscles Nutrition Vegan Protein

 Joy Layer Plant Protein Powder under 1000

plant based protein powder - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Joy Layer Plant Protein Powder has a very tasty flavor ‘Delight Chocolate’. This is a mixture of pea and brown rice protein. This herbal pure vegan protein powder is free from any artificial preservatives, heavy metals, and added sugar. For those who suffer from digestive problems and bloating, this is a great option as it is quite easy to digest.

Tasty flavorNot any cons
Easy to digest 
Accelerates recovery builds lean muscles 

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Mypro Sport Nutrition Plant Powder under 1000

plant based protein powder - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Mypro Sport Nutrition Plant Protein Powder also has a chocolate flavor to it and comes in a total of 4 net weight options. Each serving gives you 23 grams of protein which is no less than any whey protein. This plant-based protein powder fits your gluten-free, vegan, or keto diet.

23 grams of protein per servingUsers have experienced digestive problems after its consumption
Contains 22 vitamins and minerals 

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Fast&Up Protein Powder under 3000

plant based protein powder - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Fast&Up Plant Protein comes in vanilla flavor. Most of fitness freaks love the taste of chocolate after a heavy and tiring workout. So, if you are a vanilla lover, this is the product made for you. The product boosts metabolism, and testosterone levels and helps build strength and stamina.

Contains performance boosters like ashwagandhaPeople have disliked the vanilla taste
Provides 24g protein per serving 
Pepzyme AG prevents GI stress 

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Sunwarrior Warrior Blend

vegan protein powder - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend is another product that tastes vanilla. The product contains legumes, goji berries, and MCTs from coconut to make you energized. The powder is easily digestible. Despite the good points, spending more than 3500 for 750 grams of the product does act as a restriction to many.

Contains medium chain triglyceridesExpensive
Easily digestible 
Vanilla tastes great 

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Nutrafirst 100% Natural Plant Superfood under 500

plant protein powder - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Nutrafirst 100% Natural Plant Protein Superfood is a good choice of plant-based protein powder if your budget is on the lower side. The product comes in a total of 3 sizes. The powder contains pea protein, skimmed milk powder, maltodextrin, sucralose, vitamins, minerals, and chocolate flavor.

Pocket-friendly productSmells like medicine
Loaded with 26 essential vitamins & minerals 
Enriched with all plant sources 

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BBETTER Plant Protein

Plant protein powder - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

BBETTER Plant Protein comes in a very unique flavor; the strawberry flavor. The powder is full of iron, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), and arginine. This has been formulated with the world’s best patented Korean Ginseng (GINST15) for better absorption of protein in the body.

Its ingredients have no impact on hormonesNot any cons
Very easy to mix in water 
The product is worth investing in 

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Nutrierr Plant Protein Powder under 1500

vegan protein powder - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Nutrierr Plant Protein Powder again provides you with a budget-friendly option for plant-based protein powder. The product is a blend of herbal ingredients such as peas, brown rice, barley, amla, and green tea. It offers 17.3 gms of pure plant protein per serving which is not a bad amount to have.

Enriched with antioxidants and healthy enzymesNot any cons
It promotes metabolism and regulates your appetite 
Delicious chocolate flavor 

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Zest Women Health & Nutrition

Image Source: Amazon

Zest Women Health & Nutrition triggers metabolism and hence it is a great option if you are on the mission of shredding the fat. The amino acid contents in it help to add muscle mass, not to forget it also strengthens the bones. Though the product is made solely for women, it can be used by men as well.

Helps in fat lossNot any particular cons
Rich in Vitamin C, D, E, Zinc, and Selenium 
Full of antioxidants 

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Orgacia Plant Protein Powder under 1500

Image Source: Amazon

Orgacia Plant Protein Powder is a blend of pea and brown rice protein isolate with a complete amino acid profile. It offers 23g pure, clean plant protein & 5g BCAAs per serving to support muscle growth and recovery. It is enriched with plant-based enzymes Papain and Bromelain to boost digestion & absorption.

Contains 21 essential vitamins & mineralsNot any cons
Comes in a very delicious chocolate flavor 
Makes the joints stronger 

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Image Source: Amazon

Amway is no doubt a legendary company when it comes to medicines, hair oils, fitness, health-related products, and whatnot. Amway NUTRILITE is also a very famous and renowned product. The product derives protein from tri-blend soy, wheat, and yellow peas. It is 100 percent plant-sourced and is cholesterol and lactose-free.

Reputed companyScoop is not given with the product
8 grams of protein in every 10 gram of servingThe taste might not be that good

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