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Top 10 All-Time Best Mr Olympia in the World | Bodybuilding Legends

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Mr Olympia is the most prestigious and celebrated bodybuilding competition in the world. Established in 1965, it annually brings together the world’s elite male bodybuilders to compete for the coveted title of Mr. Olympia. This event showcases not just raw physical power, but also aesthetics, symmetry, and overall physique presentation. The competitors undergo rigorous training and nutrition regimens to sculpt their bodies to perfection, focusing on muscle size, definition, and proportion. Mr Olympia champions like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, and Phil Heath have achieved legendary status in the sport for their exceptional physiques and dedication. Beyond the stage, Mr. Olympia serves as a beacon for fitness enthusiasts worldwide, promoting health, discipline, and a commitment to pushing the limits of human potential.

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In the illustrious world of bodybuilding, the Mr Olympia competition stands as the ultimate battleground where champions are made and legends are born. Over the years, a select group of remarkable athletes has risen to the top, driven by unwavering dedication and unparalleled talent. In this blog, we will pay homage to the top 10 all-time best Mr. Olympia champions, not by their chronological reigns, but by the number of times they claimed the coveted title.

Top 10 Mr Olympia in the World

Mr Olympia Champion Number of Wins
Ronnie Coleman 8
Lee Haney 8
Arnold Schwarzenegger 7
Phil Heath 7
Dorian Yates 6
Jay Cutler 4
Frank Zane 3
Sergio Oliva 3
Franco Columbu 2
Mamdouh Elssbiay (Big Ramy) 2

Ronnie Coleman – The Reigning King (8 Titles)

Ronnie Coleman | Top 10 All-Time Best Mr Olympia in the World | Bodybuilding Legends - KreedOn
Source: Quora

When it comes to sheer dominance, no one surpasses the legendary Ronnie Coleman. This American powerhouse secured an astounding eight Mr. Olympia titles, cementing his status as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Coleman’s reign spanned from 1998 to 2005. His colossal physique, marked by immense muscle mass and symmetry, made him a true force in this sport.

Lee Haney – The Gentle Giant (8 Titles)

Lee Haney | Top 10 All-Time Best Mr Olympia in the World | Bodybuilding Legends - KreedOn
Source: EssentiallySports

Another American icon, Lee Haney, joins Ronnie Coleman with eight Mr. Olympia titles to his name. Haney’s reign stretched from 1984 to 1991 and left an indelible mark on bodybuilding by exemplifying size, proportion, and a balanced physique. In 2014, Haney was inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Iconic Austrian (7 Titles)

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger Photos | Top 10 All-Time Best Mr Olympia in the World | KreedOn
Source: Men’s Health

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Austrian sensation, boasts an impressive seven Mr. Olympia titles to his name. He claimed titles in 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974 (overall & heavyweight), 1975 (overall & heavyweight), and 1980. Schwarzenegger’s magnetic charisma and unmatched stage presence transcended bodybuilding, catapulting him to global stardom. His legacy remains a cornerstone of the sport’s history.

Phil Heath – The Modern Marvel (7 Titles)

6 Time Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath | KreedOn
Source: Medium

Phil Heath, a contemporary American bodybuilder, has etched his name in history with seven Mr. Olympia titles, from 2011 to 2017. Known for his extraordinary muscle density and aesthetics, Heath embodied a modern approach to bodybuilding, emphasizing symmetry and conditioning. He represents the evolving standards of the sport while honoring its rich heritage.

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Dorian Yates – The Shadow (6 Titles)

Dorian Yates | | Top 10 All-Time Best Mr Olympia in the World | KreedOn
Source: Essentially Sports

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Dorian Yates dominated the Mr. Olympia stage with six titles, consecutively from 1992 to 1997. Yates introduced a new level of conditioning and muscularity to the competition, earning him the moniker “The Shadow” for his enigmatic presence and intense training methods.

Jay Cutler – The Resilient Competitor (4 Titles)

Jay Cutler | KreedOn
Source: Sportskeeda

Jay Cutler, a tenacious American bodybuilder, secured the Mr. Olympia title four times. After facing narrow defeats, Cutler made triumphant comebacks to claim victory in 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010. His journey exemplifies the significance of perseverance and the capacity to learn from setbacks.

Frank Zane – The Aesthetic Perfectionist (3 Titles)

Frank Zane | Top 10 All-Time Best Mr Olympia in the World | KreedOn
Source: Frank Zane Official Website

Frank Zane, renowned for his aesthetic prowess, clinched the Mr. Olympia title three times, in 1977, 1978, and 1979. Zane’s physique emphasized proportion, symmetry, and the coveted “V-taper” silhouette. His contributions continue to inspire those who appreciate the artistic side of bodybuilding.

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Sergio Oliva – The Cuban Trailblazer (3 Titles)

Sergio Oliva | KreedOn
Source – Wikipedia

Sergio Oliva, hailing from Cuba, made history as the first non-American to win the Mr. Olympia title. He claimed victory three times consecutively, from 1967 to 1969. Oliva’s towering physique and remarkable genetics paved the way for international competitors in the years to come.

Franco Columbu – The Italian Powerhouse (2 Titles)

Franco Columbo | Top 10 All-Time Best Mr Olympia in the World | KreedOn
Source – Greatest Physiques

Italy’s Franco Columbu, a two-time Mr. Olympia champion, left an enduring legacy. He triumphed in the lightweight division in 1974 and 1975 and later secured the overall title in 1976. Columbu’s versatility extended beyond bodybuilding, as he excelled in powerlifting and strongman competitions.

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Mamdouh Elssbiay (Big Ramy) – The Modern Marvel (2 Titles)

Mamdouh Elssbiay | KreedOn
Source: Facebook

In the contemporary era, Mamdouh Elssbiay, known as “Big Ramy,” has made a significant impact. Hailing from Egypt, Big Ramy secured the Mr. Olympia title in 2020 and successfully defended it in 2021. His massive size and impressive aesthetics demonstrate the ongoing evolution of the sport.


1. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Connection: Perhaps the most famous bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger, won the Mr. Olympia title a record-setting seven times. His domination of the sport in the 1970s helped popularize bodybuilding globally and made him a household name.

2. The Ever-Growing Prize Money: Mr. Olympia offers substantial prize money, with the overall winner receiving a significant cash award. Over the years, the prize money has increased substantially, reflecting the competition’s growing prestige.

3. Global Participation: Mr. Olympia attracts competitors from around the world, making it a truly international event. Athletes from diverse backgrounds and countries come together to vie for the title, showcasing the sport’s global appeal.

4. Continual Evolution: The judging criteria and divisions in Mr. Olympia have evolved over the years to reflect changing ideals of the perfect physique. This adaptability has kept the competition relevant and reflective of current trends in bodybuilding.

5. Inspiration and Cultural Impact: Mr. Olympia has a profound impact beyond bodybuilding, influencing popular culture through appearances in films, documentaries, and television shows. It has played a significant role in promoting fitness, wellness, and the pursuit of physical excellence worldwide.


These top 10 Mr. Olympia champions, distinguished by the number of times they claimed the title, have collectively reshaped the landscape of bodybuilding. Their remarkable journeys, marked by relentless dedication and passion, serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of the sport. As bodybuilding continues to evolve, these legends will forever remain an integral part of its rich history, inspiring countless others to pursue greatness through hard work, discipline, and an unwavering commitment to their craft.

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Who was the first-ever Mr. Olympia winner?

The first Mr. Olympia competition was held in 1965, and Larry Scott emerged as the inaugural winner.

How is the Mr. Olympia winner determined?

Mr. Olympia winners are determined through a rigorous judging process that assesses various aspects of their physique, including muscle size, symmetry, conditioning, and overall presentation. The competitor with the highest overall score is declared the winner.

Who are some other notable Mr. Olympia winners?

Notable winners of Mr Olympia include Ronnie Coleman, Lee Haney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Heath, Dorian Yates, Frank Zane, Jay Cutler, and many others who have left their mark on the sport of bodybuilding.

How do bodybuilders qualify for the Mr. Olympia?

Bodybuilders qualify for the Mr. Olympia by winning certain professional competitions or by accumulating enough points through their placements in other professional events.

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