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Top 7 Best Guns in PUBG Mobile | Which one is your favorite?

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PUBG Mobile or BGMI in India is indeed one of the best mobile games online. For die-hard gamers, the love for this game is endless. PUBG mobile has some of the best features and cool guns. Choosing the right weapon can really make a difference and can win you your battles. In PUBG, there are so many weapons with different types of attachments, due to which people get confused, even you might have asked this question, which is the best Gun in PUBG Mobile/ BGMI. Well, we’ve got you covered, here are some of the best guns of PUBG Mobile and BGMI:

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List of Best Guns in PUBG Mobile 2021

S.NO GUN AMMO  Rifle type
1. M416 5.56mm Assault 
2. AWM 7.62mm Sniper
3. DP-28 7.62mm Assault
4. AKM  7.62mm Assault
5.  Kar98  7.62mm Sniper
6.  UZI  9mm SMG 
7. S12K  12mm Shotgun

Best Guns in PUBG Mobile: M416

best guns in pubg mobile | KreedOn
Image Source: ZillionGamer

The M416 is one of the finest rifles in the PUBG mobile game, and it is a choice of every pro gamer. It is one of our personal favorites. Aside from having the most attachments of any weapon, it has a decent rate of fire and is quite adaptable for all types of engagements. Use a 6x scope on the M416, reduce the zoom to 3x, and you’ll have superb stability and recoil control. The M416 is a robust weapon that may be used for close-range as well as medium to long-range conflicts. It also provides a great balance in medium-range combat. 

Best Guns in PUBG Mobile: AWM

best guns in pubg mobile | WM | KreedOn
Image Source: ZillionGamer

The AWM is the greatest sniper gun in the PUBG mobile game and unquestionably one of the best guns in PUBG mobile. With this gun, a single headshot assures a knockout/kill. The AWM’s only disadvantage is that it isn’t as frequent as other firearms in the game. To obtain an air-drop supply, you must either seek one or request a flare drop supply. The weapon’s enormous damage output, on the other hand, more than compensates for its flaws. Furthermore, the sound of it being shot has a cognitive impact on any other players who hear it.

Best Guns in PUBG Mobile: DP-28

best guns in pubg mobile | DP-28 | KreedOn
Image Source: ZillionGamer

The DP28 light machine gun is another adaptable weapon that, when used correctly, can be quite lethal. It, like the M416, can take up to a 6x scope, making it suitable for low, mid, and long-range combat. It also comes with a big 47-bullet cartridge, however, it is one of the slowest rifles to reload. Aside from the sight, this pistol does not allow you to add any additional accessories. Yet, when it comes to recoil, the DP28 is quite consistent.

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AKM | best guns in pubg mobile - KreedOn
Image Source: ZillionGamer

The AKM is a popular auxiliary gun among many gamers, although it isn’t easy to master. It does, however, have a base damage rating of 49, which is greater than the majority of assault rifles in the game. The AKM may accept muzzle and magazine attachments in addition to the scope. It is very commonly used among gamers due to its availability. 


Kar98 pubg - KreedOn
Image Source: ZillionGamer

If you can’t acquire AWM, this is the best sniper to consider. Some might also consider, M24 but it is not readily available. The Kar98K and the M24 are a tight call; while the M24 has more damage, the Kar98K is more widely accessible, which puts it barely ahead of the M24 in our opinion. If you do happen to come across the M24, take it! The Kar98K fires 7.62mm bullets and can take down weakly armored enemies with a single headshot. 


UZI Pubg Gun | KreedOn
Image Source: ZillionGamer

In PUBG Mobile, one might not want to use an SMG (submachine gun), but the UZI is a fantastic weapon to have. Its quick rate of fire makes it ideal for close-range and mid-range combat. With just one clip into your opponent, he’ll be cooked! The UZI is also useful in the early phases of a map, with the sole drawback being its limited range. You can very much hip-fire through most close-quarters confrontations and pepper opponents with bullets if you attach its specific Micro Uzi stock attachment. 

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S12K pubg - KreedOn
Image Source: ZillionGamer

Players rarely prefer shotguns but we had to mention S12K. S12K is considered one of the best shotguns in PUBG. It compensates for its high recoil and slightly lower damage with its semi-automatic firing rate. It also accepts a variety of assault rifle accessories, extending its utility.

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