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Top 16 Best Golf Sticks | Buy Today & Play A Stress-Relieving Session Of Golf

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Golf is perhaps one of the very few games which are played by professional players from other sports like cricket or football to relieve stress and have a switch-off time. The lush green fields, the sound of birds chirping in the background, a sense of calmness, and everything around the golf makes the game a kind of stress-buster. Well, everyone goes through stress in their life, but sadly golf is not for everyone as it is an expensive game. Whether, affordable or unaffordable, there is no harm in getting knowledge about the game. In this article, we will talk about the top 16 golf sticks available.

Parameters to consider while selecting a Golf Stick

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To everyone’s surprise, gold sticks or golf clubs come in hundreds of varieties. On average, a golfer will carry around 12 clubs of various types. A general rule says those 12 should have a driver and putter, 3-9 iron, a pitching wedge, and some fairway woods. While another golf stick in the golfer’s bag depends on his or her choice.

Different basic golf clubs & a brief about when to use them

  • The driver will be used by a golfer mostly for the first shot. Drivers are specifically designed to give you distance off the tee.
  • Fairway Woods are similar to drivers. Some may use Driver while some may use Fairway Woods.
  • Hybrids are a blend of fairway woods and iron. These increase the accuracy of the shot without taking away distance or trajectory.
  • Irons give you control and are used especially if you are in trouble.
  • Wedges are used to get low-distance but high-trajectory shots.
  • Putters can be the last piece of a puzzle, which can help you to send the ball home.

 Top 9 Best Golf Sticks

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Sr. No.Golf Club
1.Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge
2.Lazrus Golf Irons
3.Wilson Harmonized Chipper
4.Crestgolf Golf Putter
5.C3i Steel Golf Wedge
6.PGM Two-Way Golf Club Chippers
7.PGM NSR3 Individual
8.Wilson 2013 Harmonized Black Chrome Wedges Steel
9.PGM G300 Golf Blade Putter
10.SKLZ Refiner Driver Graphite Pro-Hinged Training Club
11.MACGREGOR Golf Unisex 
12.Wilson Men’s Harmonized Chipper MRH
13.SuperSpeed Golf Men’s Golf Swing Training System 3 Piece
14.Palm Springs Golf
15.Japan Pron TRG 4-P
16.Crestgolf Golf Putter for Men

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

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Image Source:Amazon

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge is one of the low-price golf clubs/sticks with high performance. The club is made of steel and is of wedge type. This right-hand golf club has a loft of 60 degrees. The golfer can always open the face of the club to improve performance.

Low priceThe grip can be too small for some users
High performance 
Can enhance performance with little tweaks. 
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Lazrus Golf Irons Golf Stick

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Image Source: Amazon

Lazrus Golf Irons is a right-hand golf stick manufactured by the company Lazrus which is a big name in the golfing industry. If you compare the price of high-end golf clubs and their features, Lazrus gives the same features at a very low price. This fact makes Lazrus stand out from the rest.

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The club is made of alloy steel. The rubberized grips are interchangeable. It means you can either take them off or can replace them with new ones.

Very affordableThey launch a bit low
Great short-game spin 
Generous sweet spot 

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Wilson Harmonized Chipper Golf Stick

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Image Source: Amazon

Wilson Harmonized Chipper is one of the most liked golf stick going around among golfers. This right-handed golf club has a golf club loft of 32 degrees. It is made up of carbon steel, which makes it light in weight but highly powerful.

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High-performance rateExpensive
A hybrid between a wedge and a putter 
Better control 

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Crestgolf Golf Putter

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Image Source: Amazon

The most important feature of Crestgolf Golf Putter is that the golf stick is ambidextrous, i.e. it can be used by right as well as left-handed golfers. The material used for its fabrication is stainless steel. The club is suitable for almost all adult players. The comfortable grips enhance the overall experience and feel of using this golf club.

Ambidextrous designA little harder to line up
Suitable for almost every grown player 

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C3i Steel Golf Wedge Stick

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Image Source: Amazon

C3i Steel Golf Wedge is a right-hand golf stick of wedge type. This golf club has an extra curve and beveled leading edge that reduces interaction with the ground and gives clean shots. This is made of alloy steel with 65 degrees as a golf club loft.

It can be used by both men and women. Though it is not friendly to pockets, it is worth investing in for sure.

Can eliminate fat shots within 50 yards of the flagHeavy
ComfortableHigh price
It will get you out of any bunker with one single swing 
Perfect for beginners or handicappers 

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PGM Two-Way Golf Club Chippers

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Image Source: Amazon

PGM Two-Way Golf Club Chippers gives you many features at a comparatively cheaper price. It can be used with both right and left hands. As the name suggests, this golf club can be used to take shots with both sides. The loft is 35 degrees, and the size is 35”.  One disadvantage is that, with this club in your hand, you cannot take shots with a normal stance.

The club is made of Chrome-molybdenum steel, while the grip is rubber.

Suitable for left and right handCannot be used with a normal stance
2-way design 
Available in different colors 
Lesser price 

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PGM NSR3 Individual

Image Source: Amazon

PGM NSR3 Individual is another golf stick that gives you multiple features at a comparatively cheaper price. The golf club is made of graphite and it can be used with the right hand only. The undercut cavity design moves weight back and low to deliver a higher moment of inertia, higher launch angle, and enhanced forgiveness. With enhanced toe weight, the area of the sweet spot has been significantly enlarged. 

Good features at a cheaper priceCan only be used with a right hand
Undercut cavity design 
Larger sweet spot 

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Wilson 2013 Harmonized Black Chrome Wedges Steel Golf Stick

Image Source: Amazon

Wilson is a giant in the golf club manufacturing industry. Wilson 2013 Harmonized Black Chrome Wedges Steel is another product that makes Wilson proud of their achievements. This golf stick is made of alloy steel with a golf club loft of 52 degrees. However, there are other loft options like 56 and 60, which really makes the golf club useful for various purposes.

A special sole grind allows the player to improve performance by opening the club face.

Variable loft and bounce optionsNot suitable for higher handicaps
optimal feel and controlToo much price
consistent contact and distance 

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PGM G300 Golf Blade Putter

Image Source: Amazon

PGM G300 Golf Blade Putter is a putter-type golf club made by a well-known company PGM. Interestingly, the golf stick is made of two alloys: stainless steel and alloy steel. It can only be used with a right hand and weighs about 520 grams. It does make use of CNC technology and super-durable chromium plating technology. The club is available in multiple colors.

Cheaper in priceCannot be used with a left hand
Made of stainless steel and alloy steel 
CNC technology 
Super durable chromium plating technology 

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