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Top 10 Best Free Kick Takers in the World | The Greatest Free Kick Takers to Ever Grace the Game

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Best Free Kick Takers in the world: Football is an exciting game in all regards. A game that comprises numerous suspenseful moments and game-changing scenarios, one can never be sure of what to expect from this sport. Until the final whistle is blown, one is almost guaranteed to be glued to the edge of their seat in anticipation, eagerly waiting for the outcome.

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And many times, what happens is that the play is stopped yards away from the goalpost. People go silent in anticipation of what is to happen. Some think that the player taking the shot from so far away will miss, or the goalkeeper will save it.

However, there exist certain talented individuals who defy these odds to score a netter, individuals who are so talented and well crafted, equipped with the technical brilliance that will make the opposition go bonkers. These are the players who are regarded as the masters who can make the ball go around walls or any obstacles directly into the nets. They are the free kick takers in the game of football.

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Let us familiarize ourselves with some of the greatest free-kick takers that the game of football has ever witnessed.

Best Free Kick Takers in the world

S.No. Best Free Kick Takers
1 Juninho Pernambucano
2 Alessandro Del Piero
3 Michel Platini
4 Zico
5 Ronaldinho
6 David Beckham
7 Diego Maradona
8 Lionel Messi
9 Roberto Carlos
10 Zinédine Zidane

Juninho Pernambucano | Best Free Kick Taker

best free kick takers in football
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The first thing associated with his name is “greatest free kicks ever.” He was undoubtedly the greatest and most versatile free-kick taker to have ever existed, a sentiment shared by the gross majority of the people out there. An inventive player like no other, he developed unique methods of free kicks, such as the knuckleball technique; a technique that many modern-day players such as the likes of Didier Drogba, Cristiano Ronaldo, and David Luiz, have tried to replicate. However, none have been successful in emulating the Brazilian maestro’s technique. His ability to make the ball fly through the air, veering in different directions before finding the net, quite simply is the best.

What is more impressive is that he could find the nets irrespective of the distance. Be it 20, 30, or 40 yards, he would deliver the manner in such ferocity that the goalkeepers could do little to stop them.

Alessandro Del Piero | Best free-kick takers in the world

Image Source: Forbes

A true legend of Juventus, his contributions to Juventus can never be undermined. A true number 10 in all regards, his most outstanding characteristic is his loyalty. And it is this same loyalty that ensures that he will forever have the undying support of the fans and will always be revered by the supporters of the Bianconeri.

Spending a total of nineteen years with the team delivering his very best, he scored 290 goals in 750 goals with them. Throughout his illustrious career with the team, he showcased tremendous skills and technique with the ball.

The Italian has garnered widespread acclaim owing to his excellence in dead ball and free-kick scenarios. Iconic with his curving of the ball, Piero went straight for the kill with his exquisite accuracy laced with tremendous power.

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Michel Platini | Best free kick takers in the world

free kick takers
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Regarded by many as the greatest European footballer of the 1980s, Michel Platini is a legend in the truest sense and a wonderful footballer to witness, someone who could captivate the audience. What was more impressive was his frequency of scoring goals as well as how he scored the goals. The unique thing about Platini’s game was his sensational ability from set pieces in and around the box. One of the most extravagant things one could ever witness was him taking the 35-yarders and delivering the ball to the corner of the net. Sensational was how the three times Ballon d’Or winner scored goals and the wonderful consistency that he showcased.

Zico | Best free-kick takers

best free kick takers
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One simply cannot make a list of the best free-kick takers of all time in football without mentioning Zico. The Brazilian revolutionized the art of free kick taking. An already established set specialist, he showed the world what difference it made while having an experienced set specialist on the team. The unique thing about Zico that set him apart from the others was that he used to take very short run-ups, while at the same time showcasing tremendous control over the ball and delivering it to the nets. The Brazilian would embark on a mere two-step run-up, and would still generate as much or as little power as he felt the situation demanded.

Perhaps the first to turn set-piece taking into an art form, he netted more than 500 goals during his career, including 48 for his team Selecao.

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Ronaldinho | Free-kick taker

best free kick takers
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A player who enjoyed the game to its fullest, Ronaldinho is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated players of the 21st Century. The two-time FIFA World Player of the Year and World Cup winner was one of the most attacking players of his time. His tricks, flicks, and stupendous shooting range has left fans all across the globe speechless. A natural at taking free kicks, Ronaldinho would start his run up from almost a 90-degree angle from the ball and put just enough power into his shot to get it over the wall and into the nets.

David Beckham | Best free kick takers in football

free kick takers
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A man that needs no introduction, he served as the poster boy of football since the 90s. A true specialist of the dead ball, Beckham was and still is regarded as one of the greatest footballers with the technical ability of great acumen. His ability with the ball around 20-30 yards away from the post is still the stuff of the legends to this date. With the exquisite technique, he could whip the ball in a manner that would almost always ensure that the ball ended up in the net. And what was better was his consistency; a major plus that he could deliver whenever his country or club required him to.

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Diego Maradona | Best free-kick takers in football

free kick takers
Image Source: Open Magazine

It would be a disservice to the highest order if the legendary Diego Maradona is left out of the list of the greatest free kick takers of all time. Though a man of short stature, the little guy knew how to score goals from free kicks. Though famous for his dazzling runs and tricks, Maradona surely knew how to kick the ball and was an expert when it came to set pieces. His touch and ability to curl the ball helped him immensely in scoring goals for his country as well as his club. It is because of all these reasons that he is still widely regarded as the greatest player of all time.

Lionel Messi | Best free kick takers in the world

Image Source: Planet Football

The best free-kick scorer in recent times is none other than Lionel Messi. His 60th free-kick goal, a 95th-minute howitzer against Lille, was recently like most of his other free-kicks. His free kick technique has been widely researched and is part of a Ph.D. thesis. He is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and is the captain of the Argentina national team. Messi won a record seven Ballon d’Or awards and a record six European Golden Boots.

Roberto Carlos | Best free-kick takers

best free kick takers in the world
Image Source: Times of India

The Brazilian legend is famous for his breathtaking free kicks. He is responsible for some of the greatest and most spectacular free-kick goals in the history of the game. Relying on his power and his ability to curl the ball, he could go past the defense easily, but more often than not, the ball would also miss the nets and end up in the stands. But the power with which he struck the ball was incredible. Gianluigi Buffon had once after stopping one of his shots, told the media he thought that the ball had broken his arm, as it hurt so much when it struck.

Zinédine Zidane | Best free-kick takers in football

best free kick takers in football
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Widely regarded as one of the best players of the modern era, Zidane truly was a master of the art of football. And one of his most impressive tricks which he would have up his sleeve was his free-kicking ability. He had a phenomenal conversion rate and would certainly score whenever taking free kicks from near the post. Undoubtedly one of the best players to have ever been produced by France, Zidane truly was an inspiration for many and a master of the craft.

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Who is the king of free kicks?

The fight for this race is between Messi and Ronaldo. But Messi leads this race with 60 free kick goals.

What is Roberto Carlos famous for?

The iconic banana kick of Roberto Carlos which shook the world of football. It was one of the most iconic moments in world football.

Who is the best free-kick taker of all time?

Juninho Pernambucano is the greatest and most versatile free-kick taker in football. He netted 44 out of his 100 goals for Lyon from free-kicks.

Who is the penalty king?

Premier League record goalscorer Alan Shearer is the footballer with the most penalty goals in the tournament (56), having also taken the most in the Premier League (67). 

Who never missed penalty?

Yaya Toure has taken 16 penalties in his career of official competitive games, and has not missed a single one.

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