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Top 13 Best football shoes | Buy Today for a whole new experience

copa mundial kreedon
Credits: Adidas

Everyone knows that football (or soccer as it is called in North America) is the most famous sport in the world. But in a cricket frenzy country like India, it is still a growing sport. Though the fan following and interest in the game is increasing exponentially in the young nation, it is still not very common to have a football conversation in general. The same goes for young and aspiring players who find it challenging to get the proper advice for the same. In fact, it is hard to find information on the appropriate apparel for the sport at different stages of one’s game. Nevertheless, a little burden can be subdued after reading this article on the best football shoes or say football boots.

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In the selection of the best football shoes for an individual, the player position, ground conditions and foot size plays a huge role. Durability, comfort, grip, and design are the most important factors to keep in mind while doing the same. Here are the best choices for beginners to professionals in the sport. 

2Nike Football Boots – Phantom VSN-Pro FG

Source: Nike best football shoes

Nike Phantom VSN-Pro features plenty of Nike tech in a much simplified yet effective form. These killer pair are made for better control, designed for creative players. Their ghost lace system makes it a sock boot and concealed laces effectively combining the best of both worlds. The best mid-tier shoe currently on the market which is very similar to the elite versions of the series at a much lower price. This makes the pair have an excellent value for the cost.

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The hybrid results in a precise and compact fit for the look and feel of a laceless shoe in a premium speed shoe. Nike’s new Quad Fit mesh system provides nimble feel on the boot. Also, the new internal Kevlar type sock system that wraps around the foot for better comfort and lock-down. For additional grip, the outer texture is coarse with a plastic rim. This also in reinforcing the joint between the forefoot and the sole which proves to be beneficial in durability for the pair. Weighing 240 grams, these are the best bet for any upcoming player looking to make major advancements in the sport at any position. 

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3Nike Football Boots – Mercurial Superfly 360 

Source: Nike best football shoes

Looking for the best shoe on the market worn by some of the greatest football players of the game. The choices are very limited, and Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 are among the best in the category. These are probably the most complete speed football shoe ever. All the tech advancement works together to make these a perfect blend for the ideal lightweight shoe offering supreme grip and locked-in fit with comfort. And all these without compromising the durability of the elite shoes. Everything introduced in the new edition of superfly stands on its purpose serving the title. In fact, the pair makes superfly V feel a bit chunky. The Flyknit construction used in Superfly 360 is thinner than the previous generations, and yet the ball-striking improved. There are no excess spaces between the inside of the boot and foot.

With the likes of Neymar, CR7, Mbappe, Hazard, Sanchez, Sterling etc. involved with the Mercurial series, these are the best version in the class. Superfly 360 provides the true sense of ‘barefoot feel’. The fly knit upper works with the feet rather than against it to provide greater flexibility for better results. The shoe is perfect in terms of feeling light on the toes.

There’s no sense of restriction in movement, to go along with sharpness while helping remove the stiffness in the same. For maximum responsiveness, the sock liner interlock`s with a new internal chassis having a ridged stern plate stuck to the bottom of it. This slots into the soleplate like a jigsaw puzzle to ensure the stability of insole during a game. 

With the likes of Neymar, CR7, Mbappe, etc. involved with the Mercurial series, these are the best version in the class. Superfly 360 provides the true sense of ‘barefoot feel’. The fly knit upper works with the feet rather than against it to provide greater flexibility for better results.

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4Adidas Copa Mundial (Beginners)

Source: Adidas

To get the right pair of studs while starting in football is very important. A slight ignorance in the same can lead to toe blisters. Any discomfort in running in football will be lethal for longevity in the game. The Adidas football shoe s- Copa Mundial remains the go-to for players ever since its inception 20 years ago. Apart from the comfort they provide, the durability factor makes them stand apart from the competition in their category. The shoe has actually outlasted 99% of football shoes ever released.

Now, these are the best choice for beginners due to its proven comfort factor. Despite being an outlier in the current market of modern techs used in studs and textiles, Copa has an argument for being the best football shoe ever. It is indeed a timeless leather shoe that is ruling the market for the last 20 years. 

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5Nivia Dominator Football Shoes: Best Football Shoes for Men 

Designed for Artificial Grass or AG surface, these football boots from Nivia are incredible shoes for every football lover. These football boots come with a conical configuration and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. In other words, this is an extremely durable football boot.

Great fitting and reasonable price make the Nivia Dominator the best choice for all.

Pros Cons
Durable  Bad ankle support
Comfortable Not for broad feet
Nice traction

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6Puma Men’s Future 4.1 Netfit Fg Ag Glacial Blue-nrg Football Shoes: Puma Football Shoes

Image Source: Amazon

These football boots by Puma were designed to offer the best grip to players while playing intense matches even on the wet grass surface.

The Puma Men’s Future 4.1 is undoubtedly a great pair, designed with special attention to comfort and grip. 

This is one of the best football shoes available in the market for men today. Moreover, it is also the best choice for Indoor AG courts.

Pros Cons
Comfortable  Too narrow feet
Great grip Durability can be an issue
Best for Indoor AG courts The fitting can be an issue

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7Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Pro Fg Football Boots: Nike Football Shoes

Image Source: Amazon

Considered as one of Nike’s best ‘speed’ configuration football boots, the Nike football boots – Mercurial series comes with super high traction. This is due to the fully bladed stud configuration.

This Nike football boot is amongst the best football shoes available in the Indian market. Due to its lightweight nature and traction, this boot always remains high in demand. It would not be a bad choice to have this boot in your bag.

Pros Cons
High traction Durability can be an issue
Very lightweight  A bit expensive
Speed shoes

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8Adidas Men’s Copa 20.4 Fg Football Shoes: Adidas Football Shoes

Image Source: Amazon

Adidas is a brand that is associated with consistency and quality. The brand has established itself as one of the most trustworthy and leading sports brands in the world. 

The products from this brand always remain high on standards. The Men’s Copa 20.4 is one of the best products by Adidas.

Built for match-long comfort, these football boots are made of synthetic upper leather and a firm ground outsole. 

This shoe is definitely one of the best football shoes on this list.

Pros Cons
Long-lasting comfort Not for wide feet
The ball can reach farther due to the round toe A little tight
Very stylish 

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9Vector X Chaser-II Football Shoes

Image Source: Amazon

These football boots will be an excellent choice for you, especially if you are a midfielder in your team. Reason being, the plastic studs on the outer sole. These plastic studs provide great grip on all surfaces.

The Vector X Chaser-II is made using top-grade material and is incredibly stylish.

These shoes are considered one of the top football boots in the world. You would not regret buying these pairs.

Pros Cons
Great for midfielders Low kick efficiency
Nice grip Not suitable for all surfaces
Very stylish

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10Nivia 1229Bk Airstrike Football: Football Shoes for Men

Image Source: Amazon

Designed for great balance and stability, the Nivia 1229 BK Airstrike is the second pair by Nivia in the list of best football boots.

Made with synthetic leather, and designed ruggedly, these football boots offer a great grip to the feet.

Soft and breathable, this pair is one of the best in the market.

Pros Cons
Great grip Not very durable 
Breathable The fitting can be an issue
Best for were and soft pitches 

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11Nivia Premier Carbonite 2.0 Football

Image Source: Amazon

Incredibly stylish pair at a reasonable price, these Nivia football boots deliver enhanced grip and stability. With these shoes on, you will definitely have more fun on the field.

Made of premium quality material, and high on durability, these football shoes will definitely make you stand out on the field.

Nivia has made a name for itself by making high-quality products and this is no exception.

Pros Cons
High stability  The heels are too tight
Enhanced grip Ankles might feel a little uncomfortable 
Highly durable

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12Vector X Dynamic 001

Image Source: Amazon

These shoes are designed to sustain increased training load and enhance the athlete’s ability to perform at its maximum level. These Vector football boots are one of the best football training shoes available online.

These football boots are not only durable but also stands top in material strength and quality as well.

These Vector football shoes help in preventing injury and fatigue too.

Pros Cons
High-performance shoes  For beginners
Injury and fatigue resistant quite heavy 
Very durable

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13Nivia Encounter 6 Football Stud: Football shoes for men

Image Source: Amazon

The Nivia Encounter 6 shoes are attractive, durable, available in various sizes, and made of PVC synthetic leather. All these features makes it an excellent product.

Made with waterproof non-woven insoles, and a true outsole, which makes these football boots look very graceful while wearing.

Pros Cons
Attractive and graceful Finishing is not good
Comfortable  Not very durable
Waterproof insoles

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14Puma Unisex-Adult Ibero Ii Running Shoe: Puma Football Shoes

Image Source: Amazon

An extremely popular brand, competing with the likes of Adidas and Nike in terms of quality, Puma has always been a leading brand in sports shoes.

This high-performance football boot is an ideal choice for a professional football player. The toe area comes with a great rubber protection while the upper area is made up of a lightweight material, which is a mix of soft leather and breathable mesh.

Pros Cons
High-performance shoes The fitting can be an issue
Breathable and lightweight 
Great for football and running

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