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Best football 2022 | The Perfect Football for everyone

Football is called ‘The Beautiful Game’  and it is for a reason – You can play it almost anywhere with just a ball at your feet. Often times, school kids manage to play football with nothing but an empty bottle or a rock. But once you start training on the field or even play for fun, you must have the best football at your feet. So, here is the list of ten best footballs that you can get to enjoy this beautiful game even better:

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What to look for in a football?

Before you buy anything, it is important to know what your exact needs are. If you are going to practice daily on the grass field, you must go with the ball of more durability. But if you are one of those occasional players, who simply packs the ball with vacation bags, then you can go ahead with a little cheaper balls.

Standard size 5 ball is used by almost everyone in teens nowadays. But if you are specifically buying a ball for tricks and showboating, a smaller size might help the cause. As we see in the game of Futsal, where a smaller ball is used as the game is based on tricks rather than tactics.

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Balls made of synthetic leather are of course the best way to go while buying the best football. Pu material is used in football matches all over the world, and you can get it for training and match purposes. But if you are on the look out for a cheaper deal, go ahead with PVC.

Adidas Official World Cup 2018 Telstar 18

Best Football | Credits Amazon

If the ball was used in football’s latest biggest competition, it has to be something special. And that is precisely the case with Adidas Telstar 18. The ball was used for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The seamless surface is perfect for getting a better touch on the ball. And once you hit the sweet spot, this ball will be flying in the back of the net. We all remember Ronaldo’s free-kick against Spain, don’t we?

Nike Premier League Merlin 2019-20

Best Football | Credits Nike

EPL’s official ball for the latest 2019-20 season is a thing of beauty. With the unique colour combination, this ball’s high contrast graphics will help you keep an eye on the ball from every corner of the field. The 12-panel design has been made for perfect flight and controlled the first touch. The reinforced rubber bladder is also provided on this ball to maintain air and shape.

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Puma LaLiga 1 FIFA Quality 19/20

Best Football | Soccer Cleats 101

Let’s move on from EPL’s official ball for this season to La Liga’s latest Puma ball. La Liga used Nike’s services for years before switching to Puma this season and looking at the ball for the 2019-20 season; it doesn’t seem like a bad decision at all. The 32-panel design helps shape retention, durability, and reduced water intake. The Dimple PU outer used helps the ball to increase the shooting speed. Puma Air Lock valves are provided for maximum air retention.

Adidas Madrid Finale 19 

Best Football | Credits UEFA

Adidas continued to impress everyone with their official ball for the 2019 Champions League final in Madrid. The iconic Adidas balls with stars on them have now become a part of the prestigious UCL competition. And the German sportswear manufactures lived up to their expectations once again. Butyl bladder is used for optimum air retention. (Too bad, the ball was the only fun part of that final – Angry Liverpool fans incoming!)

Nike Merlin EPL 2018-19

Credits Amazon

This might not be the official EPL ball anymore, but it will always be known as the best Premier league ball by the fans. As this ball is made of just four panels, there are a very few seams on the surface and more sweet spots to hit from. All Conditions Control Tech from Nike helps this ball to be an all-weather football!

Adidas Tango Glider

Credits Flipkart

Made especially for turf usage, this Adidas football is made to fly off the studs. It is machine stitched for soft touch and durability. It also features a Butyl bladder for better air retention. The outer material of the Tango Glider is 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane.

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Nivia Storm

Credits Flipkart

There is hardly a better brand than Nivia if you are looking to buy a cheaper football for occasional use. And with Nivia Storm, you get a durable ball at a very low cost – Just around ₹500. The ball is suited to both grass and hard grounds. You might not get the advanced technology like the products from Adidas and Nike, but who’s complaining about it at ₹500!

Nivia Street

Credits Flipkart

Yet another Nivia football which is at an absolute bargain price. Nivia Street is made of rubber with the bladder made of latex. And as the name suggests, this ball is made especially for the streets – Hard surface, artificial turf, wet and grassy ground, this ball would kill at any place.

Puma One Chrome

Credits Flipkart

Made of synthetic outer material, Puma’s One Chrome is also perfect for playing on the turf. The ball is machine stitched, which helps players take a better first touch. The ball is also water-resistant, which helps while playing on a little wet surface.

Adidas Brazuca

Credits Amazon

Despite being used for the FIFA World Cup more than five years ago, Adidas Brazuca remains in high demand in the market for two reasons – Its unique design and the quality of the ball. The material used for this ball has been tried and tested on absolutely each and every surface.

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