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Top 5 Best Eco-Friendly Stadiums in the World | A Path Towards Sustainability & Better World

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Eco-friendly stadiums are the need of the hour as many matches are played continuously throughout the season. The lighting facilities and maintenance of the ground come at a great cost. Due to advancements in technology, many stadiums across the world have adopted the greener way. Venues have undertaken the green mission. They have taken the path of sustainability to pave the way for a better world. 

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Top 5 Eco-Friendly stadiums in the world

S. No. Stadium Location
1. New Tottenham Stadium Hotspur Stadium London
2. Amsterdam ArenA Amsterdam
3. Levi’s Stadium California
4. Mercedes Benz Arena Atlanta
5. Allianz Riviera Nice

New Tottenham Stadium Hotspur Stadium- London

Top 5 Best Eco-Friendly Stadiums in the World
Image Source: Tottenham Hotspur

The club undertook the mission of adopting the eco-friendly path in 2019. Tottenham is the greenest and the most eco-friendly football club in the English Premier League, both on and off the field. The stadium has achieved 100% certified renewable energy use. Buildings that are designed with insulation, sun shading, and thermally efficient construction materials require less energy overall.

A rainwater collecting system that is filtered and used for the stadium restrooms was built into the stadium’s architecture to restrict acoustics and prevent any form of material waste, from the separate collection inside the stadium to that of own energy through solar screens.

It has energy-saving LED bulbs, recycling bins across the stadium, zero-to-landfill waste management, waterless urinals, and a zero-carbon emission policy. The Felix Project organization receives leftover food from events and distributes it locally, preventing food waste.

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Amsterdam ArenA- Amsterdam

Best Eco-Friendly Stadiums in the World
Image Source: Johan Cruyff Institute

The Amsterdam ArenA is the home to the football club Ajax. The stadium is powered by more than 4,200 solar panels and one water turbine. 

The stadium has also incorporated an energy storage system that is fueled by second-life batteries from retired electric vehicle batteries. The stadium’s main building features an outstanding energy-generating escalator. In addition to providing backup power for the stadium, the xStorage Buildings system using used Nissan LEAF batteries can also, when necessary, send electricity to the nearby neighborhood to relieve grid stress.

Rainwater is collected from the roofs and reused to water the grass fields which significantly reduces the consumption of fresh water. Car parking offers visitors free charging points. Visitors traveling by train or public transport are offered an additional discount on train tickets.

Levi’s Stadium- California

Best Eco-Friendly Stadiums
Image Source: TIME

The stadium has used almost every possible renewable and eco-friendly resource in Silicon Valley such as the 1,000-plus state-of-the-art solar elements which have three solar array-covered pedestrian energy bridges. The stadium has 27,000 square roots of ‘green roof’ on top of the stadium’s suite tower. 

The San Francisco 49ers’ stadium has received two LEED certifications. It obtained the first Gold LEED certification ever given to a stadium that serves as the home field for a professional team in 2014, and it was awarded a second Gold certification for operations and maintenance in 2016.

A sustainable purchasing scheme for garbage bags, disposable janitorial paper products, and cleaning supplies allowed for over 86 percent of these purchases to receive praise for adhering to stringent sustainability standards. The stadium is also dedicated to using local food providers, roughly 78 percent of these suppliers are situated within 150 miles of the stadium, with 85 percent of them being in California.

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Mercedes Benz Arena- Atlanta

Top 5 Best Eco-Friendly Stadiums in the World
Image Source: Stadiums of Pro Football

The Mercedes Benz Arena is the home to Atlanta United and the Atlanta Falcons. In 2017, the stadium in Atlanta was awarded LEED Platinum Certification. 

The water system of the stadium saves 47% of the liquids of the stadium while 4000 photovoltaic panels help in saving 29% of electricity. A movement called Recycle for Good aims to recycle aluminum to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Three million recycled cans generate enough funds to construct a house on Atlanta’s west side. 

Allianz Riviera- Nice

Top Eco-Friendly Stadiums in the World
Image Source: OGC Nice

The Allianz Riviera was the first positive-energy eco-friendly stadium to hold games in the 2016 UEFA Euro championship. It was constructed to utilize as many renewable natural resources as possible.

The wooden slat framework at Allianz Riviera is the largest of its kind at a stadium anywhere in the world. In comparison to a conventional structure, this cutting-edge design combines metal and wood. This cutting-edge offers production carbon savings of 3,000 tonnes.

Over 4,000 solar panels with a surface area of roughly 7,000 square meters make up this photovoltaic power facility, which is located in Europe. They were integrated into the waterproof memory of the roof using a unique method created by EDF ENR (AlkerSolar). The Town of Nice’s “Plan Climat Energie,” which seeks to generate 25,110 MWh of renewable energy by the year 2020, includes this large-scale solar project. 1,500 MWh per year will be contributed by the Allianz Riviera stadium.

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