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Masters of Precision: The Top 10 Cut Shot Maestros in Cricket History

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Cricket, a sport renowned for its wide repertoire of shots, captivates fans worldwide with its diverse strokeplay. Amidst this rich tapestry, the cut shot stands out as a thing of beauty. A testament to timing, hand-eye coordination, and finesse, the cut shot demands both skill and precision. It is a stroke that evokes a sense of admiration, leaving spectators spellbound when executed flawlessly. With its elegant arc and calculated placement, the cut shot showcases the batsman’s artistry and ability to manipulate the cricket ball. It is a shot that epitomizes the essence of cricket, mesmerizing audiences with its grace and splendor.

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Top 10 Cut Shot Maestros in Cricket History

Numerous batsmen have tried the stroke throughout the history of cricket, with varied degrees of success; however, this list focuses on the top 10 masters of the shot.


Player Name


Gordon Greenidge


Geoffrey Boycott


Sachin Tendulkar


Virender Sehwag


Alastair Cook


Chris Gayle


Brian Lara


Sanath Jayasuriya


Adam Gilchrist


Tillakaratne Dilshan

Tillakaratne Dilshan

Masters of Cut Shot in Cricket | KreedOn
Image Source Cricket Country

Tillakaratne Dilshan, a batsman for Sri Lanka, is renowned for his prowess in limited-overs cricket and was a stalwart of the national squad. He was also a vicious cutter of the ball, and the delivery often did not even need to be very brief. He could even clip a decent-length delivery over point for four because of his lightning-quick hands and eyes. 

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Adam Gilchrist

Master shots in Cricket History | KreedOn
Image Source – ICC Cricket

Throughout his career, Australian great Adam Gilchrist’s brilliant use of the cut shot served as a significant complement to his brilliant strokeplay as an opening batsman in LOIs and as a number 7 in Tests.

He was one of the great cut-shot players, thanks to his backfoot movement and rapid grasp of the length. Additionally, he had quick hands that often caused the ball to fly to the fence.

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Sanath Jayasuriya

Top Ten Cut Shots in Cricket History | KreedOn
Image Source – Cricket Addictor

Especially in limited-overs cricket, one of Sri Lanka’s greatest-ever batsmen used to be the nightmare of most bowlers, and one of his defining shots was the vicious cut. Throughout his time as an opening batsman, Jayasuriya used the stroke, which had the potential to either fly beyond the point fielder or land on the roof for six, as one of his weapons of mass destruction.

Jayasuriya’s quick hands, powerful forearms, and gift for timing made it a nightmare for most bowlers, especially on smaller subcontinental grounds.

Brian Lara

Best Shots in Cricket History | KreedOn
Image Source – ICC Cricket

Brian Lara of the West Indies was able to play practically any cricketing stroke one could imagine, and while the cut shot may not have been his finest shot, he was undoubtedly one of the shot’s best practitioners.

Lara is better known for his powerful cover drives throughout his career, but he also used the cut shot frequently, with the square cut being likely his favorite. He played the square cut as brilliantly as any batsman in the world could.

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Chris Gayle

Masters of Cut Shot | KreedOn
Image Source – ICC Cricket

The West Indian legend Chris Gayle is the only batsman who can legitimately claim to be one of the most aggressive cutters of the ball. The cut stroke has been one of his go-to shots throughout the years as he has faced off against the fastest bowlers in the world on most surfaces.

When he gets it right, the ball is frequently thrown into the stands. His mastery of the attacking cut stroke is unquestionable, thanks to his hand speed and reach.

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Alastair Cook

Master in Cricket History | KreedOn
Image Source – Hindustan Times

With 11629 runs under his belt (and counting), England opening batsman Alastair Cook will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the finest opening batters to ever play Test cricket.

In addition, he is one of the top practitioners of the cut shot and has used it successfully all around the world over the years.

The greatest bowling error a bowler can make is to bowl short and wide to Cook because, more often than not, he will quickly exploit such deliveries with one of his favorite strokes.

Virender Sehwag

Vest shots in cricket history | KreedOn
Image Source – Times of India

As a cricketer, Virender Sehwag belongs in a class by himself, and one of the skills that characterize his batting as an opener in both Tests and limited overs internationals (LOIs) was his near-perfect cut shot. He was so talented that he could play several cut-shot variations.

Pepsi created a TV commercial honoring Sehwag’s hallmark stroke in advance of the 2011 World Cup in India.

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Cut Shot Maestros in Cricket History: Sachin Tendulkar

Top ten cut shots in cricket | KreedOn
Image Source – ICC Cricket

Although Sachin Tendulkar is arguably most remembered for his cover drives, he was also a master of the cut shot and was without a doubt one of the best players to ever play it.

Tendulkar could play the shot anytime the opportunity arose, whether it was against a fast bowler or a spinner. He used the cut shot to great effect at the age of 18 when he batted on lightning-quick wickets like the one in Perth.

Cut Shot Maestros in Cricket History: Geoffrey Boycott

Image Source – Wisden

While he was known for being a “defense first” player, former England great Geoffrey Boycott was one of the most technically sound batsmen to have ever played the game. The cut shot was one of his go-to attacking shots.

Boycott’s technical mastery ensured that he played the shot properly at all times. It was one of the most effective strokes in his arsenal. Additionally, he never played it in the air, and neither the point nor the gully had much of a chance to fool him.

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Cut Shot Maestros in Cricket History: Gordon Greenidge

Image Source – CricTracker

The former West Indian batting champion Gordon Greenidge is credited for frequently hitting the ball harder than even Viv Richards, and his cut shots may have been one of the best examples of this.

Contrary to many other West Indian athletes of the time, Greenidge’s execution of the cut shot was almost flawless. He used to keep his head still at all times and get on the back foot as soon as he picked up the length before bringing the bat down with a hard chop on top of the ball’s bounce.

Although there have been many batsmen throughout the history of the game who were better than Greenidge, but no one truly possessed the same level of mastery over the cut stroke.


The cut shot is a stroke that requires not only skill but also an astute understanding of timing and placement. The aforementioned players have mastered this shot, leaving an indelible mark on the game of cricket. Each player showcased their unique style and flair while executing the cut shot to perfection. These masters of the cut shot have entertained fans and left us with enduring memories of their batting prowess, contributing significantly to the rich legacy of the game.

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