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Top 5 Best Cricket Video Games Every Fan Must Play

There is perhaps no greater passion in India than the love that cricket fans hold for the sport. Whether it’s the IPL or the impending T20 World Cup, Indians eagerly anticipate every match, fervently supporting their teams with unwavering dedication. In fact, the passion for cricket has grown in the last few years, with more and more people now engaging in fantasy sports as well as the use of online cricket betting sites in India. However, these additional activities are also reliant on live events and cricket matches. It is not possible to always indulge in your love for cricket by watching live matches, and this was made abundantly clear during the last couple of years, during which the Covid-19 pandemic canceled and postponed many cricket matches and events. So, while we still have the T20 World Cup to look forward to, it might be good to have some cricket alternatives in your back pocket for when watching cricket is not an option. So, we have compiled a list of a few cricket video games to keep you entertained!

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Best Cricket Video Games Every Fan Must Play Best Cricket Video Games
1 EA sports 2007
2 Real Cricket 22
3 World Cricket Championship 3
4 Cricket Captain 2023
5 Ashes Cricket

Cricket video games: EA Cricket 2007

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Despite being a game that is more than a decade old, the EA Cricket 2007 was a revolution for online gamers who love cricket. With dual analog sticks that allow the player to control the specifics of the batting movements as well as a realistic big-game atmosphere and commentary, the EA Cricket 2007 makes sure to create a truly immersive gameplay experience for all players. This is one of the most popular cricket video games.

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Cricket video games: Real Cricket 22

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Real Cricket 22 is an innovative spin on the cricket genre, available for all Android and iOS players to download and enjoy. This mobile game comes packed with various modes of gameplay, including 1v1, 2v2, as well as more multiplayer and co-op game modes. You will also get commentary in both English and Hindi, making it feel like a truly Indian experience of the cricket video games.

World Cricket Championship 3

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Yet another mobile game that manages to capture the spirit of cricket, the World Cricket Championship 3. This cricket video game has a lot to offer to its players. With a career mode that spans more than 400 matches, availability of different formats like test series, ODIs, and World Cup, and comfortable controls, the WCC 3 is a mobile game that will make any cricket fan feel like a real part of the game!

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Cricket Captain 2023

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Cricket Captain 2023 is available to play on PC as well as mobile. This is what makes this cricket video game a rather entertaining alternative to watching live cricket. You can role-play as a cricket player, and play through an entire career mode. It also allows you to switch teams and play in different countries. The game also allows historical games to be played. This makes for an amazing experience for everyone who wishes to relive the most iconic cricket matches in history!

Ashes Cricket

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Ashes Cricket is known for its attention to detail and realism, with accurate player likenesses, stadiums, and commentary. This title is also available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game also features a photorealistic likeness of the Australian cricket teams, making it as realistic for players as possible! The game was first released on November 16, 2017.

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Which is the best cricket video game available?

There are several popular cricket video game franchises, including EA Sports Cricket, Don Bradman Cricket, and Ashes Cricket. The “best” game often depends on personal preferences regarding gameplay mechanics, graphics, and available features.

Which is the best cricket game in 2024?

World Cricket Championship 3- WCC3
Real Cricket 22
World Cricket Battle
EA Sports 2007
Cricket Captain 2023
Ashes Cricket

Can I play cricket video games on consoles like PlayStation and Xbox?

Certainly! Numerous cricket video games have been made accessible on consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox, presenting players with immersive cricketing experiences. These platforms have seen the release of several well-received titles within the genre.

Are there multiplayer modes available in cricket video games?

Certainly! Many cricket video games provide multiplayer modes, enabling players to engage in competitive matchups against friends or other online gamers. These modes typically encompass various options, including one-on-one matches, tournaments, and cooperative gameplay experiences.

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