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Top 20 best cricket shoes for men: Shoes that suits your game

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It is an undisputed fact that we Indians love cricket more than any other sport. The craze of cricket and cricket players is truly astonishing in India. Almost every ‘mohalla’ in our country has a group of teens playing gully cricket and breaking windows here and there. It’s such a common sight that it has become a cliché. While some take this game casually, many take it very seriously. Many aspire to become professional cricketers and opt for a cricket coaching center. For players like these, it becomes very important to have the right equipment. Having a good pair of Cricket shoes is essential for the game, it add-ons to once performance in a match or be it a selection trial.

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Whether it’s fielding, running across the pitch for runs, or simply facing a delivery on the crease, a great pair of shoes always helps improve your game.

Even if you don’t take cricket seriously, having the right pair can be very critical for safety reasons. A great pair of shoes minimizes the chances of a foot injury while playing the game.

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We, at KreedOn, have made this list of the top 20 best cricket shoes for men to help you find your perfect pair.

So, without further ado, let us begin.

List of best cricket shoes for men

S.No Cricket Shoes
1 Adidas Men’s Howzat Spike 20 
2 Puma Spike 19.1 Men’s 
3 ZIGARO Men’s Cricket Shoe
5 FEROC Swing Blue Shoe
6 FEROC Men’s Polyurethane 
7 ASICS Unisex-Adult Gel-Peake White/Peacoat
8 Vector X Blast 
9 Vector X Target 
10 Spartan cs-764 Extreme 
11 NODENS Cricket Shoes

DSC Men’s Beamer 


SEGA Men’s Reach Spikes 


Adidas Men’s Adipower Vector Mid 20 


ASE PRO Professional Cricket Shoes for Men


Adidas Men’s CRI Hase 


Nivia Caribbean Cricket Shoes


ASE Men’s Professional 5 UK/IND


SG Savage Stud Shoes for cricket-2022 New Launch Model


Asics Gel Field Men’s Shoes – Blue/Bright Yellow

Details/Features/Price of Top 10 Best Cricket Shoes

Adidas Men’s Howzat Spike 20: Adidas Cricket Shoes

cricket shoes - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Adidas has established itself as a prominent brand over the years by delivering quality products. There are very few brands that are as big as Adidas.

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These Adidas cricket shoes have an open mesh for optimal upper foot comfort. A combination of mesh with synthetic materials. The upper part of these cricket shoes provides breathability and stability.

With a mid-cut build that supports the ankle and a lightweight outsole that is made for great traction, this pair from Adidas remains one of the best cricket shoes for men till date.

Pros Cons
Very comfortable upper A bit expensive 
Great breathability and stability Nails can be missing or less 
Lightweight outsole 

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Puma Spike 19.1: Puma Cricket Shoes

Mens Cricket Shoes - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Another pair with a big brand name, these puma shoes live up to the brand name in every possible way.

The ultimate test of any pair of cricket shoes has to be their ability to survive multiple hard runs across the cricket pitch. These sneakers manage to do just that.

They help in running as fast as possible while cushioning their stance in the outfield as well. These breathable and durable shoes are surely one of the best cricket shoes in the world.

Pros Cons
Great breathability  A bit expensive 
High durability The fitting can be a problem 
Nice cushioning

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ZIGARO Men’s Cricket Shoe: Cricket Shoes for Men

Cricket shoes - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Incredibly stylish and cool, these cricket shoes from Zigaro will elevate your fashion sense and give you a classy look.

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Made with rubber, these cricket shoes for men are incredibly good-looking and a great choice for those who prefer fashionable shoes.

Exceptionally comfortable and featuring a contemporary design, this pair is a great choice for every cricket fan.

Pros Cons
Very stylish Finishing is not very good
Comfortable pairs of shoes Injuries can be an issue
Nice fitting Not very durable

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BAS VAMPIRE: Cricket Shoes for Men

Cricket Spikes - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Good-looking, premium, and elegant shoes at a very reasonable price, these shoes are a perfect fit when it comes to fielding and batting.

Having a synthetic upper sole with embossing, these shoes for men are very comfortable and feels good on your feet.

These shoes are one the best at this price and would be a great choice for anyone wishing to make his/her mark on the cricket field.

Pros Cons
Very affordable  Not for trekking for long hours
Highly comfortable  A bit on the heavy side
Great for fielding Narrow at the front

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FEROC Swing Blue: Cricket Shoes for Men

Mens cricket shoes - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Available at a very reasonable price, these Feroc shoes are very affordable and have good cushioning as well.

These are incredibly lightweight shoes and have a high-grade molded EVA footbed to enhance comfort. 

Moreover, these pairs have a lightweight outsole for extra grip and high performance.

Pros Cons
Incredibly lightweight  Size can be an issue
Enhanced comfort The fitting can be an issue
High-performance shoes

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FEROC Men’s Polyurethane

Mens cricket shoe s- KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Another pair from Feroc, these shoes will provide you with great comfort while elevating your style and enhancing your game on the field.

These classic pairs of cricket shoes from the Feroc brand are truly classic with an exceptional comfort level.

Incredibly affordable and very contemporary, these shoes will not disappoint you.

Pros Cons
Highly comfortable Rubber studs are very weak
Very stylish Durability can be an issue
Great affordability

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ASICS Unisex-Adult Gel-Peake White/Peacoat Shoes: Asics Cricket Shoes

Mens cricket spikes - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

A big brand that has been delivering high-quality products for over 50 years now, ASICS, one of the best in the class.

Incredibly innovative and revolutionary in the world of sports, this incredible pair is an ideal example of the company’s attempt to create reliable, unique, and durable products.

Having some of the most innovative new technologies in sports, these pairs from ASICS live up to the brand’s name.

Pros Cons
Innovative Expensive product
Comfortable Not many cons

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Vector X Blast Shoes

Image Source: Amazon

Incredibly affordable and made of synthetic leather, these shoes are a great combination of style and comfort.

Attractive shoes with a padded footbed and PVC sole, these revolutionary cricket shoes for men have a supportive midsole and beveled heel.

A significantly lighter pair from Vector. 

Pros Cons
Great affordability Durability can be a problem
Significantly lightweight  The fitting can be an issue
Supportive midsole

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Vector X Target

Cricket Spikes - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

The second Vector cricket shoe on the list. This pair is slightly expensive but incredibly high-performing.

A continuation of the Vector X series, the target shoes are again a great pair by the brand. Made up of synthetic material with rubber spikes, this pair will certainly uplift your performance. 

Pros Cons
High-performance shoes Average grip
Incredibly comfortable  Does not look very good
Padded footbed Durability can be an issue

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Spartan cs-764 Extreme: Cricket Spikes shoes

Image Source: Amazon

Coming from the house of Spartan, these spike cricket shoes will always keep your feet at ease and comfort.

Made from high-quality material, these extremely comfortable cricket shoes are slip-resistant and make a compelling style statement on the field.

Having a distinct style that gives them a great fashionable look, these pairs of shoe is truly a great choice for everyone.

Pros Cons
Slip-resistant Cleaning issues
Very fashionable  Durability can be a problem 
Extremely comfortable

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Image Source: Amazon

Sturdy shoes with a breathable upper mesh, these cricket shoes are an ideal choice for intermediate players.

Made up of rubber material, these lightweight shoes for men are very comfortable and highly breathable to the feet.

This shoe is ideal for fast sprinters.

Pros Cons
Sturdy upper Not water-resistant
Lightweight cricket shoes  The fitting can be an issue
High breathability 

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