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Top 13 Best Cricket Bats in India | Buy Today & Hit It Big

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Confused upon which bat to choose? Here is the precise guide to buy the best cricket bats in India.

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Cricket holds a significance in India that extends far beyond a mere sport; it is interwoven into the very essence of the country’s cultural and social tapestry. Its popularity knows no bounds, drawing together individuals from diverse backgrounds, united by their unwavering enthusiasm and affection for the game.

The fervor for cricket pulsates within the Indian populace. It’s more than a mere pastime; it’s a sentiment that forms connections among millions. Whether in bustling urban centers or secluded rural landscapes, impromptu cricket pitches abound where both young and old engage wholeheartedly in the sport. Streets, open fields, and even rooftops seamlessly transition into spirited cricket arenas at the commencement of a match. But before we talk about the best Cricket bats, let’s address few common questions,

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How to Choose a Good Cricket Bat?

Three most important things to look while buying the best cricket bats are:

  1. Type of wood
  2. Weight of the bat
  3. Size of the bat

Of Course, there are brands that have a reputation of making good bats. But the brand name shouldn’t be the sole criteria to choose a bat.

There are many other technicalities such as grains on the bat, handle length, edge thickness, big sweet spot, shock absorption etc. to consider. However, focusing on the above-mentioned 3 points should just be fine for you to make a decision if you are not playing at national or international level.

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Types of woods to make best cricket bats in the world

Kashmir Willow Bat

The willow is famous for its sweet sound and shape. These bats are less expensive than the English willow ones. But don’t judge Kashmir Willow by its price. The wood of English willow is really weak and needs a lot of knocking.

Kashmir Willow, on the other hand, can easily endure rough usage. That is the reason why newbies of the game generally prefer these bats rather than going for English willow. But that doesn’t mean Kashmir willow cannot be used at higher levels of Cricket.

Many national and international players use Kashmir Willow. Heard of Sachin Tendulkar? Yes, I know you do (unless you are Maria Sharapova!). The bat he used to score his 35th ton was made of Kashmiri willow.

Best Cricket Bats KreedOn
Credits Gold Finch Cricket

English Willow bat 

It is one of the finest woods available to make Cricket bats. And, majority of professional cricketers prefer to use it for its lightweight and shock absorption. The only issue is that it is costly.

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Moreover, you need to be extra careful with these bats. If you are really rough with your playing style and the knocking has not been done properly, the wood may not last long. Indian Cricket captain Virat Kohli uses bats made of Grade-A English willow. His bats have a curved blade with a thickness of 38 to 42 mm.

Selected Willow

Last but not least are the Selected Willows. These bats are created to play regular street-level cricket. Majorly they are made for kids who are just learning to play or adults who are playing for fun.

Ideal Weight of Best Cricket Bats

Laws of Cricket recommend that a bat should ideally weigh between 1.2 to 1.4 kg. But there is no standard as such. Virat Kohli uses bats that weigh between 1.1 and 1.23 kg, and the same goes for many Australian Cricketers such as Ricky Ponting. However, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar used to play with a 1.51 kg cricket bat.

As seen above, weight is really a matter of taste and suitability.

There is a simple test to find this out. If you are a right-handed batsman, try to hold the bat with your left hand alone and try to mock a shot. If you are doing it comfortably, then it is ideal for you. In case your hands are not stable, then it’s probably a bit heavier for you.

Further, if you play with a heavy bat, shots like a hook, pull, or square cut would be tough to play, but the drives would be easier.

Ideal size of a cricket bat 

Cricket Bat Size KreedOn

Laws of Cricket points out that length of the bat should not be more than 38 inches (965 mm), width no more than 4.25 inches (108 mm), the overall depth shouldn’t be more than 2.64 inches (67 mm) and the edge thickness should not be more than 1.56 inches (40 mm). 

The size should be defined by the height of the player who is going to use it. If you are using it in your gully, then it’s fine to buy a standard size of the bat. But as a thumb rule, check if top of the bat handle is just 2-3 inches below your waistline. If it is, then the length is good enough for you.

Now that you know what to look out, let’s get to know the best cricket bats in India.

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Full List of Best Cricket Bats in India

S.N Best cricket bats Wood Weight
1 New balance BURN Kashmir Willow 1200 – 1250 grams
2 SG Cobra Xtreme Grade 5 English Willow 1180 – 1190 grams
3 New Balance CW DC 480 Kashmir Willow 1200 – 1275 grams
4 SG Scorer Classic Kashmir Willow 1100 grams
5 Spartan MSD edition English Willow 1100 – 1250 grams
6 new balance Balance DC-280 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat with Bat Cover Kashmir Willow 1180-1250 grams
7 Spartan MSD Run English Willow Less than 1000 grams
8 Spartan MS Dhoni King Kashmir Willow 1000-1200 grams

Elevar Gully – Kashmir Willow Tennis Ball Bat 

Kashmir Willow 1200-1250 grams
10 GM Paragon Apex Kashmir Willow 920-975 grams
11 Kookaburra Verve English Willow 1200 grams
12 GM Zelos Kashmir Willow 1250-1300 grams
13 SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow 1200 Grams for Short handle

New balance BURN


  • Wood: Kashmir Willow 
  • Weight : 1200 – 1250 grams 
  • Size: Short Handle (Full Size)

It is best cricket bat for hard tennis ball but New Balance Burn can be used for Leather ball cricket as well if your budget is less. Although made from original Kashmir willow, it comes very close to English willow.

The built quality of this bat is superb. An absolute value for money. Once the knocking has been done properly, it really has a good sweet spot. It is one of the best cricket bats in the world.


  • Easy-grip
  • Good willow quality
  • Great reviews


  • Bat is on a heavier side compared to other bats in the market

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SG Cobra Xtreme Grade 5

SGCobra Kreedon

  • English Willow 
  • Weight: 1180 – 1190 grams 
  • Size: Short Handle (Full Size)

SG Cobra Xtreme has a very light weight, good strokes, nice balance and thick edges. Although you need to handle it with care at the start. Do make sure that the knocking has been done properly so that the bat doesn’t get damaged early. Another plus point is that the oiling process for the bat is already done.


  • Toe protector for better durability
  • Made from premium, imported Saravak cane for superior control
  • Good English willow bat at this price point
  • Oiling already done


  • The wood is softer
  • Needs some knocking initially to get the best out of it else it may break if roughly used

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New Balance CW DC 480

NB cricket Kreedon

  • Kashmir Willow 
  • Weight: 1200 – 1275 grams 
  • Size: Short Handle (Full Size)

New Balance’s CW DC 480 comes with an outstanding overall finish. This is not surprising, considering NB is famous for making high-quality products. And this one is certainly not an exception.

It also has the correct weight balance. For someone who is starting out with professional cricket, this bat could be a genuine bargain. 


  • Visually appealing
  • Thick edges and curved blade
  • Ergonomically designed


No Cons

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SG Scorer Classic

SG Scorer Kreedon

  • Kashmir Willow 
  • Weight: 1100 grams 
  • Size: Short Handle (Full Size)

SG’s Scorer Classic is exceptionally light for a Kashmir Willow. It is covered in grain faced bat tape, giving it a smooth finish and a stylish look. The strokes are good, and the bat is oiled up. However, it does need knocking before use.


  • Weight comparable to a quality English willow bat
  • Classic design
  • Already oiled


  • Covered with a white coating so it is hard to see the grains and measure the quality of wood

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Spartan MSD edition

Chris Gayle bat kreedon

  • English Willow 
  • Weight: 1100 – 1250 grams 
  • Size: Short Handle (Full Size)

The Spartan MSD edition comes with a Classic Carribean design. It has a 1-year warranty and is endorsed heavily by MSD. Please don’t feel that the blasting ability of MSD will be yours once you buy it, though! Jokes apart, this bat has an impressive rubber grip and comes with a toe guard. Don’t trust just the name though. Truly a best cricket bats in the world.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive English willow
  • Large edges with minimal concaveness giving the extra hitting force


  • 20% of the verified buyers complained receiving a fake copy so make sure you get the original one only and make use of the warranty if don’t

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new balance Balance DC-280 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat with Bat Cover

  • Kashmir Willow 
  • Weight: 1180-1250 grams 
  • Size: Size 5, Size 6, Short handle, Harrow 

Low blade of the bat is good for front foot shots. A little bit heavy but nice grip and the elliptical handle makes it easy to hold.

The bat is pre-pressed, but it is recommended that you do knocking with it before playing in the match.


  • Trusted brand for bats
  • Good balance
  • Bigger sweet spot for explosive hitting


  • No curve on the blade
  • Weird bat cover

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Spartan MSD Run

Spartan MSd Run Kreedon

  • English Willow 
  • Weight: Less than 1000 grams 
  • Size: Short handle (Full size)

Swing it like MS Dhoni! The Spartan MSD Run bat is very lightweight and easy to swing. It has 10-12 grains on the bat and good for facing fast bowlers. As it isn’t pre-knocked, it’s advised to knock it for a considerable time period before using it in a match for best results


  • Lightweight
  • Good balance


  • Comes without pre-knocking

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Spartan MS Dhoni King

Spartan bats Kreedon

  • Kashmir Willow 
  • Weight: 1000-1200 grams 
  • Size: Size 1, Size 2, Size 4, Size 5

The Spartan MS Dhoni King comes with a 6-months warranty and various sizes to meet the needs of all ages. Being a Kashmir willow, it is suited for a beginner level of professional cricket or hard tennis cricket. 

It is also inexpensive and suits a player with a very aggressive game. Has thick edges which also help in having a good stroke.


  • Not expensive
  • Decent strokes
  • Perfect for amateur cricket both for hard tennis and leather ball


  • Not great for high-level professional cricket, there are other better bats

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Elevar Gully – Kashmir Willow Tennis Ball Bat 

  • Kashmir Willow 
  • Weight: 1200-1250 grams 
  • Size: Short handle (Full size)

The Elevar is made of inexpensive Grade III Kashmir willow, the Elevar Gully is best bat for tennis ball cricket. It also comes with a glass fibre tape on the top.

However, it does not comes with pre-knocked and needs to knock before being played with a leather ball. A good option for casual games, practices, or small level tournaments. Protos blaste is amongst the best cricket bats in India.


  • Inexpensive
  • Large sweet spot and thick edges which prevents jarring of hands and improves stroke.


  • Not the best bat for its price, there are better bats.
  • Cheap quality willow
  • Slightly heavy

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GM Paragon Apex

GM 1601258 Paragon Apex KreedOn
Credits Amazon
  • Kashmir Willow 
  • Weight: 920-975 grams 
  • Size: Size 3

GM Paragon Apex is made from Grade I Kashmir willow and has a traditional shape that provides extra stability. It has a decent stroke and comes pre-knocked. The bat gets thick edges for improving stroke and is good for explosive players.

Ideal for beginners and advanced kids. It also comes with protection on toe end. Apex has a decent adjustable grip as well as a complimentary bat cover.


  • Top-quality but not expensive
  • Pre-knocked
  • Treble spring comes with a cover


  • Glass fibre tape on face, so quality of wood cannot be tested.

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Kookaburra Verve

Kookaburra verve Kreedon

  • English Willow 
  • Weight: 1200 grams 
  • Size: Short Handle (Full size)

The Kookaburra Verve 60 is made from high-quality English willow and has angular toe for better hand positioning. The edges and sweet spot are significantly bigger. This makes it suitable for players who like to hit powerful shots.

Verve 60 is naturally dried and has a durable oil shield face cover. It is best suited for proper leather ball cricket and high-level tournaments. It also has a high spine that provides strength in shots, and thicker edges provide a lot of strokes. However, the bat needs to be properly oiled and knocked before use.


  • Top-quality Grade II English Willow and naturally dried
  • Angular toe for better hand positioning
  • Oil shield face cover


  • The bat has not garnered significant sales due to its slightly expensive price
  • Slightly heavy for an English willow

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GM Zelos Cricket Bat

GM bats Kreedon

  • Kashmir Willow 
  • Weight: 1250-1300 grams.
  • Size: Short Handle (Full size)

GM Zelos 222 is handcrafted from top-grade Kashmir willow. Its thick edges and pronounced bow provide a great balance of stroke, power, and feel. It is suited for batsmen who love to have the feel of punching the ball.

222 comes in pre-knocked, ready-to-use form. It is well-balanced between stability and power and has a low-positioned sweet spot. The bat is suited to play with a leather ball on subcontinent pitches as it provides better stroke-making abilities off the centre.


  • Ideal mix of power and stroke
  • Comes with superior cushioned grip and treble sprung cane handle
  • Great for punching the ball around


  • Comes with clear tape, so difficult to judge the quality of wood
  • Not for players who are very aggressive
  • Not suitable for playing on bouncy pitches

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SG RSD Spark

SG bats kreedon

  • Kashmir Willow 
  • Weight: 1200 Grams for Short handle 
  • Size: Size 3,4,5,6, Short Handle (Full size)

RSD Spark, like any other SG product, is handcrafted. Made from premium quality Kashmir willow, it is suited for casual and tennis ball cricket. The bat’s thick edges give a decent stroke. It comes with a durable handle made of Saravak cane to survive high-impact hits.

Full-length bat cover is given and the bat is extremely durable, thus making it suited for rough use. Traditionally shaped and curved blade enhances shot power and stroke play.


  • Inexpensive but made of premium quality Kashmir willow
  • Comes with durable Saravak Cane handle


  • There are better bats at this price and not suited for a leather ball
  • Balance of control and power could be better and lacks a bit of feel

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