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Best Cricket Bat Manufacturers in India | For Every Cricketing Dream

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Cricket is one of the most popular games in this country and all over the world. And with the growing and immense popularity of this game, cricket bat manufacturers in India are producing some magisterial bats for the upcoming youth of our country. The craze of cricket is increasing day by day and we reckon it won’t stop. And we think it shouldn’t stop because it will create future Sachin Tendulkar‘s, Dhoni’s or Kohli’s. To become the best, you should have a good weapon to conquer the world of cricket. 

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Bats are now customized to the needs of the cricketers. However, finding the right bat in a crowded market with so many options can be difficult for newbies who are unfamiliar with the best cricket bats producers, brands, and bats currently offered. Traditional Indian cricket bats are produced in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. But Jalandhar and Meerut are the main players in terms of Cricket bat manufacturing. 

Best Cricket Bat Manufacturers in India  Cricket bat manufacturers
1 Sareen Sports Industries (SS)
2 Sanspareils Greenlands (SG)
3 BD Mahajan & Sons (BDM)
4 Beat All Sports (BAS)

Best Cricket Bat manufacturers: Sareen Sports Industries (SS)

Sareen Sports Industries - KreedOn
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SS is a cricket bat manufacturer in India. N.K. Sareen founded Sareen Sports Industries in 1969, but the company first introduced the Indian cricket market in 1976 with the release of their SS Sunridges bat. The company sells its bats in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. English willow products include the SS Gladiators, SS Ton Matrix, SS Professional, and many others. The handle is made of 12 pieces of Sarawak cane, which aids in the handling of power shots as well as energy absorption. This bat’s special scale grip for greater control and comfort is a standout feature that has made it the first choice of many players.

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Best Cricket Bat manufacturers in India: Sanspareils Greenlands (SG)

cricket bat manufacturers - Sanspareils Greenlands - KreedOn
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SG is a cricket bat manufacturer in India. Sanspareils Greenlands, abbreviated as SG, is the leading global manufacturer of cricket equipment. It was founded as Sanspareils Co. by brothers Dwarkanath and Kedarnath Anand In 1931, which produced a variety of sporting goods. When World War II engulfed the world in 1940, they established Greenlands to assist export. Eventually, the company was renamed Sanspareils Greenlands after combining both names. The curved blade and thick edges of SG bats provide proper balance. These bats have a traditional shape and are extremely stable. The toe protector on these bats is a unique feature that aids in sturdiness and water retention.

BD Mahajan & Sons (BDM)

cricket bat manufacturers in India - BDM - KreedOn
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BDM is a cricket bat manufacturer in India. Since 1925, BDM has been a leading cricket manufacturing company located in Meerut, NCR Delhi, involved in production and export, with its own manufacturing facilities and a well-managed distribution network. The cricket bat manufacturing company sells its bats in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. BDM witnessed craftsmen have been involved with the modern innovations in manufacturing exquisitely handcrafted and invented bowed-shaped cricket bats for Professionals since 1925, which feature naturally seasoned superior Grade 1 English Willow from the UK. BDM Bats are innovative and designed with an outstanding mass re-distribution balance for better pick up and efficiency, where brilliance is the norm.

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Beat All Sports (BAS)

Beat All Sports - KreedOn
Image Source: DKP Cricket

BAS is a cricket bat manufacturer in India. Beat All Sports was founded in Sialkot (Pakistan) by the devoted duo of Late Sh. D. R. Kohli and Late Sh. M. R. Kohli and has never looked back since. The Beat All Sports unit in Jalandhar, which has been in operation since 1950, is run by a proper and effective team of Kohli Brothers. Beat All Sports is an innovator in the pinpoint accuracy manufacturing and supplying of sports goods, particularly cricket equipment. The company has the distinction of being the oldest and largest in the sports sector, and it is now a well-established manufacturer and exporter of sports goods all over the world. BAS bats are used by many international cricketers, including Hashim Amla, Darren Sammy, and others. Among India’s top cricket bat manufacturers.

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