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Top 8 Best Card Games for Endless Fun with Family & Friends

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Card games offer a delightful avenue to enjoy quality time with loved ones, whether it’s family, friends, or cherished companions. While these games don’t demand physical strain, they’re rich in friendly competition and playful exchanges. It’s worth noting that card games also play an integral role in casino settings and gambling activities. In this blog, we’ll delve into a roundup of the top 8 finest card games available to play.

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Complete List of Top 8 Best Card Games

Ranking Card Game
1. Spider Solitaire
2. FreeCell
3. Uno Card Game
4. Klondike Solitaire
5. Rummy
6. Heart Card Games
7. Exploding Kittens
8. Bridge

Spider Solitaire

best card games - KreedOn
Image Source: Solitaire

How to Play Spider Solitaire

To win the Spider Solitaire card game, you need to form the eight piles of cards. The spider has eight legs and that’s how the game got its name Spider Solitaire. Generally, the game needs two decks of cards. The game gets underway by placing 54 cards in 10 columns. Only the top card of each column is face-up. You have to arrange all the cards of each suit in the sequence.

A typical Spider layout requires the use of two decks. The Tableau consists of 10 stacks with 6 cards in the first 4 stacks, with the 6th card face up, and 5 cards in the remaining 6 stacks. Each time the stock is used it deals out one card to each stack.

There are multiple variations of the game based on the stack arrangements. According to the studies, Spider Solitaire has a solvability of 1:3. Playing one suit Spider Solitaire gives you the best odds of winning, two suits the second best odds, and four suits is the hardest. If you’re new to the game, try one suit first, and then make your way to harder versions.

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FreeCell - KreedOn
Image Source: SolitaireParadise.com

Surprisingly, in the FreeCell game, all the cards are face-up right from the start of the game. Nowadays, almost every computer has FreeCell in it. Obviously, this has been popular amongst every age group. It requires a single stack of cards.

Incredibly the game can have 1.75×1064 distinct games. Despite the huge number of variations, the game has the highest solvability than any other card game.

The game is won after all cards are moved to their foundation piles.

Uno Card Game

Uno (card game) - Best Card Games - KreedOn
Image Source: Wikipedia

Uno Card Game has always been the favorite amongst children. It is a shedding type game in which the player who discards all the cards first wins the game. It does not use a regular stack of cards. Uno requires specially printed cards.

Uno has four suites of red, yellow, blue, and green cards. A single Uno stack has 108 cards consisting of 76 Number cards, 24 Action cards, and 8 Wild cards.

The colorful stack of cards and some exciting rules make Uno a great game. Elimination Uno, Speed Uno, and Pirate Uno are some of the variations of the Uno card game.

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Klondike solitaire

Klondike Solitaire - KreedOn
Image Source: Google Play

The klondike solitaire is simple to form, but quite hard to solve. Perhaps, that’s the reason behind the huge popularity of this game. The game is a single-player game and it requires a 52-card deck. The cards are stacked in a triangular layout, building in ascending sequence and packing in descending order. It is also played in some casinos. 

Klondike Solitaire is the most popular version of patience-type games. The game has other names like Canfield or American Patience.

After shuffling, a tableau of seven fanned piles of cards is laid from left to right. From left to right, each pile contains one more card than the last. The first and left-most pile contains a single upturned card, the second pile contains two cards, the third pile contains three cards, the fourth pile contains four cards, the fifth pile contains five cards, and so on. The topmost card of each pile is turned face up. The remaining cards form the stock and are placed facedown at the upper left of the layout.

Solitaire 247 and Google Solitaire are the different digital platforms on which you can play the Klondike Solitaire.


Best Card Games - online rummy - KreedOn

Rummy is a matching game where players have to match cards of the same rank or sequence and the same suit. The one who forms melds from the given set of cards in the quickest time wins the game. It needs only a single stack of cards.

No one knows the exact origin of Rummy, but many believe that it originated in Mexico, while others disagree as they think China is the origin nation of Rummy. Rummy has tons of versions and each version has something exciting to offer.

Junglee Rummy is a dedicated digital platform for Rummy. This app is a trustworthy platform to earn real money by playing Rummy.

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Best Card Games: Hearts Card Game

How to Play Hearts: Rules for Hearts Card Game - KreedOn
Image Source: FamilyEducation

Hearts Game or simply Hearts is a very popular game that can be played between three to six players. However, four players are considered ideal for this game. It is a trick-taking type of game. It also comes under an evasion-type game.

This game originated around the 1750s in Spain. One set of a game can be played within 5 minutes. The preliminary aim is to avoid getting a card of heart suit.

Auction Hearts, Black Jack, Black Lady Black Maria, Cancellation Hearts, Chasse Coeur, Domino Hearts, Greek Hearts, Heartsette Joker Hearts, Omnibus Heart, Partnership Hearts, and Spot Hearts are the variations of the Heart card Game.

Best Card Games: Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens - KreedOn
Image Source: Google Play

Exploding Kittens card game initially started as a crowdfunding campaign. The intriguing thing is that this crowdfunding activity reached the goal of US$10,000 in mere eight minutes. Microsoft’s Zo chatbot offered a single-player version of Exploding Kittens.

We can play the game with 2-5 players. The game can be finished in 15 minutes. All cards are put into a deck, save for the Defuse and Exploding Kitten cards. The deck is shuffled and each player draws 7 cards and takes a Defuse card. The Exploding Kitten cards are then shuffled back into the deck so that the number of Exploding Kitten cards in the deck is one less than the number of players. The remaining Defuse cards are then also put back in the deck. Turn order is decided upon any trivial condition.

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Each player may then play as many cards from their hand as they like on their turn, or choose not to do so, before drawing a card. Players are not to tell any other player what cards are in their hand. Played cards are put into a discard pile.

If a player draws an Exploding Kitten card, they must show it immediately and they are out of the game unless they have a Defuse card. The last player still in the game wins.

Best Card Games: Bridge

Bridge cards - KreedOn
Image Source: Dreamstime.com

Bridge or Contract Bridge is a trick-taking game. Out of all the card games, Bridge is the most developed card game. To everyone’s surprise, Bridge has its international governing body called World Bridge Federation (WBF). Under the WBF, there are several regional governing bodies as well. 

To play bridge, you need 4 players. Two teams will be formed of 2 players each. It takes around 7 and half minutes to finish the one hand. Skills like tactics, communication, memory, and probability are necessary to be a top player in this game.

Card games are not at all behind in this digital era. Just like every other game, Bridge too has its online version.


With the advent of the internet, card games are no longer just to pass the time. They can be a secondary source of income if you play them with skills on the digital platforms. The digital sources are trustworthy and they do have full permission from the government as well. 

So if you love card games, these are the games you must try out at least once in a lifetime. 

What are some of the best card games?

Spider Solitaire, FreeCell, UNO, etc are some of the best card games.

Are these card games suitable for players of all ages?

Many of these card games are designed to be family-friendly and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

Can these card games be played with just a standard deck of cards?

Yes, many of the suggested card games can be played with a regular deck, ensuring you can start playing without any additional purchases.

Are the rules for these card games easy to understand for beginners?

Yes, most of these card games have simple rules that can be quickly grasped, making them ideal for both newcomers and experienced players.

Can I find digital versions of these card games for online play?

Many traditional card games have been adapted into digital formats, allowing you to enjoy them virtually with friends and family.

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