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Top 10 Best Badminton Shuttlecocks to Buy Online

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Badminton is an incredibly fun, challenging, and fast sport that can be played by anyone. It is one of the most popular games in India. There are many reasons why people love badminton. Some like it as it is relatively easy to play game, while others enjoy it because of the limited resources required in playing this sport. All you need is a good pair of rackets and some badminton shuttlecocks to play the game.

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However, finding the perfect shuttlecock is not an easy task. So, to help you out, KreedOn has created a list of the best shuttlecocks available in the market. This list will help you find the best shuttlecocks in the market. So, let us begin.

Top 10 Best Badminton Shuttlecocks

S. No Best Badminton Shuttlecocks
1 Yonex Mavis 350 Nylon Shuttlecock
2 AMIFIT Steller Gold Series Feather Shuttlecock
3 Li-Ning Smash Nylon Shuttle
4 Badminton Shuttlecock Pack of 10 Feather Shuttle Cock
5 Yonex Mavis 200i Nylon Shuttle Cock
6 AFU Feather Badminton Shuttlecock
7 Li-Ning Champ Duck Feather Shuttlecock (White)
8 Silver’s Marvel Feather Shuttlecock
9 Yonex AeroClub (ACB) TR Badminton Feather Shuttlecock
10 Li-Ning Future 9 Nylon Shuttlecock

Yonex Mavis 350 Nylon Badminton Shuttlecocks

best badminton shuttlecocks - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Yonex is most likely the first name that pops up in your mind when you think about badminton brands. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular and trustworthy badminton brands in the world.

These shuttlecocks by Yonex are made using high-quality nylon materials. Moreover, they are incredibly lightweight and have great flight consistency.

The best thing about mavis 350 shuttlecocks is their recovery time. They have an amazing recovery time of 0.02 seconds. These shuttlecocks by Yonex are undoubtedly one of the best in the market today.

Pros Cons
Great recovery time Not very durable
Made of high-quality material A little expensive 
Great flight performance 

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Steller Gold Series Feather Shuttlecocks

Best badminton Shuttlecoks - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

These shuttlecocks are sturdy, stable, and very durable. Made with high-quality material, these shuttlecocks are perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

The Steller gold series is available in a pack of ten shuttlecocks. It might not suitable for professionals, but these shuttlecocks work perfectly for intermediate and beginners.

These shuttlecocks can withstand powerful smashes. Furthermore, they can also deliver incredibly powerful hits. These are definitely one of the best shuttlecocks in the market.

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Pros Cons
Sturdy and stable Not for professional players
Great flight consistency Speed might be an issue
Very durable

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Li-Ning Smash Nylon Shuttlecock

Best badminton shuttlecocks - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Li-Ning is a popular and highly trustworthy badminton brand. It has always delivered high-quality products. These shuttlecocks are great for those who play in indoor badminton court

Due to their ability to withstand warmer conditions, these shuttlecocks perform great in indoor conditions. Furthermore, their synthetic cork heads ensure great flight.

These shuttlecocks are not only incredibly lightweight, but they are also very affordable. This makes it one of the best options for indoor shuttlecocks.

Pros Cons
Great for indoors Not very durable
Very affordable Average flight consistency
Good for all conditions

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Badminton Shuttlecocks Pack of 10

best badminton shuttlecocks - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

SMT has proved itself as one of the best sports brands across the globe. They have consistently produced high-quality sports products.

These SMT shuttlecocks are well-known for their quality. They are affordable and well-designed. The cork used in this shuttle is imported base cork.

Moreover, these shuttlecocks provide you with amazing flights. They have great balance, and will not disappoint you for sure.

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Pros Cons
Affordable Low durability 
Well balanced  Average cork quality
Nice value for money 

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Yonex Mavis 200i

Best badminton shuttlecocks - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

These Yonex shuttlecocks have a very stable trajectory. Their flight stability is excellent. Moreover, these shuttlecocks are incredibly durable. They are designed using the best nylon materials.

These shuttlecocks have an incredibly fast recovery time. Mavis 200i is a pack of 6 shuttlecocks. It is a great choice for all badminton lovers.

Additionally, these shuttlecocks also have an excellent post-smash of 0.02 seconds. Buying these shuttlecocks is a choice you won’t regret.

Pros Cons
Incredible stability  A little slow
High durability Not many cons
Quick recovery 

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AFU Feather Badminton Shuttlecock 

This Superfine white round feather shuttlecock excels in flight and balance, featuring strong EVA-based cork for enhanced hitting prowess and lasting performance. Its high-quality adhesive ensures the feathers and thread remain intact, guaranteeing durability during use. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor play.

Pros Cons
Very durable  Not Very Sturdy
Lightweight shuttlecocks
Long-lasting corks

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Li-Ning Champ Duck Feather Shuttlecock

Best Badminton Shuttlecocks - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Li-Ning is a leading badminton brand all over the globe. They produce high-quality badminton products which are known for their great performance.

These shuttlecocks are designed to provide great flight during a high-intensity match.  These shuttlecocks have a great recovery period and are very sturdy. Lightweight and long-lasting, these shuttlecocks are great for training.

Pros Cons
Great flight  Lacks elbow support 
Very durable  Too expensive
Extremely Lightweight

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Silver’s Marvel Feather Shuttlecock

Image Source- Amazon

These budget-friendly shuttlecocks by Silver Sports are perfect for recreational purposes. Superfine white feathers are used in making these shuttlecocks. These shuttlecocks have a good cork and are easy to use. Moreover, they are incredibly lightweight and balanced. Overall, this shuttlecock is well-balanced.

Pros Cons
Affordable Not very durable
Well balanced Not for professional purposes
Nice cork

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Yonex AeroClub (ACB) TR

Image Source: Amazon

Yonex is undoubtedly the most trusted Badminton brand. Thus, it should be no surprise that three of its products have made it to our list.

These shuttlecocks are made with extreme precision. They provide quick recovery, great stability, and excellent flight. Moreover, they perform incredibly well in all conditions.

These shuttlecocks are made using some of the best natural materials. Though they might be a little expensive, but they are perfect for both professionals and beginners.

Pros Cons
Very stable Too expensive
Made of quality materials Average durability 
Excellent flight 

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Li-Ning Future 9 Nylon Shuttlecock

Made from premium nylon combined with a sturdy natural cork head, this shuttlecock boasts precision design that guarantees exceptional rotation, leading to faster reaction times, stability, and durability. Engineered for high performance, it offers excellent flight and increased strength.

Pros Cons
Fast recovery  No Cons
Sturdy and efficient 
Extremely lightweight

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