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Top Badminton Shoes Under 2000 Rupees | Ace Your Moves

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The quest for perfect shoes that fulfill all your needs like quality, comfort, durability, and appearance can be hard, and when it is required for a specific sport, it’s even harder. Badminton is undoubtedly an incredibly fun sport and can be more fun with the perfect pair of shoes. We, at KreedOn, have prepared a list of some of the best badminton shoes under 2000 for you. This list will guide you to buy the best pair of badminton shoes to enhance your performance and shoes that fit your budget.

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Moreover, we’ve also give you tips on how to choose and what to look for while buying a perfect pair of shoes. Once you understand how to pick perfect badminton shoes, you can go over the list of the best Badminton shoes under 2000 and pick your favorite one.

How to Select a Perfect Pair of Badminton Shoes


Being lightweight makes a shoe more comfortable and enhances swift movements. It also makes it easier to jump, walk and run a few more miles easily, while allowing free movement.

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A durable shoe lasts longer and reduces financial pressure on players for frequent purchases. The durability of a pair is decided by a couple of factors like the sole, the material used, usage, and overall quality of the product.

Durability is a necessary feature of a shoe, and as a customer, one should not compromise on it.


Comfort is the most important attribute any shoe can have. You don’t want to be uncomfortable wearing your shoes? Do you? To ensure a comfortable pick, following are the parameters one should take care of. 

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The size of the shoe, breathability, and softness of the sole, are a few basic factors that will help in choosing the most comfortable shoes. Having mentioned a few of the things to take care of while buying a shoe, let us begin to look at this list of the best badminton shoes under 2000.

Top 10 Best Badminton Shoes Under 2000

S.NBest Badminton shoes under 2000 in India
1Nivia Flash Shoe
2Vector X Ranger Badminton/Tennis Court Shoe for Men
3Nivia Super Court Badminton Shoe
4Li-Ning Attack Pro II
5Li-Ning Attack III
6Nivia HY-Court 2.0 Badminton Shoe
7Yonex AE 10 Non-Marking Badminton Shoes
8Li-Ning Sprinter Light Weight Running Shoes
9Nivia POWERMASH Badminton Shoes
10Nivia Appeal 2.0 Badminton Shoes

Nivia Flash Shoe

best badminton shoes under 2000 - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

One of the least expensive badminton shoes you can buy today, the Nivia Flash shoes are very comfortable and great for use for all age category players.

Made up of PVC-coated fabric and molded heel to counter injuries, these shoes also have a cushioned sole to give you comfort while playing.

It is a very good choice, especially considering its price range. It is definitely one of the best badminton shoes under 2000.

Great for beginnersVulnerable on hard surfaces
Available at a very low costCushioning can be problematic
Comfortable and lightweightNot for amateur players

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Vector X Ranger Badminton/Tennis Court Shoe for Men

Vector X Ranger Badminton/Tennis Court Shoe for Men

Crafted with a combination of synthetic leather and breathable mesh, these Vector shoes offer a balance of durability and ventilation. Their soles are made of creep rubber, featuring a non-marking rubber outsole that excels in durability, traction, and slip resistance, ensuring a steady grip on various surfaces. Designed for comfort, they boast a padded ankle collar and footbed, providing ample cushioning with a full lace fastening for a secure fit.

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Helps by Enhancing the footworkDurability can be a issue
Maximizes energy
Very budget-friendly

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Nivia Super Court Badminton Shoe

Another great product from Nivia, these shoes are very comfortable, and also good-looking.

The pair provides the foot with sufficient support and stability, while also providing much more accurate footwork. Due to its high quality and durability, it makes into the list of the best badminton shoes under 2000.

Great qualityThe fitting can be an issue, be careful while choosing the size
Durable product
Comfortable and lightweight

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Li-Ning Attack Pro II: Li-Ning Badminton shoes under 2000

A great pair by Li-Ning, this lightweight shoe offers great comfort and breathability. This shoe is solved by many professionals and can be used by beginners as well. This shoe is undoubtedly one of the best picks at this price. 

Whether you are an attacking or defensive player, your performance will definitely be maximized by these badminton shoes.

Lightweight and comfortabilityPoor grip
Extra protection from injuryThe fitting can be a problem
Good traction

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Li-Ning Attack III: Li-Ning Badminton shoes under 2000

Another pair of shoes by a Li-Ning, the Attack III enhances the overall experience of the customer. It does so by maximizing our performance and minimizing our risk for injury. Moreover, the shock absorption features help in the easy movement for us.  A great all-around pair, this show undoubtedly makes it on the list of the best badminton shoes under 2000.

Great cushioningNo specific con
Comfortable and lightweight 

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Nivia HY-Court 2.0 Badminton Shoe: Badminton shoes under 2000

best badminton shoes under 2000 - KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

Another great product by the Brand, the Nivia HY-Court 2.0 offers good ground traction and great stability to the player.

Great air circulation, nice shock absorption, and proper ventilation are just a few of the various attributes which make this pair such a fine choice for badminton lovers. This has a very good reputation in the badminton community, it is the best choice for quality shoes in an affordable price range.

Lightweight and comfortable A bit too tight 
Very durableSize can be an issue
Great for beginners

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Yonex AE 10 Non-Marking Badminton Shoes: Yonex Badminton shoes under 2000

Image Source: Amazon

A great pair from one of the most trusted badminton brands in the world, the Yonex AE 10 does not disappoint. This fine quality product is developed by using the standard Yonex procedure, this pair is one of the most durable shoes by the brand.

Yonex is always the 1st choice by all the professional badminton players from all across the globe.

Great durabilityIssues with sole grip
Incredible shock absorptionNot very soft
Great resilience and compression recovery

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Li-Ning Sprinter Light Weight Running Shoes, Jade Black

The shoes fasten securely with a lace-up closure, ensuring a snug fit for regular-width feet. Their design features a rounded toe style, while the upper is crafted from a combination of synthetic leather, Phylon, and rubber. These materials not only provide durability but also offer a blend of flexibility and support. Moreover, the shoes are equipped with a cushioned footbed, promising an exceptional level of comfort, making each stride a comfortable experience.

Great cushioning Sizing can be an issue
Lightweight and comfortable
Great quality and durability

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Nivia POWERMASH Badminton Shoes: Best Badminton shoes under 2000

Incredibly lightweight and comfortable, the Nivia Powermash has also been the number one bestseller in Men’s tennis shoes on Amazon.

One of the best regular pairs available in the market today, this shoe is not only high in quality but also low in price. Offering you the best of quality and comfort, there is hardly a factor in which this pair proves unsatisfactory.

This alone makes it a deserving entry in the list of best badminton shoes under 2000.

Easy to maintainNot for pros
Lightweight and comfortablePoor quality sole
Good durabilityToo soft for hard court

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Nivia Appeal Badminton Shoes under 2000

Nivia Appeal Badminton Shoes

The Nivia shoes feature a breathable mesh combined with a P.V.C Synthetic Upper, ensuring ventilation and durability. They come with a die-cut soft NR EVA sockliner, laminated with polyester fabric, and a soft cushion NR EVA Inner insole for added comfort. The duofoam soft compressed midsole offers support and responsiveness during activities. Additionally, these shoes boast a non-marking hexagonal patterned outsole designed for multi-directional movement, complemented by a round sole. The TOE stitching on the sole lip provides reinforced support for the toe area, enhancing overall stability.

Very ComfortableNo Cons
Snug fit
Great finishing

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