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12 Best Badminton Shoes for Men in India | Buy Today & Experience the Change

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Badminton shoes are an important part of your game. A comfortable and high-performing pair of shoes can enhance your game exponentially, against any opponent. They differ a lot in terms of purpose, technology, and yes, price. Here, we have compiled the list of 12 best badminton shoes for men in India and some detailed information about each of them. Keeping in mind the different skill levels and prices, we have chosen from a wide range of shoes to give you the best.

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Let’s have a look at the complete list of best badminton shoes

Complete list of best badminton shoes for men

S.N Best Badminton Shoes for Men
1 Yonex SHB 65 Z2
2 Yonex Aerus 3
3 Li-Ning Saga Lite
4 Asics Upcourt 4
5 Yonex Hydro-Force 2
6 Yonex SHB Comfort Advance 3
7 Nivia Gel Verdict
8 Li Ning Attack 3
9 Asics Gel Rocket 9
10 Victor AS-3W-AM
11 Victor A960
12 Victor Cushion+ Support Series

1. Best Yonex Badminton shoes for men: Yonex SHB 65 Z2

Yonex SHB 65 Z2 | Credits: Amazon

Yonex Badminton Shoes: The flagship shoe from the house of Yonex is by far the best shoe in the market. A well-sought after shoe and used by professionals like Kento Momota, Viktor Axelsen, and India’s Sai Praneeth. This shoe is for the best of the best. 

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Unlike a few of the other top shoes like the Eclipsion series, this makes a very comfortable fit. The toe box is slightly altered with the new Toe Assist Shape design, which puts less pressure on your big toe and more support. The new Double Raschel mesh design is claimed to be eight-time more breathable, thus allowing better ventilation and moisture release. Although, the best part is Yonex’s PowerCushion+ technology in the midsole. The shock absorption is really amazing with Yonex using that throughout the whole shoe. “Lateral Shell”  and “Syncro Fit Insole” make your feet secure and stable in the shoe.

Good traction is essential in a badminton shoe and Hexagrip by Yonex is really good. The only part that makes it “almost” perfect is that grip is too soft to last on hard surfaces. 


  • Has the best technologies in sports shoe design
  • Great traction
  • Used by the best international players
  • PowerCushion+ is the best midsole material in the market.


  • Costlier than others
  • Durability of grip is less

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2. Best Yonex Badminton shoes for men: Yonex Aerus 3

Yonex Aerus 3 | Credits: Amazon

Yonex Badminton shoes for men: One of Yonex’s top shoes, it is famous for its ultra-lightweight and flexible design, which aids in natural feet movement. This lightweight nature also makes these shoes very fast and thus impacts your overall movement.

The shoe is made with PU-based SkinLite + Nylon mesh, which helps in the weight drop and carries PowerCushion+ & Power Graphite Lite technology in its midsole. This helps in 28% better shock absorption and 62% more bounce or repulsion, than any other material. 

It also is loaded with the same advanced technology like, the Z2, i.e. Toe Assist Shape and Syncro Fit Insole. The security and safe movement of your foot is taken care of by 3D power carbon, which prevents twisting.

This shoe is basically a lightweight replacement of Z2 and is loved by international players like Satwiksairaj Rankireddy.


  • Supremely lightweight
  • Loaded with top tech
  • 3D power carbon for preventing twisting
  • PowerCushion+ mixed with Power Graphite Lite for a light, responsive midsole.



  • Price is on the higher side.
  • Hexagrip is not durable

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3. Best Badminton shoes for men: Li-Ning Saga Lite

Li Ning Saga Lite | Credits: Amazon

The Saga Lite is the lightweight version of the Saga series from Li Ning. An excellent entry-level shoe, it has a decent construction and a very good fit. The midsole is responsive enough with Precision shock absorption tech, while the outsole gets Upgraded traction. The heel area is well protected and the overall fit is great and your feet feel locked-in.

There is some amount of TPU-based material in the sole for added stability and support during lateral movement. Grip is provided by soft non-marking rubber, which is quite sticky suiting indoor wooden courts.


  • Great value for money
  • Inexpensive
  • Good shock absorption
  • Stability and support
  • Strong grip
  • Locked in feel around ankles and medial foot



  • Quality is not high
  • Responsiveness and cushioning
  • Ventilation

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4. Best Badminton shoes for men: Asics Upcourt 4

Upcourt 4 | Credits: Amazon

A great pair of badminton shoes from Asics, it is lightweight, fits great and has a really sticky grip. A full-length gum rubber outsole with a redesigned tread pattern provides a multi-directional grip. Combined with a breathable mesh, this shoe is comfortable, fits correct to size and keeps interiors cool.

The shoe comes with a 10mm heel drop, which makes the attackers sit slightly higher, ready to attack. Leather overlays on the shoe provide good support and also really attractive for casual wear. The shoes are also suitable for other indoor games like volleyball and squash.

Overall, these are a decent pair of shoes at a very cheap price. 


  • Sticky grip
  • EVA midsole
  • Breathable upper
  • Pivot point in the medial foot.
  • Cheaper in price.



  • Better quality of shoes are available.

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5. Yonex Hydro-Force 2

Hydro Force 2 | Credits: Amazon

Yonex Badminton shoes for men: These entry-level badminton shoes for men by Yonex are focused on intermediates and made for stability. They do not have the flagship’s Double Raschel mesh but get a synthetic upper that is both flexible and tough, maintaining a robust fit. The midsole gets Yonex’s trademark TruCushion technology which adds adequate support and shock absorption, improving performance. 

Focused on stability, the shoe gets a Carbon sheet, a graphite plate in the midsole to reduce weight and still make it stable. The shoes get TPU-based material for extra support during landing and lateral movement and Hexagrip offers lots of traction. The shoes are shaped very well and provide a comfortable fit.


  • Sturdy yet flexible upper
  • Graphite plate for lots of stability.
  • TruCushion
  • Lots of traction
  • TPU material adds stability


  • Hexagrip is less durable
  • Lacks the very breathable Double Raschel Mesh

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6. Yonex SHB Comfort Advance 3

Comfort Advance 3 | Credits: Amazon

Yonex Badminton shoes for men: These are a decent pair of intermediate-level badminton shoes for men. Yonex focuses a lot on comfort and provides PowerCushion tech in the midsole and a very breathable Double Raschel mesh. The PowerCushion midsole offers serious shock absorption and energy repulsion abilities that take your game to the next level. The latter provides eight times more ventilation than a normal synthetic upper. 

Yonex uses Hexagrip design on the non-marking rubber outsole and that provides good amount of grip while the round sole 


  • Excellent shock absorption and repulsion
  • Very breathable and ventilated mesh
  • Cool in-shoe environment
  • Moisture release is good
  • Solid amount of grip
  • Great price




  • Not loaded with tech like the more costlier ones

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7. Nivia Gel Verdict

NIVIA Polyester Gel Verdict | Credits: Amazon

Badminton shoes for men: Among the best sportswear and equipment brands of the country, Nivia makes some really great badminton shoes for men and women. The Gel Verdict is an intermediate-level shoe and a very solid one at its price. The upper mesh is lightweight and has decent ventilation and moisture absorption abilities, thanks to Airculate tech. There is EVA in the midsole and Duofoam which makes it decently cushioned. Overall, the shoe is made of polyester but has TPU in its heel counter for support. Toe area is wide and flexible.


  • Very value for money
  • Lasts longer than most shoes of price range
  • Good traction
  • Moisture absorption and ventilation is good
  • Pricing




  • Gel cushioning is only in ankle

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8. Li Ning Attack 3

Li Ning Attack III | Credits: Amazon

Badminton shoes for men: This is a great option for aggressive players. It gets a very capable midsole made of hi-rebound Phylon to improve shock absorption and cushioning. What is unique is the use of cushioning, in the main impact parts of the midsole. Apart from that, the Pu+ mesh upper is lightweight and provides ample support. 

The grip has improved over the previous edition with Upgraded Traction on the non-marking rubber and now offers more on mats. Along with that, the TPU material makes foot landing very stable and the collar gives a very solid locked fit.


  • Comfortable midsole and grippy rubber outsole with Upgraded Traction
  • Attractive color options
  • Lightweight upper
  • Good shock absorption 
  • Locked-in feel of collar



  • Durability might be an issue
  • Slightly hard structure.

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9. Asics Gel Rocket 9

Asics Gel Rocket 9 | Credits: Amazon

Badminton shoes for men: It is among the best badminton shoes in the market. Recommended and used by international players, it is known for its comfortable fit, sticky outsole and fit custom orthotics.

It gets low-to-ground sole construction which provides additional stability. This pair is also liked by many players for its midsole construction which provides flexibility and aids in agile moves. Players who have used it have seemingly liked the wide outsole for a good amount of flexibility from the breathable upper, combined with good looks and affordable price, this is undoubtedly an all-rounder. 


  • Affordable price
  • Low construction aids stability
  • Supporting and breathable upper
  • Attractive styling
  • Lots of flexibility 



  • Durability is an issue.
  • Ankle support is less from collar

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10. Victor AS-3W-AM

AS-3W-AM | Credits:Amazon

Badminton shoes for men: A decently comfortable, great-fitting badminton shoe from a branded company at a very cheap price is what you describe this one as. Although not as great as the pricier ones, these shoes are among the best and well-rated in the sub-3k category. A grippy rubber outsole with a RADIATION pattern offers good traction on hard surfaces. But the best part of the shoe is its durable, double mesh upper with PU leather for stability. Victor also offers its ENERGY MAX foam with EVA in the midsole, which makes this shoe soft and responsive. 


  • Value for money
  • Has top tech at low prices
  • Durable
  • Soft cushioning
  • Grippy outsole



  • Not suited for pros
  • Not very sophisticated or polished

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11. Victor A960

Victor All Around A960 | Credits: Amazon

Badminton shoes for men: One of the best shoes from Victor, the A960 surprises with its superior technology and stunning looks. A shoe for professional players with an all-around game, it gets ENERGY MAX 3.0, which offers 22% more repulsion and 6% more shock absorption abilities. The outsole has anti-slip VSR rubber with increased grip and enhances direction switch. 

It gets X-FIT, a new adaptive plastic structure wrapping the shoe, which aids in breathability and flexibility. 

There is still more to WOW you; the shoe also gets Feather Resilient EVA and Microfiber PU leather along with a Double mesh. Lastly, there is a  carbon fiber sheet to provide midfoot stability called Carbon Power.


  • Loaded with advanced technology and premium materials.
  • Energymax 3.0 
  • X-Fit wrapping is breathable and flexible
  • Carbon Power for midfoot stability
  • VSR anti-slip rubber.
  • Competitive pricing




  •    Nothing we could find.

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12. Victor Cushion+ Support Series

Victor Cushion+ | Credits: Amazon

Badminton shoes for men: Built for excellent stability and durability, these shoes from Victor are great options as badminton shoes for men. Solid construction and decent amounts of modern technology in the midsole with ENERGY MAX foam, Nylon sheet for stability, and EVA. The upper is a double mesh with good water absorption and ventilation properties, while ENERGY MAX gives superior shock absorption. A high strength TPU-material in the outer part of the sole adds a lot to stability. Moreover, the radiation patterned- rubber grip has some really sticky grip. A big advantage of these shoes is U-Shape 3.0, which increases the inner space and thus fits wide feet really well.


  • Excellent Price
  • Great cushioning
  • Stability with TPU in front sole
  • Sticky rubber outsole
  • Shock absorption abilities
  • Suitable for wide feet




  • Shape could have been better
  • Lacks responsiveness

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