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Top 20 Best Ab Rollers | Make The Core Stronger Using Ab Roller

Top 10 Best Ab Roller- KreedOn
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High-Intensity Interval Training or simply HIIT has revolutionized the fitness industry. The HIIT workouts are simple, quick, and more effective than basic cardio sessions. Ab roller workout does fall into the category of HIIT routines. The exercises performed using an Ab roller are simple, time-saving, and still perfectly effective.

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By exercising with the Ab wheel, you can save time and still will boost the process of making the core strong and sturdy.


This article will tell you about the top 20 best Ab rollers available in the market.

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What is an Ab Roller?


Image Source- Greatist

Ab roller has a wheel and to that wheel, handles are attached on both sides. The wheel is generally made of non-slip, durable, and lightweight rubber. The ab roller exercises when performed with correct form, engage the core, glutes, back muscles, and obliques.

So, to quicken the process of making a core strong, an ab roller is the thing to go for.

How to use ab rollers?


  • Kneel on a mat.
  • Place the ab wheel in front of you, directly under your shoulders.
  • Contract the core muscles.
  • Grab onto each side handle and keep your arms straight and stabilized.
  • Slowly roll the ab wheel out with control.
  • Pause just before you feel your back will arch, and slowly return to your starting position by rolling backward.

Ab Roller Exercises


  • Ab Wheel Plank
  • Knee Roll-Out
  • Wide-Stance Front Roll-Out
  • Narrow-Stance Front Roll-Out
  • V Roll-Outs
  • Knee Tucks
  • Plank to Pike
  • Oblique Tuck
  • Single-Arm Roll-Out
  • Bridge Hold
  • One-Leg Roll-Out

Benefits of Ab Rollers


  • Helps in building core strength, and enhances body balance and stability
  • Works on multiple muscle groups
  • Ab rollers are a complete cardio package
  • Strengthen joints and muscles
  • AB rollers are highly portable
  • Increases flow of blood in body and brain
  • Improves body posture
  • Reduces belly fat

Top 10 Best Ab Rollers To Buy


Sr. No Ab Rollers
1. GoFit Go Power Ab Wheel
2. SKLZ Core Wheels
3. Vinsguir Ab Rollers
4. DMoose
5. Sports Research Ab Rollers
6. INTENT SPORTS Multi-Functional Ab Wheel
7. Boldfit Ab rollers
8. Fitness Invention Ab Rollers
9. AmazonBasics AB Rollers
10. Gonex Ab Rollers

The Cube Club Anti Skid Ab Roller Wheel 


Dr Trust AB Wheel


Gadget Deals Anti Skid Double Wheel Total Body AB Roller 


Sunshine Ab Wheel Roller


beatXP Ab Roller for Men    




StarX AB-900 Plastic Ab Roller


Simxen Anti Skid Double Wheel Total Body AB Roller


Lifelong LLAR01 Ab Wheel Roller


RO365 Dual Wide Ab Roller

GoFit Go Power Ab Rollers

Image Source: Amazon

GoFit Go Power Ab Wheel comes in different colors. The total weight of the equipment is just below the 1Kg mark, to be precise 0.97 kg and the dimensions are 14 x 27.9 x 20.3 centimeters. The roller is made of non-slip rubber which allows you to solely focus on burning the core.

Pros Cons
Extra-wide wheel adds stability Wheels wobble a bit on the shaft
Superior grip  
Lightweight design  

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SKLZ Core Ab Rollers

Image Source: Amazon

SKLZ Core Wheels are extremely lightweight and it must be admitted that they are extremely costly. This 0.3 Kg equipment can be used by a person who weighs below 65 kg. The product comes up with a training guide which is quite important when using new equipment for the first time.

Pros Cons
Versatile Smaller wheels struggle on uneven ground
Lightweight and compact Rubber wheels pick up dust
Comfy foam handles  

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Vinsguir Ab Rollers

Image Source: Amazon

Vinsguir Ab Roller is one of the most affordable on this list. Their lesser price makes no compromise with quality and world-class features. This product comes with a knee pad. During rolling, the wheels or handles are noiseless, as there is no sound of two elements getting rolled together. High-strength stainless steel shafts can withstand a load of up to 200 kg.

Pros Cons
Stability from a wider wheel Stickers look cheap
Comes with a foam mat  
Premium feel  

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DMoose Ab Roller Wheel

Image Source: Amazon

DMoose Ab Roller Wheel is one of the premium products on this list. The roller tries to give you as much comfort as possible by providing a dedicated place for resting the elbows and handles to grab while rolling in and out. With the premium features, the price is also premium.

Pros Cons
Premium product The elbow resting pads could have been adjustable
Wheels roll very smoothly  
The elbow-resting pads are very smooth  

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Sports Research Ab Wheel Roller

Image Source: Amazon

Sports Research Ab Wheel Roller has dimensions 27.9 x 21.1 x 12.7 centimeters. Markedly, the net weight of the item is merely 12 grams. It has a nice wide wheel and knee pads are also provided. The physical appearance of the product is quite appealing.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Wheels create a lot of noise
Knee pads included  
Aesthetically pleasing  

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INTENT SPORTS Multi-Functional Ab Wheel

Image Source: Amazon

INTENT SPORTS Multi-Functional Ab Rollers comes in black and red color and this color combination really gives them a funky and modern look. The materials used are Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. The net weight is 1.7 kg and the product can withstand up to 200kg.

Pros Cons
Soft Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam handles Expensive
Resistance bands and knee pads are included  
Free eBook  

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Boldfit Ab Roller

Image Source: Amazon

Boldfit Ab Rollers is one of the most affordable products on this list. This 200 grams of equipment can take a load up to 120 Kg. This product is made from anti-slip rubber so that you can give 100 % attention to your core rather than worrying about slipping and falling.

Pros Cons
Anti-slip rubber The handle is too small in diameter
Use of quality material  
Can carry a load of 120 Kg  

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Fitness Invention Ab Roller

Image Source: Amazon

Generally, ab rollers don’t come in white color or a color combination containing white in it. However, Fitness Invention Ab Roller is an exception for this case. The product comes in black and white color. The roller can support a weight of 270 kg and is made of durable non-slip rubber and strong stainless-steel materials.

Pros Cons
Quality material Color combination acts as a barrier before buying
Can support up to 270Kg  
Easy to set up  

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AmazonBasics Ab Roller

Image Source: Amazon

AmazonBasics Ab Roller comes in only one color and that is black. However, the black color makes the product look strong and sturdy. The roller is durably constructed using polypropylene plastic (PP) and thermoplastic rubber (TPR). Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) is also used in manufacturing. Measures ‎33.8 x 19.3 x 19.3 centimeters when assembled and weighs 0.95 Kg.

Pros Cons
Ergonomic handles for a secure, comfortable hold Disassembling can be a problem
Use of quality material  

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Gonex Ab Rollers

Image Source: Amazon

Gonex Ab Rollers is again one of the premium products on this list. Resistance bands, knee pads, and push-up handles are also included with this product and that’s why the total price is a bit on the higher side. However, it is worth investing in considering you are getting other fitness equipment as well. This roller is quite easy to assemble as well.

Pros Cons
Resistance bands, knee pads, and push-up handles come with the ab roller Costly
Easy to install  

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