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7 Bengaluru Bulls records that are difficult to break

The 2018 Pro Kabaddi League Champions, Bengaluru Bulls will be looking to defend their title in the seventh season after having a great auction. The Bulls are one of the only 4 teams to win the Pro Kabaddi League. They have also broken a few records in the six-year journey. Here are seven such Bengaluru Bulls records:

Biggest Score difference in Zone B

bengaluru records KreedOn
Credits Twitter

Most Points by a team in Zone B

Bengaluru Records KreedOn
Credits Pro Kabaddi

Pawan Sehrawat – 2nd player to win MVP and PKL in same season

Pawan KUmar Sehrawat KreedOn
Bengaluru Bulls Records Credits: Sportsbeatsindia

2nd Most Points in a single season by an individual

Pawan Kumar Sehrwat KreedOn
Pawan with Bengaluru Bulls coach Randhir Singh (Credits ProKabaddi)

2nd Most points in a single season by a team

Rohit Kumar KreedOn
Bengaluru Bulls Records

3rd Most Wins in PKL History

Bengaluru Bulls KreedOn
Bengaluru Bulls Records (Credits DNA)

2nd Best Do-or-Die Raid Points

Bengaluru Bulls Records (Credits Hotstar)
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