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From the Field to Fitness: 15 Incredible Benefits of Playing Football

Football is arguably the most entertaining sports to follow. But have you ever tried putting on your studs and actually taking the field? If yes, you know what an exceptional game it is. And if not, you are missing out on one hell of an experience. If words ‘one hell of an experience’ are not good enough to convince you, here are 15 benefits of playing football, which will definitely change your mind:

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Top 15 Benefits of Playing Football

S.N Benefits of football
1 Team Work
2 Muscle Strength
3 Increases Aerobic Capacity
4 Improves Cardiovascular Health
5 Lowers Body Fat and Improves Muscle Tone
6 Increases Bone Strength
7 Teaches Coordination
8 Physical Toughness
9 Mental Toughness
10 Increases Cognitive Brain Function
11 Increase Confidence and Reduce Anxiety
12 It’s a way of living
13 Sense of Discipline
14 Anyone and anywhere
15 There is a glorious career waiting at the end of it all

Team Work

Benefits of playing football | Credits YouTube

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are undoubtedly amongst the best footballers of all time. But they would have never achieved such heights without support from their respective teams. And that is the beauty of football – You are nothing without your team.

Playing football with your friends teaches a lot about teamwork and unselfishness. Supporting your teammates and working in a team is one of the most essential values in life. And football is a great teacher for that.

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Muscle Strength

Benefits of playing football | credits Men’s Journal

Both lower and upper body strength are very important factors in football. It won’t take long to build the lower body strength if you play football on a regular basis as running on the field, shooting, passing, jumping, and tackling are essentials of football. And the same goes for upper body strength. Shielding the ball, throw-ins, holding off the opponent all require upper body strength. So football helps you build muscle strength of the entire body. One of the major football benefits.

Increases Aerobic Capacity

Benefits of playing football | Credits ABC

Football requires an incredibly high level of stamina due to all the running. Hence, playing football increases aerobic capacity as you go from walking to sprinting a number of times during the game. The game also requires fast recovery to be able to do the same thing again – One hell of an exercise to build your stamina!

Improves Cardiovascular Health

healthy heart kreedon
Benefits of playing football | Credits Yale News

On average, a player runs 8 to 11 kilometres during a football game. And with all the running on the field throughout the game, the heart rate always stays up. And it is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise, which is an excellent way to keep your heart healthy. Due to constant movement on the field and high heart rate, football helps you resist plaque buildup in coronary arteries.

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Lowers Body Fat and Improves Muscle Tone

Benefits of playing football | Credits DNA India

Playing football is a great way to burn fats and calories due to all the physical workout a player goes through. It also helps build more muscle mass and get a toned body. Football players even burn more calories during the game than a regular workout.

Increases Bone Strength

Credits Consumer Health Digest

The weakening of bones is among the most significant health issues for older people. But football helps increase the body strength of the body’s skeletal frame. And it goes a long way to keep bones strong as you get older. This is one of the best advantages of playing football sport.

Teaches Coordination

Credits Football Drills Only

There is no football without co-ordination. With dribbling, sprinting, twisting and turning, body co-ordination is critical throughout the game. And of course, hand-eye co-ordination is crucial for passing the ball and receiving the pass. It is also essential to be aware of your own and your teammate’s positioning on the field.

Physical Toughness  

Credits South London Press               

Football might be fun to play, but it demands 100% dedication from players during the game. As mentioned earlier, upper and lower, both bodies are used during the game, and hence, it is must to commit yourself physically. One must be physically tough enough to fight for the ball and go in for a tackle without having second thoughts.

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Mental Toughness

Credits FourFourTwo

And while you fight for the ball or slide into a tackle, mental strength is just as important. If you are not 100% mentally committed, there is every chance that you might get things wrong. There are very few games which can teach you both physical and mental strength at the same time and football is one of them.

Increases Cognitive Brain Function

This is one of the best advantages of playing football sport. Concentration is one of the most crucial parts of football benefits. With the quick pace of the game and the requirement of quick decision-making, one cannot succeed without proper focus. At the same time, persistence equally necessary for the game of football. It all helps in improving cognitive brain functions.

Increase Confidence and Reduce Anxiety

With the physical strength and stamina built by playing football, a player becomes confident both on and off the field. It also helps the player’s self-esteem in his/her personal life. And as a proper workout, football releases feel-good endorphins which help reduce the stress and anxiety.

Benefits of football: It’s a way of living

Credits The Economist

It is very difficult to leave football once you start playing the game regularly. It simply becomes a crucial part of your life and a way of living. You start relating everything with football. After the game, you either celebrate your good performance or in case of poor performance, set a goal to make amends for it the next time you enter the field.

With regular practice, discipline, and diet, football not only helps you on the field but it becomes your way of living for the rest of the life. Down the road in 10-15 years, you might be too busy actually to play football but the values that football has taught you will stick with you forever.

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Benefits of football: Sense of Discipline


From the demanding training routines to adhering to strategies & rules on the field, football instills a powerful sense of discipline. It is a complicated game if you take rules and regulations into consideration. But you cannot succeed in the game without following those rules. So with regular practice, you learn to respect those rules and stay within your lines. Following rules and staying within the lines is the best way of living.

Benefits of football: Anyone and anywhere

Credits Sky News

There is a reason why football is nicknamed ‘The Beautiful Game’ – It does not differentiate based on your race and religion. Rich or poor, anyone can play the game of football. All you need is a ball at the feet and goalposts. And it certainly doesn’t get any better than that!

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Benefits of football: There is a glorious career waiting at the end of it all

Credits Dhaka Tribune

This might be a little farfetched to think of, especially in India. But if you are really dedicated to football and ready to give your best in practice sessions and matches you play, there is every chance that you might have a career in football. And there is no need to explain what a glorious career one can have as a footballer.

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What are the benefits of playing football?

Playing football provides a wide range of advantages for both the body and mind. It enhances cardiovascular fitness, builds strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility. Additionally, it fosters teamwork, discipline, and social engagement.

Does playing football help with weight loss?

Yes, football sport involves running, sprinting, and continuous movement, which can aid in burning calories and supporting weight loss goals.

Does playing football help in building muscle strength?

Certainly! Playing Football includes a variety of actions like kicking, passing, and tackling, which activate diverse muscle groups and can contribute to the overall strengthening and development of muscles.

Are there any mental health benefits associated with playing football?

Absolutely, participating in football can lead to positive effects on mental health. It has the potential to reduce stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression, while boosting overall mood and fostering a sense of well-being.

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