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Barriers to Participation for Women in Sports: Investigating the Social, Cultural, and Institutional Factors

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The participation of women in sports has only recently become a relevant issue worldwide. Therefore, various attempts have been made to overcome the barriers hindering women from fully participating in the tremendous sporting industry. Indian women athletes are making history as they change their mindsets and societal opinions to push forward the sports movement, as most sports have a heritage of the country’s culture. Such an inspiring example is the case of PV Sindhu, the famous Indian badminton player who won a historic silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics and a gold at the 2019 World Championships. Sindhu is a shining example of a talented woman with great dedication. On the other hand, she has also shown how women can face various challenges and barriers before reaching the top.

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Social Factors Impacting Women in Sports

Social Barriers for women | KreedOn
Image Source: YourStory

Gender Norms and Stereotypes: The prominent social obstacle women encounter in sports is the kind of social perceptions and norms. Society usually set forth a view of stereotyped occupations for women, with sports being assigned to a male domain. This condition is off-putting to women and prompts them to opt out of athletic activities, which, in return, combines with a few aspects to restrict their opportunities and recognition.

Societal Expectations: Society prepares women to hinder participation in sports, such as tight rules regarding outfits and personal appearances. Among the many conflicting demands of sports, some of which can be about a feminine shape, a particular look and a specific behavioral pattern, is the expectation of being “a girl”, which creates a complicated world for female athletes.

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Cultural Influences: Cultural components play a significant role in determining female sports participation. There are cultural morays, beliefs, and rituals that provide support or conversely, create impediments to female participation in athletics. An example is: One example is that in specific cultures call for modesty, which may contradict the traditional athletic wear, which means women will have limited options in sports.

Cultural Barriers in Women’s Sports

Cultural Barriers | KreedOn
Image Source: childhealthpolicy.vumc.org

Religious and Cultural Practices: Women face barriers brought about by religious or cultural customs that hinder their involvement in playing sports globally. These rules may entail the usage of certain dress codes, segregation of genders, or limited access to sports facilities that would otherwise hamper women’s engagement in sports.

Language and Communication: Linguistic barriers in women’s sports also hinder their acquisition of information or resources that require communication. Lack of fluency in the language could become an obstacle to communication with coaches, teammates, or sports organizations in which such women are involved, affecting their participation and integration within the sports community.

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Institutional Challenges for Women Athletes

Challenges faced by female athletes in the world of sports | KreedOn
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Lack of Funding and Resources: Often, there are inequalities in the funding and availability of resources for women’s sports instead of men’s sports. The gender disparity in the financial sphere may be one of the reasons women’s competitions lack financing for their development of programs, training facilities, and athletic programs, resulting in the weakening of the female athlete community.

Gender Pay Gap: This unshakable gender pay gap in sports has become the most substantial structural obstacle women athletes struggle with. Women in sports are punished with low pay, sponsorship, and payout compared to their male peering athletes, which resembles broader inequalities in the sports industry.

Limited Media Coverage: The problem of women’s sports getting media attention and coverage and becoming visible to people, reducing the acknowledgement and popularity of female athletes, lies here. The dominance of men’s sports in the media causes women athletes to become less known and like to struggle in contracts with sponsors and cheerleaders, respectively.

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Overcoming Barriers and Promoting Gender Equality in Sports

Multiple stakeholders will have to come together to support each other as the sporting world struggles with these multifaceted challenges to push for gender equality in sports. Initiatives directed at empowering female athletes in sports, higher investments in women’s programs, challenges of gender stereotypes, and more efforts pushing for equality opportunities need to pass through to foster a more inclusive and fair sporting environment.

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Empowering Women in Sports

World No. 1 Saina Nehwal wins maiden India Open Super Series - Empowering Women in Sports | KreedOn
Image Source: Indian Express

Promoting Female Role Models: Portraying female athletes who succeeded as (models) whom women can follow will help motivate and encourage (women) to pursue sports. By demonstrating various success stories and perseverance, we can ignite women’s participation in sports and topple the existing stereotypes.

Education and Awareness

We Can't Ignore the Equal-Pay Problem In Women's Sports | KreedOn
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Public enlightenment about the role of equality in women’s sports and raising public awareness about women’s constraints will help motivate positive change. We can be more supportive of women athletes by continuously developing an inclusive and respectful culture.

Advocacy and Policy Reform

#ChangeOurGame for gender equality in sport - Sport and Recreation Victoria | KreedOn
Image Source: Vic

Proposals for legislative amendments that promote greater gender equality in sports, such as active measures such as single pay among women, increased funding for women’s programs, and improved media coverage, are axial in advancing women’s participation in sports. With the help of policy-level reforms, we can foster a fairer and more diverse sporting space for women.

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Initiatives in India to Promote Gender Equality in Sports

Sports for Development (S4D) Programs

Sports Development | KreedOn
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Several programs designed to facilitate sport as an element of promoting women’s empowerment programs, such as PSD, which utilizes sport for the socio-economic development of children and youth, are being implemented. The main target is to enlighten women and girls through skill development, self-esteem building and self-awareness making, which aims to reverse gender stereotypes in games and sports.

Community Table Tennis (CTT) Program

Community Table Tennis (CT) Program | KreedOn
Image Source: ITTF Foundation

Organizations like the PSD create opportunities like the Community Table Tennis program to evacuate gender-related problems using sports as a medium to guide participants on how they can stand tall, oppose gender discrimination, and fight for gender harmony at home and at the societal level. Programs of this type make women feel welcome and pay attention to building awareness on the gender issue and sensitizing participants to speak against gender-based biases and stereotypes, thus helping people achieve gender equality in sports.

Women’s Reservation Bill

Women’s Reservation in India | KreedOn
Image Source: dhyeyaias.com

India’s Women’s Reservation Bill (WRB), gender parity and the demand for appointing women to leadership positions are contended. It focuses on increasing the representation of women in National Sports Federations. Through this proposal, the quota is a means for the entry of women into the executive committees at the national and state levels, consequently promoting gender inclusivity and diversity in decision-making.

National Sports Code

National Sports Code | KreedOn
Image Source: Times of India

The National Basis of Sports Involving Code for India is the guidelines for administering sports governance. Advocates are pushing for the inclusion of gender equality clauses in the National Sports Code to ensure firm language regarding gender equitable representation. This would address systemic gender ambiguities and unfair treatment and promote gender equality in sports leaders’ posts, similar to the emergence of term limits for age and number of terms.

These programs testify to Indian concern to raise gender parity in sports, empower women and girls through sports activities, break gender stereotypes, and creating greater equal chances for everyone in the sporting arena.

Despite encountering numerous obstacles over the decades in the quest to join in both sports events and recognition, Indian women athletes have been undaunted and proactive. Dutee Chand, the first Indian athlete to come out as gay, has raised voices on the issues concerning its athletes’ rights as well as addressed the disparity in the unique examination of female athletes. The Indian female athletes have also stood firm, aspiring for equality in sports leadership and decision-making through the National Sports Code and Women’s Reservation Bill. Through such a competition, the concerned party shows that they are already self-conscious of the disparities between genders and struggle to ensure they have a level playing ground.


In conclusion, though women’s participation in sports has improved greatly, some social, cultural, and institutional barriers still block women’s participation and recognition. By educating, overcoming biases, and supporting women, we can help achieve a society where women athletes can receive recognition and fair opportunities in the sports industry

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