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Game-Changing: BAI Launches Age Rectification Scheme to Combat Fraud

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The Badminton Association of India (BAI) has introduced a one-time rectification process, known as the ‘Voluntary Age Rectification Scheme (VARS)’, to address age-related fraud in sanctioned tournaments. This initiative aims to enforce stringent measures against players involved in age manipulation and ensure fair competition within the sport.

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The release read,

“The Association has taken serious note of recent age fraud complaints and instances of purported age frauds. To combat this issue and ensure a level playing field for all participants, BAI is implementing stringent measures against players found guilty of age fraud in BAI sanctioned tournaments.”

The circular further read,

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“These measures are listed in the BAI’s NEW Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Age Verification and Penal Code which has been approved in the Executive Committee Meeting and the Annual General meeting (AGM) of BAI held on May 21, 2023 at Guwahati.”

Registered Badminton players possessing BAI identification cards, but with incorrect dates of birth or age discrepancies, can take advantage of this age rectification scheme. Within a 20-day period, commencing on Tuesday, June 6 and concluding on June 25, players have the opportunity to rectify their date of birth and age, as announced by the association.

In the circular, the BAI emphasized its commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of all submitted data. The data will be utilized exclusively for purposes related to sanctioned tournaments. Additionally, the state association secretaries will gain access to the data to facilitate necessary corrections in the state records.

Furthermore, the BAI clarified that players who participate in the ‘VARS grace period’ and update their information will not face any penalties, such as facing bans from sanctioned tournaments.

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