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Asian Games Sports: The first time events at the 2018 Games

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The 1951 Asian Games began with just eight sports which had participants participating in the 57 events. At the every edition of the games, new sports/events were added, increasing the number of participants as well as the number of medals given. These Asian Games sports are added on the basis of their recognition by the Olympic Council of Asia.

The 2018 Asian Games will see a total of 40 sports being played and 472 medals being awarded to the athletes. This will be the second largest number of events taking place in the history of the Asian Games. The 18th edition of the games saw an addition of 3×3 Basketball Bridge, Jet ski, Ju-jitsu, Kurash, Paragliding, Pencak silat, Skateboarding and Sport climbing.

While these sports have been played at various international levels earlier, they are relatively lesser known than the other Olympic sports which are famous worldwide. India has sent a contingent of 572 athletes to represent us accross different games. Let us have a look at the new events that were added at the 2018 Asian Games. 

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3×3 Basketball at 2018 Asian Games Sports

Asian games sports kreedon
3×3 Basketball Match (U.S. Air Force photo)

The 3×3 Basketball event at the 2018 Asian Games is nothing much different than the 5×5 Basketball event that is being played since the first edition of the games. In the 3×3 events, each team would have only three players and the game would be played in one half of the basketball court, unlike regular Basketball, wherein each team has five players and is played on full basketball court.

Bridge at 2018 Asian Games

Asian games sports kreedon
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Bridge has been added under the board games category and will be the only board game to be played at the 2018 Asian Games. Chess, Go and Xiangqi were the other three Board games to be played at the Asian Games, which were discontinued after the 2010 Asian Games Guangzhou. Bridge is played with 13 cards given to each player, with them aiming to score more points using various tricks.

The Indian Bridge team at the 18th Asian Games comprises of 24 players, which includes Jaggy Shivdasani, one of India’s most successful Bridge players. He has being playing Bridge for more than 40 years, and has won various tournaments across the globe.

Jet ski at 2018 Asian Games

Asian games sports kreedon
A Jet-ski tournament (Creative Commons)
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One of the most famous sports in the western part of the world, Jet Ski will have four different events – Endurance runabout open, Runabout 1100 stock, Runabout limited and Ski modified at the 2018 Asian Games. A total of 40 competitors will participate across the four event.

Although Jet-Ski would not be a part of the 2020 Olympics, given the popularity of the sport, the Asian Games council decided to go ahead with its inclusion at the Jakarta Games.

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Ju-jitsu at 2018 Asian Games

Asian games sports kreedon
Ju-jitsu being played in Japan(Creative Commons)

One of the oldest martial arts sport from Japan, Ju-jitsu will be played under six different weight categories in men’s event, while two categories in women’s. Played as a one on one combat sport like Karate, Judo, etc, points are given after getting advantages and penalties over the opponent.

Kurash at 2018 Asian Games

Asian games sports kreedon

Kurash, a games similar to wrestling, was first officially played less than a century ago in 1928 and has origins in Uzbekistan. Like wrestling, Kurash is played between two opponents, with a main goal of throwing the rival off the feet. However, in Kurash, the wrestlers make use of towels to hold their opponents.

At the 2018 Asian Games, Kurash will have four different weight categories for men and three for women. This will be the biggest step for the traditional sport after they sport was also included at the 2007 Asian Indoor Games.

Paragliding at 2018 Asian Games

Asian games sports kreedon

Another first at the Asian Games, Paragliding will be the first adventure sport to be added at the Asian Games. It will have both men’s and women’s individual and team events with a total of six gold medal up for grabs.

In the different categories of the sport, the winner will be decided on the basis of the landing accuracy, where the pilot will have to land on the dead centre of the landing area to get the highest points. Participants from 18 countries will be participating in Paragliding’s accuracy and cross country events.

Pencak silat at 2018 Asian Games

Asian games sports kreedon
Penak Silat at 2015 SEA Games (VOXSPORTS VOXER)

Pencak Silat is a form of the Indonesian martial arts is one of the most popular sports in the country. With about 16 events scheduled for the sport, India’s three athletes will also be fighting to win the medal.

Sport Climbing/Wall Climbing at 2018 Asian Games

Asian games sports kreedon

Wall Climbing is another sport at the 2018 Asian Games which will see the strength and the speed of the athlete at the same time. With six medals to offer, the events are divided in two categories viz. speed climbing and bouldering. The two participants are against each other to climb a  15 meter high wall and aim to reach the top first.

The Indian contingent has sent three athletes to participate in Wall Climbing. The to male athletes will participate individually in the speed event and take part in the combined event as a team. The sole Indian female athlete will participate in the speed event.


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