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Episode 3 – Champ Tales: Arpinder Singh – Flag Bearer of India in Triple Jump

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One of India’s finest Track & Field Athlete, Triple Jump specialists Arpinder Singh along with being a national record holder is also a Commonwealth Games meddallist. He achieved this feat by winning bronze at the 2014 Glasgow Games.

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Here are some interesting excerpts from our video interview with Arpinder Singh:

Arpinder Singh KreedOn
Can Arpinder Singh achieve glory at the upcoming Asian Games.

How did you venture into the sports of Triple Jump?

In 2006, I was in Sports authority of India. There I met coach named DS Bal, and he told me to try triple jump. At first I started with 100m then tried 200m, 400m, long jump but I failed in all of them. Finally I tried triple jump & it worked out for me.

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Who influenced you to get into sports?

My Father was very passionate about athletics & he always wanted me to be a sportsperson. When I was a kid, he used to take me to the field and used to teach me basics. My father has been the main man behind whatever I am today.

When was the first time (you) Arpinder Singh realized that he can win a medal for your country?

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In 2007 when I won bronze medal in U-17 National school meet, Kolkata. That medal gave me a lot confidence & finally I thought that I am going towards right direction.

How has your home State board helped you grow?

To be fair with you the support from them has been zero. They don’t care about the players at all, that’s the reason I switched from Punjab to Haryana. Haryana board is very good & helping, whereas Punjab board has some serious issues as you can see in the national tournaments as well. The number of medals Punjab is winning are decreasing every year.

arpinder singh kreedon
Arpinder in action.

What does it feels like to win a medal for the country?

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It was a great feeling, but I was not happy with my performance as I could have won gold in that tournament. I was in very good form at that time. So, it was a great feeling but a bit of disappointment as well.

Dimaag ka Dahi round with Arpinder Singh

If you are given an opportunity to go on for a dinner with any person in the world who would it be ?

Definitely Akshay Kumar

What was the last thing you saw in your dreams?

(laughs) It was a very bad one. I was sleeping in my dream as well & my friends were calling me as I had to go for a National event. Suddenly I picked up the call & my friend said the tournament is over. But the very next moment, I wake up in real & I was pleased, that it was just a dream.

arpinder singh kreedon
(File image)

If given a chance would you like to change your name from Arpinder Singh?

No, I like my name Arpinder Singh as it is very unique. Better than other Punjabi names.

What was the last lie you told to any person?

Usually I don’t lie but, I remember telling my coach that I am facing some issues with my foot & I am not good to train today, as he was up for a very hard training.

Other side of Athlete with Arpinder Singh

What would you have been if not an athlete?

When I started athletics I was just 14 so there was no second option. But if not an athlete, then I definitely would have been a farmer.

What do you love doing in free time?

I like to go for photo shoots & movies. I visit Gurudwara every Sunday.

arpinder singh kreeon
Arpinder is a big Punjabi music lover.

Punjab is full of so many good singers, who is your favourite one?

I like listening to songs of Babbu Maan.

On a parting note, what would Arpinder Singh say to youngsters who are planning to make their career in sports?

The only thing I would say is never lose hope, keep trying & you will succeed. Don’t give up easily just believe in you. If I can do then you can do as well. There is nothing which you can’t do if you give your 100% to that.

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