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Anwar Ali Biography: A Journey of Grit, Glory, and Goals

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Anwar Ali, a name that stirs the passion of football aficionados throughout India. Hailing from Adampur, Punjab, this young prodigy has etched his name into the annals of Indian Football history with his remarkable journey. Overcoming formidable challenges and heart health setbacks, Anwar Ali has emerged as a symbol of resilience and talent in the beautiful game. Join us as we delve into the life and career of Anwar Ali, a rising star in the world of Indian football. 

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About Anwar Ali: Quick Bio

Name Anisa Anwar Ali
Date of Birth  28 August 2000
Place of Birth  Adampur, Punjab, India
Height 1.79m
Position  Defender- Centre- Back
Current Club Mohun Bagan SG
Jersey number 4

Early Life and Youth Career

Anwar Ali Biography: A Journey of Grit, Glory, and Goals - KreedOn
Image Source- The New Indian Express

When Anwar Ali was just seven years old in Adampur, Punjab, he started playing football. At first, he played as a striker, trying to score goals. But later on, he decided to become a strong and skilled center-back, a defender. In 2015, he joined Minerva Punjab’s youth team, and that’s where he really started to shine. He played in youth competitions and did so well that he caught the attention of the national team selectors. They asked him to join the Indian national team. Anwar Ali’s early life was all about playing football and getting better, and it paved the way for his incredible career.

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Minerva Punjab: The Foundation of His Career

In 2015, Anwar Ali took a big step in his football journey by joining Minerva Punjab’s youth team. This was like the starting point, the foundation, of his amazing career. He played in many competitions meant for young talents, like the Elite League, where he showed off his football skills. And guess what? He was so good that even the big shots in Indian football noticed him. So, Minerva Punjab was like the potter’s wheel where Anwar Ali’s ambitions to become a football sensation began to mould and craft his destiny.

Anwar Ali’s Career Odyssey Beyond Minerva Punjab

Anwar Ali Biography: A Journey of Grit, Glory, and Goals - KreedOn
Image Source- TOI

Following his formative years at Minerva Punjab, Anwar Ali’s football journey embarked on a captivating odyssey. His sojourn took him to new horizons, starting with a loan spell at the Indian Arrows, where he honed his skills. Subsequently, he ventured into the spotlight of the Indian Super League with Mumbai City FC, only to face the shadow of adversity when diagnosed with a rare heart condition.

The pivot came with his stint at Delhi FC, where he returned to competitive football, making a significant impact. This was followed by a loan stint at FC Goa before securing a spot at the prestigious Mohun Bagan Super Giant.

Furthermore, Anwar Ali didn’t merely illuminate club football, he also left an indelible mark on the international stage, with his senior debut for the India national team marking a significant milestone. Throughout his career, Ali showcased not only his immense talent but also an unwavering resilience that solidified his position. His journey is an epic odyssey through the beautiful game, filled with triumphs, trials, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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Anwar Ali’s International Journey: Rising from Youth to Senior Success

Image Source- Goal.com

Anwar Ali’s international football voyage began with a call-up to India’s under-17 preparatory squad for the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup. His stellar defensive skills during a practice match against the India U-17 team caught the eye of head coach Luís Norton de Matos. This impressive display secured him a place in the final 21-member squad for the U-17 World Cup, which was hosted in India. Anwar’s dedication shone as he started in all of India’s group stage matches and even scored the winning goal in India U20’s historic 2–1 victory against Argentina U20 at the 2018 COTIF Tournament.

While his youth career flourished, Anwar faced a setback when he was diagnosed with a rare heart condition, leading to his temporary exclusion from the senior national team camp in May 2019. However, his unwavering spirit prevailed. In March 2022, under the guidance of coach Igor Štimac, Anwar returned to the national squad. He made his senior debut against Bahrain on 23 March, despite a 2–1 defeat, and later showcased his scoring prowess by netting his first international goal against Hong Kong in a resounding 4–0 victory during the 2023 AFC Asian Cup qualification. Anwar Ali’s journey is a testament to his resilience and commitment to representing his nation on the footballing stage.

The Dawn of a New Chapter

Anwar Ali Biography: A Journey of Grit, Glory, and Goals - KreedOn
Image Source- TOI

Anwar Ali took a significant stride in his career in July 2023. Sealing a four-year loan deal with Mohun Bagan Super Giant, Anwar Ali not only affirmed his status as a rising star but also etched his name into the annals of Indian football history.

This move, characterised by determination and ambition, marks a pivotal juncture in Anwar Ali’s footballing journey. Joining Mohun Bagan Super Giant, one of the most storied and revered clubs in Indian football, showcases his commitment to excelling at the highest level of the sport. It signifies a homecoming of sorts, a return to the forefront of Indian football, where the spotlight shines brightest.

Anwar Ali’s arrival at Mohun Bagan Super Giant heralds the beginning of a new era for both the club and the player. As he dons the iconic jersey, he carries with him the dreams and aspirations of a legion of fans who eagerly anticipate witnessing his exploits on the pitch.

With this bold move, Anwar Ali not only cements his place in Indian football’s top tier but also sets the stage for an exciting and promising future, one that promises to captivate the hearts and minds of football aficionados across the nation.

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Mohun Bagan

  • Durand Cup: 2023


  • SAFF Championship: 2023
  • Intercontinental Cup: 2023
  • Tri-Nation Series: 2023

In the captivating tale of Anwar Ali, we find not just a footballer but a symbol of unyielding determination and unwavering passion. His journey from the humble beginnings of Adampur, Punjab, to the grand stages of Indian and international football is nothing short of inspiring.

Anwar’s career, marked by its ups and downs, exemplifies the resilience of the human spirit. He faced adversity with grace, overcoming a rare heart condition that threatened to derail his dreams. Yet, he returned stronger, donning the colors of renowned clubs and representing his nation with pride.

From his days as a youth prodigy to becoming a senior international star, Anwar Ali’s story resonates with every aspiring footballer, reminding us that with talent, perseverance, and an unbreakable spirit, the sky is the limit.

In the ever-evolving narrative of Indian football, Anwar Ali stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the fact that dreams, no matter how challenging the journey, can indeed come true. His story will continue to inspire generations to come, both on and off the football pitch.

Anwar Ali Social Media

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