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Anush Agarwalla Biography: Rising Star in the World of Equestrian Sport

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There is Anush Agarwalla, whose name is known for his success in equestrian sports. He wrote his name in history books as he won the 2023 Asian Games, which were held in Hangzhou, China. Hence, Anush emerged as the pivotal team member who eventually contributed to India’s long-sought victory that ended a 41-year drought for the nation.

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Along with a glorious team victory, Anush displayed his outstanding talent by securing a bronze medal in the individual dressage category, thus making a landmark in the history of equestrianism in India. The incredible story of the talent behind the wheel, who has not only performed brilliantly but also made the whole nation proud, will be the focus of this piece.

About Anush Agarwalla

Name Anush Agarwalla
Nationality India
Born 23 November 1999 (age 24)
Place of Birth Kolkata, India
Sport Equestrian
Medal record
Asian Games
Gold 2022 Hangzhou Team dressage
Bronze 2022 Hangzhou Individual dressage

Early Life of Anush Agarwalla 

Anush Agarwalla Biography: Rising Star in the World of Equestrian Sport- KreedOn
Image Source- Telegraph India

Anush Agarwalla’s journey began in Calcutta, India, on November 23, 1999. Driven by his parents’ support and encouragement, he was introduced to the joy of horseback riding at the age of 3 on Tollygunge Club rides. Anush showed an innate knack for riding, having been motivated mostly by watching videos of the famed German rider Isabell Werth, who eventually became his role model.

It was quite surprising to see a child of his age with such an unparalleled level of diligence. He was gladly going to New Delhi for his weekend training sessions, where he would like to train and improve. Besides the problems of combining the excitement of it with the demands of school, Anush continued to be steadfast and driven by the dream to excel in equestrian activities.

The lessons of his early years became the foundation for the values upheld by his hard work, resilience, and deep affection for horses. These traits largely determined his future career path as a horse rider and, consequently, Anush’s enthralling journey into the world of equestrian sport.

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Anush’s Journey to Professionalism

Anush Agarwalla Biography: Rising Star in the World of Equestrian Sport- KreedOn
Image Source- NKTV

Anush Agarwalla did not have a straight path to success. He has struggled to find a coach in India, but he has made a bold decision at the age of 17 to move to Germany, fueled by his ambition to be a professional dressage rider. In Germany, he studied under the supervision of Hubertus Schmidt, a distinguished Olympian and a well-known dressage trainer.

Achieving a balance between his studies and riding, Anush completed his schooling and graduation from Germany, and it was a proof of his devotion to both education and equestrianism. In the process of telling his story, Anush came to realize the challenges he encountered at the beginning of his journey, having little expertise in riding and no experience with the shows.

Despite all the obstacles, Anush’s determination and persistence led him to a fruitful partnership with the Schmidt family, which was the starting point of his professional training. The jump in faith to move to Germany was, for him, the best decision he would ever make. He proved to the world that with strong will and determination, all your dreams will materialize.

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Anush Agarwalla’s Remarkable Achievements

Image Source- The Statesman

Anush Agarwalla has indeed made a distinct impression in equestrian sports with his brilliant performances. In spite of all the obstacles that were encountered, Anush’s ambition and dedication have carried him to unmatched achievements.

At the 2022 World Equestrian Games in France. Anush created history as the first Indian dressage rider to compete at the Dressage World Championships. He ended up being 71st out of 77 riders, with 63.857%. Anush herself considered that participation a valuable lesson and a memorable moment to represent India on the global arena.

Anush’s brightest moment came at the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, where he immortalized his name in the pages of the history of Indian sports. Anush won two medals in dressage: gold for the team and bronze for the individual. Along with the music of ‘Jai Ho’ from the movie Slumdog Millionaire, his performance also made the moment historic, which was India’s first individual dressage medal at the Asian.

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Anush’s dedication to his sport is manifested in his desire to continue training in Germany, where he wants to go further and higher. His final goal is to compete at the Olympics for India and win a medal. Anush is of the opinion that, with dedication and perseverance, everything can be achieved.

Along with his personal goals, Anush is a brand ambassador for Indian equestrianism, trying to promote the benefits it brings to both humans and horses. He stresses the discipline, focus, teamwork, and empathy that dressage teaches, showing the high level of connection between horse and rider.


Image Source- Telegraph India

Anush Agarwalla was honored with the Arjuna Award by the President of India on January 9, 2024.

Anush: The Exemplary Figure in Indian Equestrian

Being from a country where dressage is not as popular as polo or show jumping, Anush’s achievement is an inspiration for riders who want to grow, learn, and improve. He is looking forward to inspiring more people in India to become dressage and equestrian riders. While doing so, he is recognizing the sport’s ability to change lives and the special relationship between horse and rider.

Anush’s dream of reaching the Olympics is an image of his spirit, which never dies, and his belief in the wholeheartedness of hard work. Being a brand ambassador of Indian equestrianism, Anush tries his best to attain perfection and reach a new level of recognition within the equestrian sport, its benefits, and the deep connection between people and horses. Anush Agarwalla still serves as a role model for determination, resilience, and sporting success.

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