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Ankit Baiyanpuriya Biography: A Journey of Success and Achievements

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Renowned fitness influencer Ankit Baiyanpuriya made headlines recently by collaborating with Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a cleanliness campaign aligned with the Swachh Bharat initiative. This event was organized on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, underscoring the significance of hygiene and sanitation. Ankit Baiyanpuriya is widely recognized for his signature phrase ‘Ram Ram Sareya Ne’ and has earned fame for advocating traditional and indigenous fitness techniques.

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About Ankit Baiyanpuriya: Quick Bio

Name Ankit Baiyanpuria
Real name Ankit Singh
Date of birth 31st August 1993
Birthplace Bayanpur, Sonipat, Haryana, India
Profession Social Media Influencer
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian
Hometown Bayanpur, Sonipat, Haryana, India
Height 5’ 9”
Weight 80 kg (approx)

Ankit Baiyanpuriya’s Family

Ram Ram Sareya Ne | KreedOn
Image Source: WikiBio

He was born into a midde-class Hindu family. His father is a labourer, while his mother is a homemaker. Ankit Baiyanpuriya also has two elder sisters, both of whom are happily married.

Educational Qualification of Ankit Baiyanpuriya

His primary education up to the 10th grade took place at Government High School in Bayanpur Lahara. Ankit Baiyanpuriya pursued his 11th and 12th standards in the Arts stream at Government Senior Secondary School in Model Town, Sonipat, from 2013 to 2015. Subsequently, Ankit commenced his journey at Maharshi Dayanand University (MDIJ) in Rohtak, aiming for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. However, he eventually made the transition into a career as a social media influencer.

Background of Ankit Baiyanpuriya

Ankit Singh | KreedOn
Image Source: Instagram

Coming from a background of scarcity, Ankit’s story underscores the power of determination and is like no other. He’s gone from doing odd jobs, including being a Zomato delivery boy.

Ankit Baiyanpuriya used to do mud wrestling in his early days and was a professional wrestler competing in the ring. In 2018 Ankit faced a slip disc but didn’t gave up. He continued with his journey after considerable recovery. Again in 2020, Ankit Baiyanpuriya faced a serious knee injury, but it was in November 2022 that he dislocated his left shoulder and had a rotator cuff tear while wrestling that took him out of the ring. He started his recovery with a physiotherapist in Sonipat, and soon after he continued the exercises on his own.

Journey of Success 
Ankit Baiyanpuria | KreedOn
Image Source: StarsUnfolded

His journey as a fitness influencer commenced on the platform of YouTube, where he initially produced humorous Haryanvi videos under his channel, ‘Haryanvi Khagad.’ However, with the onset of the COVID-19 lockdown, he redirected his efforts toward creating fitness-related content. Under the rebranded channel name ‘Ankit Baiyanpuria’, he began developing content centered on diet and exercise. In June, his YouTube channel achieved a milestone of 100,000 subscribers, earning him a silver play button from YouTube.

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Physical appearance of Ankit Baiyanpuriya

Ankit Baiyanpuriya physical appearance | KreedOn
Image Source: WikiBio

Regarding his physical characteristics, Ankit measures at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (approximately 1.75 meters) and maintains a weight of 174 pounds (equivalent to 80 kilograms). His physique is characterized by a chest circumference of 42 inches, a waistline measuring 32 inches, and biceps with a size of 15 inches. Ankit Baiyanpuriya possesses striking deep black eyes and hair, which adds to his charismatic presence.

75 Days hard challenge by Ankit Baiyanpuriya

Ankit Baiyanpuriya | KreedOn
Image Source: Instagram

Ankit Baiyanpuria gained widespread recognition on social media after he embarked on the 75 Hard Challenge on June 27. This challenge, initially conceived by American entrepreneur and author Andy Frisella in 2020, entails a daily regimen that involves taking a daily photo, strictly adhering to a diet free from alcohol or cheat meals, consuming a gallon of water, reading ten pages from a non-fiction book, and accomplishing two 45-minute workout sessions, with one being outdoors, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. Failure to complete any of these tasks necessitates a complete restart of the challenge from Day 1. 

The initiation of the challenge marks the beginning, but successfully concluding it represents an entirely different achievement. To see it through, participants must demonstrate unwavering discipline, resolute focus on their objectives, and the ability to persevere in the face of difficulties. Ankit’s successful completion of the challenge serves as a powerful testament to his unshakable determination and iron-willed resolve.

Extended “75 days hard challenge” to 150 days 

Ankit Baiyanpuria embarked on an extended version of the challenging 75 Hard Challenge, known as the “150-Day Hard Challenge.” This self-imposed challenge builds upon the principles of the original 75 Hard Challenge created by Andy Frisella. The extended challenge requires even greater commitment and resilience from participants.

Other achievements 

Image Source: Hindustan Times
  • Ankit Baiyanpuria holds the esteemed position of the official athlete for Bull Nutrition Cafe located in Gurugram.
  • He is actively endorsing MuscleBlaze products in his video content.
  • In August 2023, speculations emerged hinting at his potential participation in an episode of MTV Roadies.
  • Ankit Baiyanpuria enjoys a substantial Instagram following of approximately 5 million devoted followers. He consistently documents his journey and achievements in the 75 Hard Challenge through engaging Instagram reels.
  • His journey from creating funny Haryanvi videos to becoming a renowned fitness influencer, his dedication to promoting traditional workouts, and his acceptance of the 75 Hard Challenge are all remarkable achievements.
  • The recent participation of Ankit Baiyanpuriya in the Swachh Bharat cleanliness drive alongside PM Modi showcases the importance of fitness and cleanliness for a healthier and cleaner India.

Social media of Ankit Baiyanpuriya



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